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Localities supplied.



Lee Electric Co.,

Lee, Lenox,

7,166 $30,000 00 Lenox Electric Co.,

Lenox, Stockbridge,

4,993 20,000 00 Leom aster Electric Light and Power Co., Leominster, Lunenburg, 18,973 80,000 00 Loveland, W.O., 1


885 Lowell Electric Light Corporation, : Lowell, Billerica, Chelms

ford, Tewksbury, Dracut,

Tyngsborough, Westford, 124,984 1,023,000 00 Ludlow Manufacturing Associates, ' Ludlow,

4,948 13 Lynn Gas and Electric Co.,

Lynn, Swampscott,' Na-
hant, Saugus,

104,771 1,000,000 00 Malden Electric Co.,

Malden, Melrose, Medford,

116,753 525.000 00 Manchester Electric Co.,


2,673 116,500 00 Marlborough Electric Co.,

Marlborough, Berlin,

Northborough, Southborough,

18,941 200,000 00 Milford Electric Light and Power Co., Milford, Hopedale,

15,243 40,000 00 Millbury Electric Co.,


4,740 17,000 00 Mill River Electric Light Co., :

Williamsburg, :

2,132 15,000 00 Montague Electric Light and Power Co., Montague,

6,866 2,000 00: Nashua River Paper Co.,'


2,953 14 New Bedford Gas and Edison Light Co., New Bedford, Fairhaven,

Mattapoisett, .

103,007 845,000 00 IS Newburyport Gas and Electric Co., Newbury port, Newbury,

16,431 285,000 00 Niles Trust Estate,

Boston (in part), 16 North Adams Gas Light Co.,

North Adams, Clarksburg, 23.226 200,000 00 Northampton Electric Lighting Co., Northampton,

19,431 117,400 00 Norton Electric Light and Power Co., Norton,


5,000 00 Pittsfield Electric Co.,

Pittsfield, Dalton,

35,689 225,000 00 Plymouth Electric Light Co., :

Plymouth, Duxbury,

16,274 90,000 00 Quincy Electric Light and Power Co., Quincy,

32,642 248,800 00 Randolph and Holbrook Electric Light Co.,

Holbrook, Randolph,

7,117 Salem Electric Light Co.,'

Salem, Peabody (in part), 43,6974 275,000 00 Shelburne Falls Electric Light and Power

Buckland, Shelburne,

3,071 South Hadley Falls Electric Light Co., South Hadley,

4,894 7,000 00 17 Spencer Gas Co.,


6,740 97,500 00 Steam and Power Co.,5

Bcston (in part), Stockbridge Lighting Co.,


1,933 40.000 00 19 Suburban Gas and Electric Co.,

Revere, Winthrop,

28,351 565,500 00 Sunderland Electric Light and Power Co., Sunderland,

1,047 11,000 00 Turner, G. H.,


1,001 Union Electric Light Co.,

Franklin, Norfolk,

6,601 20,000 00 United Electric Light Co.,

Springfield, Longmeadow,

Ludlow, W. Springfield, 104,182 1,250,000 00 Upton Electric Co.,


2,071 7.500 00 Uxbridge and Northbridge Electric Co., : Uxbridge, Northbridge. 13,478 39,400 00 19 Vineyard Lighting Co.,

Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Ha-

2,280 25,000 00 Ware Electric Co.,

Ware, Hardwick,

12,298 40,000 00 90 Webster and Southbridge Gas and 'Electric Co., .

Webster, Dudley, Oxford,

Southbridge, Sturbridge, 33.686 170,000 00 Westborough Gas and Electric Co., . Westborough,

5,446 25,000 00 Weston Electric Light Co.,

Weston, Wayland,

4,312 30,000 00 Weymouth Light and Power Co.,


12,895 50.000 00 2 Williamstown Gas Co.,


3,768 40,000 00 Winchendon Electric Light and Power Co., Winchendon,

5,678 12,000 00 Worcester Electric Light Co.,

Worcester, Leicester,

149,223 800,000 00 22 milioni 1 Manufacture of electricity, minor portion of business.

* Salem only. 2 Par value $25.

