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The Johns Hopkins University


The second academic session will begin September 30, 1919. Opportunities for instruction and investigation will

be offered in Bacteriology, Immunology and Serology, Pro[ Admits only college students and seniors in tozoology and Medical Zoology, Epidemiology, Biometry

and Vital Statistics, Sanitary Engineering, Physiology as absentia.

applied to hygiene, including the principles of industrial Excellent laboratories and facilities for research and educational hygiene, Chemistry as applied to hygiene and advanced work.

including the analysis of foods and the principles of nutri

tion, Social and Mental Hygiene, etc. The courses in these Large clinical material. Sole medical control of subjects are organized upon a trimestral basis and students Lakeside, City, Charity and Maternity Hospitals may enter the School as candidates for a degree or as special

students at the beginning of any trimester, fall, winter or and Babies' Dispensary. Clinical Clerk Services with individual instruction.

spring. Men and women students are admitted on the

same terms. 1 Wide choice of hospital appointments for all For regularly matriculated students courses are arranged graduates.

leading to the degree of Doctor of Public Health, Doctor of

Science in Hygiene and Bachelor of Science in Hygiene. Fifth optional year leading to A.M. in Medicine.

The details in regard to the requirements for matriculation Vacation courses facilitating transfer of advanced in these courses are described in the catalogue of the School

which will be forwarded upon application. students.

A certificate in Public Health may be awarded to qualig Session opens Oct. 2, 1919; closes June 17, 1920 fied persons after one year of resident study. Tuition, $150.00.

Persons desiring to take one or more courses not as applicants for a degree may enter as special students on ap

proval of the Faculty. For catalogue, information and application

For further information address the Director of blanks, address

the School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hop

kins University, 310-312 West Monument Street, THE REGISTRAR, 1353 East 9th St., Cleveland Baltimore, Maryland.

Syracuse University College of Medicine
Entrance Two years of a recognized course in arte

or in science in a registered college or Requirements School of Science, which must include

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and French
or German, Six and seven yean' oombi-
nation courses are offered.

The First Two are spent in mastering by laboratory

methods the sciences fundamental to Years elintcal medicine.

Tho Third Year is systematic and clinical and is devoted to


study of the natural history of disease, Courso to diagnosis and to therapeutics. In this

year the systematic courses in Medicine,
Surgery and Obstetrics are completed.

The Fourth is clinical. Students spend the entire fore

noon throughout the year as clinical clerks Year Course in hospitals under careful supervision. The

clinical clerk takes the history, makes the
physical examination and the laboratory
examinations, arrives at a diagnosis which
he must defend, outlines the treatment
under his instructor and observes and
records the result. In case of operation or
of autopsy he follows the specimen and
identifies its pathological nature. Two gen.
eral hospitals, one of which is owned and
controlled by the University, one special
hospital and the municipal hospitals and
laboratories are open to our students. The
afternoons are spent in the College Dispen-
sary and in clinical work in medical and

surgical specialties and in conferences Summer School A summer course in pathology covoring a pothod of six weeks during June and July will be given in catro fere is a saticient number of applicants


Sixty-first Annual Session begins Sep-

tember 22, 1919
The medical college requires two
years of study in & college of liberal
arts or sciences for admission.

See specifications for Class A Medi-
cal Colleges by the Council on Medi-
cal Education, A.M.A.; also those for
a Medical Student's Qualifying Certi-
ficate by the University of the State
of New York.
Conditioned Students not admitted

For particulars address


Henry and Amity Streets

New York

Address the Secretary of the College, 307 Orange Street



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In the Brooks' Inductometer is offered a compact form of variable inductance, with a self inductance range of 5 to 50 millihenrys, possessing the following advantages:

1. A fair degree of astaticism, which tends to eliminate errors due to stray field effects.

2. It is less expensive and at the same time fully as accurate as the AyrtonPerry instrument.

3. It occupies less space than the

Aryton-Perry form. The instrument has a very nearly uniform scale, obtained by properly proportioning the coils. It may be used as a mutual inductance.

It has a good ratio of maximum to minimum inductance (about 9 to 1) and also has as high a time constant as is consistent with good design and moderate size.

The instrument is fully described in Bulletin No. 152, a copy of which will be sent upon request.

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Our Laboratory Spectrometers

Are sold in competition with instruments of European make

to many of the best laboratories throughout the world. WM. GAERTNER AND CO.

Physical and Astronomical Instruments 5345-49 Lake Park Avenue


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Complete, Conveniently Arranged, Thoroughly
Indexed, and Offers the Opportunity to Free
Your Laboratory of German Products.

Free to Persons in Charge of Laboratories-to others, a
charge of $2.00-half the cost-will be made.


Everything For the Laboratory"

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Price $40.75

Our release from this service is of course gradual.
As the demands made upon us by the government are
lessened from month to month, however, we are enabled
to increase deliveries proportionately to our other

Write for catalog of our revised microscope line and inform us regarding your requirements.

Bausch & Lomb Optical O.

409 ST. PAUL STREET ROCHESTER, N.Y. New York Washington Chicago San Francisco Leading American Makers of Photographic Lenses, Microscopes, Projection Apparatus (Balopticons), Ophthalmic Lenses and instruments, Photomicrographic Apparatus, Range Finders and Gun Sights for Army and Navy, Searchlight Reflectors, Stereo-Prism Binoculars, Magnifiers and other HighGrade Optical Producis.

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