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BROOKLYN-NEW YORK Sixty-first Annual Session begins Sep

tember 22, 1919 The medical college requires two years of study in a college of liberal arts or sciences for admission.

See specifications for Class A Medical Colleges by the Council on Medical Education, A.M.A.; also those for a Medical Student's Qualifying Certificate by the University of the State of New York. Conditioned Students not admitted

For particulars address THE DEAN OF THE COLLEGE


Henry and Amity Streets Brooklyn,

New York


SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The One Hundred and Fifty-Fourth Annual Session will open

September 26, 1919 REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION Candidates for admission are required to have completed at least two full years of college work which must include specified amounts of English, French or German, Physics, Biology and Chemistry (including Organic). Laboratory work is required in the three sciences.

The first and second year classes are limited to 100 students. Women are admitted. Application should be presented before July 1st, as on that date the selection of the entering class will be made.

About 125 students can be accommodated in the third and fourth year classes and applications for admittance on advanced standing will be considered from students who have made excellent records in other “Class A” medical schools.

INSTRUCTION Clinical instruction is given in the University Hospital on the campus with 400 beds and the immediately adjoining Philadelphia General Hospital with 1600 beds, The fundamental branches are taught in the Hare Laboratory of Chemistry, the combined Laboratories of Pathology, Physiology and Pharmacology, and the Laboratory of Hygiene and Bacteriology.

GRADUATE COURSES Information concerning courses in the recently organized Medico-Chirurgical College Graduate School of Medicine

of the University of Pennsylvania, which includes as a unit the former Philadelphia Polyclinic Hospital and Polyclinic Graduate School of Medicine, can be obtained from the Dean as well as information about courses leading to the degree of Doctor of Public Hygiene (Dr. P.H.) and courses in Tropical Medicine.

TUITION Undergraduate study, $200 annually; fees for graduate and special courses on application.

The annual announcement, application blanks and other information may be obtained by application to the

Dean of School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pa.

University of Georgia

University of Alabama


Augusta, Georgia

School of Medicine

Mobile, Alabama Entrance Requirements The satisfactory completion of two years of study, in an institution of collegiate grade, to include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and a reading knowledge of French or German. In addition to four year High School diploma.

Combined Course The Combined Course which is now offered by the University in connection with its Medical Department gives to the student the opportunity of obtaining the B.S. and M.D. degrees in six years. This course is recommended to all intending students.

The equipment of the schoolis complete. The clinical facilities ample. Eight full time teachers.

For catalog and any desired information, address Tucker H. Frazer, M.D., Dean

School of Medicine
St. Anthony and Lawrence Sts.,


ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS The successful completion of at least two years of work including English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in an approved college. This in addition to four years of high school.

INSTRUCTION The course of instruction occupies four years, begin. ning the second week in September and ending the first week in June. The first two years are devoted to the fundamental sciences, and the third and fourth to practical clinic instruction in medicine and surgery. All the organized medical and surgical charities of the city of Augusta and Richmond County, including the hospitals, are under the entire control of the Board of Trustees of the University. This agreement affords a large number and variety of patients which are used in the clinical teaching. Especial emphasis is laid upon practical work both in the laboratory and clinical departments

TUITION The charge for tuition is $150.00 a year except for residents of the State of Georgia, to whom tuition it free. For further information and catalogue address

The Medical Department, University of Georgia


WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY School of Hygiene and Public Health



The Johns Hopkins University

Stanford University


The second academic session will begin September 30, 1919. Opportunities for instruction and investigation will

be offered in Bacteriology, Immunology and Serology, ProAdmits only college degree students and seniors tozoology and Medical Zoology, Epidemiology, Biometry in abuentia.

and Vital Statistics, Sanitary Engineering. Physiology as

applied to hygiene, including the principles of industrial Excellent laboratories and facilities for research and educational hygiene, Chemistry as applied to hygiene and advanced work.

including the analysis of foods and the principles of nutri.

tion, Social and Mental Hygiene, etc. The courses in these I Large clinical material. Sole medical control of subjects are organized upon a trimestral basis and students Lakeside, City, Charity and Maternity Hospitals may enter the School as candidates for a degree or as special and Babies' Dispensary. Clinical Clerk Services

students at the beginning of any trimester, fall, winter or with individual instruction.

spring. Men and women students are admitted on the

same terms. 1 Wido choice of hospital appointments for all

For regularly matriculated students courses are arranged mduates.

leading to the degree of Doctor of Public Health, Doctor of 9 Fifth optional year leading to A.M. in Medicine.