5 Unincorporated. 3 Owned by estate of Charles Doughty.


The following table contains a summary of the financial operations of all the incorporated companies and privately owned plants engaged in the sale of electricity under the supervision of the Board for the year ending June 30, 1909, and for the year ending June 30, 1910: —

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

EXPENSES: 1. Coal or other fuel, . 2. Rent of real estate used for plant, 3. Oil and waste, 4. Water, 5. Wages at station, 6. Station repairs, 7. Steam plant repairs, 8. Electric plant repairs, 9. Apparatus and machinery, 10. Current bought, 11. Wages for care of lights and meters, cleri

cal labor in distribution department, and

salary or commission of collectors, 12. Repairs and renewals of lines, . 13. Repairs and renewals of meters, lamps and

motors, 14. Distribution tools and appliances, 15. Carbons, 16. Incandescent lamps, 17. Globes, 18. Directors' allowances, 19. Salaries of officers, 20. General salaries, 21. Rent of offices, if separate from plant, 22. General office expenses, 23. Taxes, 24. Insurance, 25. Law expenses, 26. Claims, 27. Bad debts, 28. Incidental expenses,

Totals, . Leaving an apparent profit of Of this profit, the gas companies made in their

electrical departments, Leaving for the electric light companies, To which should be added the income from

rents, jobbing, etc., amounting to, Making a total of Against which the following charges were

made: Interest, Dividends, Depreciation, Sundry items,

[blocks in formation]

Leaving an apparent net profit for the year of Leaving an apparent deficit for the year of

$73,109 55


Three of the corporations included above appear not to have earned expenses, and seventeen others have not earned sufficient to warrant the declaration of any dividend.

From the above data it appears that the gross profits from electric lighting of all the companies increased $188,887.36, and those doing only an electric business show an increase during the last year of $231,599.68.

In Appendix A will be found, under date of June 30, 1910, the separate balance sheets, profit and loss and manufacturing accounts of the companies, as taken from the annual returns, with corrections made by the Board after examination and correspondence with the officers of the several companies.

Aggregates from the balance sheets of the electric companies only, taken from the returns of 1909 and 1910, show the following facts:

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Taxes. The valuation of the property of the several electric light companies, as fixed by the local assessors, may be found in detail in Appendix D. The aggregate valuation of all of the electric light companies is $35,176,630. This does not include the valuation of the electric plants of the gas companies. The total sum paid by the companies for taxes, including State supervision and including the amounts paid by the gas companies on account of their electric plants, is $963,766.41.

Dividends. The amount paid in dividends by the several electric light companies and the rate per cent will be found in detail in Appendix D. Nineteen companies paid no dividends. The other 39 companies paid out in all as dividends the sum of $2,411,200.12, which is an average rate of 10 per cent. on their capital stock.

Reductions in Price. The following companies have reduced the maximum net price for electricity for commercial use during the year ending June 30, 1910: –


Cents. Amherst,

from 18 to 16 Cambridge,

from 13} to 12 Charlestown,

from 12 to 11 Edison of Boston, . from 12 to 11 Edison of Brockton, from 18 to 15 Lawrence,

from 14.4 to 13.5

Malden, .

Cents. from 15 to 13 from 20 to 19 from 17 to 15 from 15 to 13 from 16 to 15 from 18 to 15

Price. The following table shows the prices charged by the several electric light companies for commercial lights and power on June 30, 1910:

[blocks in formation]

Abington and Rock


20 cents,

10 cents,



No free wiring. Renewals of carbon

filament lamps on basis of one 16 c. p.
lamp for each $6 of current used, free,
except in Cohasset and Scituate.
Minimum charge of $1 per month.
Discount of 10% on lighting bills; in
Abington, Rockland, Hanover and
Norwell; if paid in 15 days. For
store lighting, 16 cents per k. w. h.
for first 50 hours use per month of
connected load, and 7 cents for all
current in excess. In Cohasset and
Scituate, 20 cents per k. w. h. net.
For power, for 10 h. p. motors and
under, 10 cents per k. w. h. with dis-
counts according to amount used;
from 10 h. p. to 50 h. p. $2 for first
k. w. installed and $1.25 for each
succeeding k. w. maximum motor
rating and 3) cents per k. w. h. for
current consumed with discounts
based on size of installations; over 50
h. p. current is 3 cents per k. w. h.
used with discounts based on size of

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