Annual Report of the Board of Gas and Electric Light Commissioners of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 26. sējums

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The Board, 1911
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ccciv. lappuse - In any case not provided for in this Act, the rules of law and equity, including the law merchant, and in particular the rules relating to the law of principal and agent and to the effect of fraud, misrepresentation, duress or coercion, mistake, bankruptcy, or other invalidating cause, shall continue to apply to contracts to sell and to sales of goods.
ccc. lappuse - ... person appearing by the certificate to be the owner of the shares represented thereby.
cccv. lappuse - A certificate is indorsed when an assignment or a power of attorney to sell, assign, or transfer the certificate or the shares represented thereby is written on the certificate and signed by the person appearing by the certificate to be the owner...
cccv. lappuse - Value" is any consideration sufficient to support a simple contract. An antecedent or pre-existing obligation, whether for money or not, constitutes value where a receipt is taken either in satisfaction thereof or as security therefor. "Warehouseman" means a person lawfully engaged in the business of storing goods for profit. (2) A thing is done "in good faith...
ccc. lappuse - ... physical or mental incapacity it is impossible for the person injured to give the notice within the time provided in this section, he may give the same within ten days after such incapacity is removed...
ccci. lappuse - Nothing in this act shall be construed as enlarging the powers of an infant or other person lacking full legal capacity, or of a trustee, executor or administrator, or other fiduciary, to make a valid indorsement, assignment or power of attorney.
ccciii. lappuse - A Creditor whose debtor is the owner of a certificate shall be entitled to such aid from courts of appropriate jurisdiction, by injunction and otherwise, in attaching such certificate or in satisfying the claim by means thereof as is allowed at law or in equity, in regard to property which cannot readily be attached or levied upon by ordinary legal process.
cccv. lappuse - Person" includes a corporation or partnership or two or more persons having a joint or common interest. To "purchase" includes to take as mortgagee and to take as pledgee.
ccxcix. lappuse - ... no action for the recovery of compensation for injury or death under this act shall be maintained, unless notice of the time, place and cause of the injury is given to the employer within sixty days, and the action is commenced within one year from the occurrence of the accident causing the injury or death.
ccciv. lappuse - The delivery of the goods under an order of the court as provided in this section, shall not relieve the...

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