Science in Hygiene and Bachelor of Science in Hygiene.

The details in regard to the requirements for matriculation Vacation courses facilitating transfer of advanced in these courses are described in the catalogue of the School students.

which will be forwarded upon application.

A certificate in Public Health may be awarded to quali. g Session opens Oct. 2, 1919; closes June 17, 1920

fied persons after one year of resident study. Tuition, $150.00.

Persons desiring to take one or more courses not as applicants for a degree may enter as special students on ap

proval of the Faculty. For catalogue, information and application

For further information address the Director of blankı, address

the School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hop

kins University, 310-312 West Monument Street, THE REGISTRAR, 1353 East 9th St., Cleveland Baltimore, Maryland. Syracuse University College of Medicino Entranoc Two years of a recognized course in arts

or in scionce in a registered college or Requirements sobool of Science, which must include

MEDICAL SCHOOL Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Fronch The Medical School of Leland Stanford Jr. University is or German. Six and seven year' oombie nation courses are afforod.

an integral part of the University, and its Faculty controls the Lano Hospital which, together with the Lane Medical Library,

is administered by the Trustees of the University. The First Two are spent in mastering, by laboratory

methods the sciences fundamental ADMISSION Three years of university instruction, in. Years clinical medicine.

cluding a year in Physics, Chemistry and Biology with laboratory work in each, and

a satisfactory reading knowledgo of French The Third Yoar is systematic and clinical and is devoted to

or Gorman, are required for admission to the study of the natural history of disease, Courso

candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Medito diagnosis and to therapeutics. In this

cine., Three units of Organic Chemistry year the systematic courses in Medicine,

are also required for admission to the Surgery and Obstetrics are completed.

Medical School.

INSTRUCTION The word in Medicine begins the first of The Fourth is elinical. Students spend the entire fore

October each year and closes about the poon throughout the yoar as clinical clerks

middle of June. The first five quarters Yoar Course in hospitals under careful supervision. The

of the four years Medical instruction are alinical clerk takes the history, makes the

given in the laboratories of the University physical examination and the laboratory

at Palo Alto, California, the last seven examinations, arrives at a diagnosis which

quarters and the required interne year, be must defend, outlines the treatment

in the Medical School in San Francisco, under his instructor and observes and

California. The degree of A.B. is granted records the result. In case of operation or

upon completion of the first three quarters of aatopay he follows the specimen and

of the Medical curriculum, the degree of identifies its pathological nature. Two gen.

M.D. upon completion of the interne year. anal hospitals, one of which is owned and

Students wishing to transfer from other controlled by the University, one special

institutions are advised to enter in the hospital and the municipal hospitals and

summer quarter, beginning the middle of laboratories are open to our students. The

June, in order to make up deficiencies. afternoons are spent in the College Dispen GRADUATE A Graduate Medical Course of six weeks is sary and in clinical work in medical and

COURSE margical specialties and in conferences.

offered during the summer, and is open to ell licensed physicians or graduates of recog.

nized medical schools. Suramer SeboatA summer course in pathology covering TUITION The tuition fee is $50 per quarter for twelve a poddas veaks during June and July will be given in

quarters, payable at the beginning of each be here is a sufficient number of applicants


For information address THE DEAN of the STANFORD Address the Secretary of the College, UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SCHOOL, Sacramento and Web307 Orange Stroot

SYRACUSE, N. Y. Ster Streets, San Francisco, California.

Northwestern University

Medical School

Marine Biological Laboratory

Woods Hole, Mass.

