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positories at the Justice Department in Madison. That aspect of communications system is still very much in process.

I think that the conversion from low band to high is well along and will probably be accomplished in another year or two.

For the present, at least, I am taking the position that is a worthwhile expenditure of funds. But I would think very, very carefully about any suggestions that we start to move from high band to some other method of communications subsequent to the completion of the high-band program. I understand that there is already an impetus in some parts of the country to do that and I think that is something we should look carefully at.

Mr. Monagan. Did LEAA provide any radio engineering or other technical assistance to the council during the formulation of the statewide communications policy?

Mr. KELLY. No. They were not requested to do so either, though. Mr. MONAGA. Wouldn't it be in order to request them to do that?

Mr. KELLY. As you may know from a review of the membership of that communications task force, it is heavily weighted with technical people and field people who operate in the area of police communications. That fact is one of the elements that has led to the heavy reliance upon it by the membership of the council. I personally think that with the reorganization of LEAA and the movement to the regional offices of substantial staff, it makes good sense for the States to avail themselves of all the technical assistance they can get. I can tell you now that we have had an LELA technical assistant on computerization from Washington in the State of Wisconsin for the past week negotiating one grant with Milwaukee County because of our concern about being especially careful in the area of computerized data processing and the like in the area of criminal justice.

Mr. MONAGAN. I am glad to hear that because there seems to be an absense of that sort of overall technical assistance in the program.

You have already spoken of your feeling that there would be a change from a concentration on equipment procurement, and that is a matter of great concern to us. It seemed to some of us that there was an excessive emphasis in that field. Therefore, I do not think that we need to go into it to the same extent since you have already stated that you are considering some change.

I would like only to ask this: In the 1970 plan you stated that $393,000 in Federal funds would be spent on communications. You actually awarded $635,000, or 62 percent more than planned. Did you obtain approval from LEA A for this increase?

Mr. KELLY. Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question as a matter of certainty. I can answer it with respect to our present practice that I am familiar with, and that is that any change of that sort, the advice and consent of the regional oflice is sought.

I do not know whether or not you are aware of it, but I have only been the director of the council for about 2 months. I have no recollection of that specific item.

Mr. Monagan. You do not have any record.
Mr. KELLY. Not with me.

Mr. MONAGAN. You certainly have an excellent grasp of this problem, I must say, for the brief time you have been in office. The 1971 plan states that $730,000 will be awarded. Then your projections from 1972 through 1975 indicate more than $S million will be spent for com

munications equipment. Have you requested approval from LEAA for these allocations in 1971 ?

Mr. KELLY. The 1971 plan has been approved by the LEAA, both the regional office and in Washington. So far as the 5-year plan goes, I would say that is very much an open question at the moment.

Mr. MOXAGAN. These are certain specific purchases that we would like to go into briefly. I will ask Mr. Intriago if he will go over those

with you.

Mr. INTRIAGO. With regard to the project in Pierce County, Wis., Mr. Kelly, could you tell us what was the amount requested in the grant application ?

(Project documents pertaining to purchase of communications equipment by Pierce County follow :)



Wisconsin Counoil on

akinal Justico 1015 Iconoy Building Hedisca, Wisconsin 53702

Application for Assistance
under tho On Dous CT2IC Control
and Safe Streeto Act of 1968

di Namo, Address and Telephono of applicant:

Nano: Lawronco labor, Chairman, Pierce County Board of Supervisors
Addreso? 21:1000, Wisconsin

Telephone, 745-6392454T
2. Name, Address and Telephong of Project supervisor :

Namot Roy. Simonson, Sherion Horco County
Addross7 Noworus, Wisconsin

Telepbono: 273051
3. Project Porlod for which runds ar. Raquastod.
Bag Inaing: January 1, 1900

Endingo h. Total funds Requestod for Protect Assistances Total Budgeted Project Cost (POIA ACT-2)

$ 34,897.36 Looal Matching Shar. (roma ACT-3)

15.958.94 Amount of Assistance Requested

$ 20,99,12

Locul xatobing Shar. Percentage of total Project Cost

for State Deos

Program Category:
Applicable contribution wt10?
type of subgrantae Unit:
riscal Yaas notion rund Portalning:
Dato Approved

