An Essay on the Boilers of Steam Engines: Their Calculation, Construction, and Management, with a View to the Saving of Fuel

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J. Weale, 1839 - 264 lappuses

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220. lappuse - ... and lift a ship of war like a bauble in the air. It can embroider muslin, and forge anchors, — cut steel into ribands, and impel loaded vessels against the fury of the winds and waves.
236. lappuse - From what we have stated above as the common practice in the factory districts, we may conclude that the principal cause of boilers becoming unduly heated is undoubtedly, in a majority of cases, owing to the interposition of indurated, or encrusted earthy- matter, between the heated iron and the water, and the manner in which those circumstances operate in producing an explosion appears to be as follows: we have before shown, (Art.
59. lappuse - ... have been re-made, and mended over and over again, since the celebrated race at Rainhill — a fact which goes far to prove that the principle of this engine has not been so very much improved upon, except that it is not so well calculated for burning coke as coal.

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