INVESTIGATION Facilities for rescach in Zoology. Situated in Chicago in close proximity to important

Embryology, Physiology and Bot

Eatiro Year any. Seventy-six private laboraHospitals with an abundance of clinical material.

tories, $100 each for not over three

months. Thirty tables are avail. Admission Requirements—Two years of College credit

able for beginnersi a research who including a satisfactory course in Physics, Chemistry,

desire to work under the direction

of members of the staff. The fee Biology or Zoology, and French or German.

for such a table is $50.00. Course of Study-leading to the degree of Doctor of

INSTRUCTION Courses of laboratory instruction Medicine-Four years in the Medical School and a

with lectures are offered in lavertefifth year either as Interne in an approved hospital

July 2 to August 12, brate Zoology. Protozoology: Em1919

bryology, Physiology and Morpbor devoted to research in some branch of Medical

ology and Taxonomy of the Algae. Science.

Each course requires the full time

of the student. Fee, $50. A lecture Graduate Instruction-in courses leading to the degree

course on the Philosophical Aspects of Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy.

of Biology, and Allied Sciences is

also offered. Research Foundation The James A. Patten Endow.

SUPPLY Animals and plants, preserved, liv. ment for Research affords unusual opportunities for

i ng, and in embryonic stages. Preadvanced students of Medical Science to pursue

DEPARTMENT served material of all types of special investigations.

Opor tho Entire Year

animals and of Algae, Fungi, Liver

worts and Mosses furnished for Research Fellowships—Four fellowships of the value

classwork, or for the museum. Livof $500 each are awarded annually to promote

ing material furnished in season as

ordered. Microscopic slidesin Zoolscholarly research.

ogy, Botany, Histology, Bacteriol

ogy. Price lists of Zoological and Tuition Fees—The tuition fee for undergraduate stu.

Botanical material and Micoscopic dents is $180.00 a year.

Slides sent on application. State which is desired. For price lists and

all information regarding material, For information address

address C. W. PATTERSON, Registrar

GEO. M. GRAY, Curator, Woods Hole, Mass.

The annual announcement will be sent on application to The 4231 South Dearborn Street Chicago, Illinois Director, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass.

Queen's University

Publications of
Carnegie Institution of Washington

The publications of the Institution now pumber over 350 volumes, the subjects including Anatomy, Archæology, As tronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Economics and Sociology, Em. bryology, Experimental Evolution and Heredity, Engineering, Folk-Lore, Geology. History, International Law, Literature, Mathematics, Medicine, Nutrition, Philology, Physics, Zoology. Classified and descriptive lists will be sent postpaid on applioation. 34. Wieland, G. R. American Fossil Cycads. Quarto. Vol.

1. Structure. viii +296 pages, 51 plates, 141 text figures. $6.25. Vol. II. Taxonomy. vii +277 pages, 58 plates, 97

text figures. $6.25. 75. Hay, 0. P. The Fossil Turtles of North America.

Quarto, iv +568 pages, 113 plates, 704 text figures. $9.00. 238. Moodie, Roy Lee. The Coal Measures Amphibia of

North America. Quarto, x+222 pages, 26 plates, 43 text

figures. $5,50. 55. Case, E. C. A Revision of the Pelycosauria of North

Kingston, Canada, April, 1919
Applications will be received by the undersigned up to
July 1st, 1919, for the following positions:

1. Professor of Latin, Salary $3,000, rising to $3,500.
2. Professor of English Literature, Salary $3,000, rising

to $3,500.
3. Professor of Modern History, Salary $3,000, rising

to $3,500. 4. Professor of Physiology, Salary $3,000, rising to

$3,500. 5. Research Professor in either Chemistry or Physics,

Salary $2,500 to $3,500, according to training and

6. Professor of Chemistry, Salary $3,500.
7 Lecturer in Physics, Salary $1,500.

R. BRUCE TAYLOR, Principal

America. Quarto, 176 pages, 35 plates, 73 text figures. $300 Museum Material from the Pacific

145. Case, E. C. A Revision of the Cotylosauria of North

America. Quarto, 122 pages, 14 plates, 52 text figures. $3.00. 146. Case, E. C. Revision of the Amphibia and Pisces of the

Permian of North America. Quarto, 184 pages, 32 plates,

56 text figures, 84.00. 181. Case, E. C., S. W. Williston, M. G. Mehl. Permo-Car

boniferous Vertebrates from New Mexico. Quarto, v +81

PP., 1 plate, 51 figures. $2.00. 207. Case, E.C. The Permo-Carboniferous Red Beds of North

America and their Vertebrate Fauna. Quarto, 176 pages, 24 plates, 50 figures. $4.00.

283. Case, E. C. The Environment of Vertebrate Life in the

Late Paleozoic in North America; a Paleogeographic Study.

All communications should be addrened to


Am planning an extended field trip through the South Seas, etc., touching at seldom visited islands; starting June 15th. Can undertake a few commissions to secure material and data or photographs in Zoological, Botanical, Oeological or Ethnological lines for institutions or individuals on reasonable terms.

Write at once stating what is required
Perminant address

Professor of Zoology and Geology
College of Hawaii



may be used with both platinum and base metal couples

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Tycos Pyrometer
High Resistance Wall Type Indicator

The Summer Quarter 1919 will receive the added inspiration of professors and instructors returning from war service in many lands. Students and teachers, interested in keeping abreast of the times or in completing work already begun, appreciate the opportunity of instruction in a regular season of study under members of the University staff. Scholars desiring to prosecute research in the libraries and laboratories will find facilities for work under the most favorable conditions. Courses are offered in all departments and include under graduate and graduate instruction in Arts, Literature, Science, Commerce and Administration,

Law, Medicine, Education, and Divinity.


First Term June 16-July 23

Second Term July 24-August 29
Students may register for either term or both

For the complete announcement of courses address
The University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.

In selecting the proper equipment for the measurement of high temperatures, progressive manufacturers invariably choose Tycos Pyrometers.

Let our catalogues tell you about Tycos Temperature Instruments, Indicating, Recording, Controlling, Barometer, Hygrometer, Hydrometer, etc. A post card request brings them to you at once. Taylor Instrument Companies


Biographical Directory of American Men of Science


The new edition of the BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF AMERICAN MEN OF SCIENCE, which has been delayed by war conditions, is now in course of preparation under the editorship of J. McKeen Cattell, Garrison, N. Y. Corrections to the entries in the second edition should be sent to him. Those in America, who have worked in the natural and exact sciences, but who are not included in the second edition, are requested to send the

following information (preferably typewritten): (1) Full name with title and mail address, the part of the name ordinarily omitted in correspondence

being in parentheses--e.g., Prof. John) Wilson) Smith, 1234 Lincoln St., Washington, D. C. (2) Department of investigation. (3) Place and date of birth. (4) Education and degrees, including honorary degrees, with dates. (5) Positions with dates at which they were held. (6) Temporary or minor positions and honors, such as lectureships, trusteeships, scientific expeditions,

prizes, medals, etc.
(7) Membership in scientific societies and offices with dates at which they were held.
(8) Chief subjects in which research work has been published and is now in progress.




The “Detroit" Combination Gas Machine Automatically makes the best

and cheapest gas for Laboratory Uses of Every Character Heating-Cooking-Lighting

Over 30,000 in daily use
Descriplive catalogue and names of users in your

locality sent on request

LIGHTING CO. 612 Wight St.

Detroit, Mich.
Established 1868

The L. & N.
High Sensitivity Galvanometer

An instrument of extremely high sensitivity, yet one with which it is a pleasure to work because it is very easily set up and its working characteristics

are all that could be desired.

If you have any research work involving

the use of a galvanometer of high sensitivity this instrument can be built to your order, giving you the maximum sensitivity under your working conditions. We solicit correspondence from those wbo are look

ing for an out-of-tbe-ordinary galvanometer


THE LEEDS & NORTHRUP CO. 4921 Stenton Avenue


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