[ocr errors]

Tomas and conditions: It to understood and agreon by the widersigned
That TIT Funda granted as a result of thio roquest are to be sipended
for the purposes oes forts on thso applioation and in acoordance with
all applloable lai, regulatłono, polioses and procedure of Wiscono
oin and the U. 8. Department of juetios; (8) no expenditure will be
oligible for inclusion if ooourring prior to the offootivo dato og
the grant; and 132 runde avarded by the Mooone en Counoil on Criaine!
Justlos may be seruinated at any olai for ololations of any terms and

otuiruonio os sta cercanant. fano mm tle of Individual Legally Da povered to complicant 16 2017

Chairman, P22:00 County : 180 Hangi LAITOS.. Hobar,


of Supervisor Bracural VVK.

Da tai Soprenor



Project Budqot Summary

Wisconsin Council on

Criminal Justice 1015 Tenney Building Madison, Wisconsin 53702


Name Address and Telephone of Fiscal officer for the Project:

[blocks in formation]


Supplementary schedules detailing each Budget Item in Section 3 must be attached to forma ACT-2. Applioation for assistance will be considered incomplete unless swoh oohodules are prepared and attached.


Follow the budget proparation instructions appearing in
Appendix A of the Guido 300:0200 0Foderal Action
Punds in preparing the dout Ludget Summary and supple-
montary schedules.



Local Yatching Snace Surmas

Wisconsin Council on

Criminal Justice 1015 menney Building Madison, Wisconsin 53702

Cash Contribution:

(a) Name and Address of Agency Providing Cash Contribution:

Name: Lawrence Weber, Chairman, Pierce County Boario supervisors
Address: Elmwood, Wisconsin

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

In-Xind contribution: (Attach substantiating Statements)
(a) summary of In-Xind contribution to be provided : Fair Value
Trade-in value of Low-Bang Equipment


[blocks in formation]

(b) Percentage of Total Project Cost to be

Provided by Local Share: TDivide Total
Local Matching share by Total Project Cost)


(a) Substantiating statements fully describing in-kind contribution

and method of arriving at its fair value must be attached to
Form ACT-3.

(b) Consult "Local Matching Shares" section in Appendix A of thia

Guide for application of Pedera! action Funds in preparins the
Local Matching sharo Summary and substantiating statements.


December 8, 1969. COUNTY OF PIERCE, Sheriff's Office, Ellsworth, Wis.

GENTLEMEN : As a result of the planning and recommendations set forth by the Communications Ad Hoc Committee for the Council on Criminal Justice, the following equipment and system changes are necessary for Pierce County's communications system proposal of September 9, 1969.

1. Change mobile unit capability to a wide-spaced transmitter, which requires power output decrease from 110 watts to 80 watts.


i Motorola Model J73MPY3100-T, 120 watt transistorized, Mobile
relay station with "Private-Line” capability and containing time-

Amount out timer and the latest in communications equipment design.- $2,466.00 1 TDD 6073 Omnidirectional gain antenna.

193. 00 1 TU 312H Cavity Resonator..

610.00 1 SP 9041 FIBA Multiplexing Kit-

74. 00 1 TDN 6063A 230' of 78' air heliax transmission line_

403. 50 2 Motorola Model L43MHB3100, 40 watt consolette base radio con

trol station for control of the repeater from the Sheriff's office
and River Falls. Unit contains 4 frequency capability for com-
munications with neighboring county repeater systems and also
with the state emergency frequency. ($945 each.)

1, 890.00 1 TLN 1126 Remote Cable Kit.

78. 00 1 SS-150, 150'Self Supporting Tower with 5 year guarantee and

wind load capacity of 40 pound per square foot, or is designed to
withstand a wind of up to 110 mph-----

1, 942.00 1 PCD-29, 12,500 watt Civil Defense emergency power supply,

which will adequately supply emergency power for the Sheriff's
office and the highway department for minimum lighting and

also provide emergency power for the radio equipment--- 2, 788.00 14 Motorola Model T63MHT3160-K, 80 Watt, widespaced trans

mitter “Motroc” mobile radio unit including 2 pair of transmit
and receive channel elements and 4 frequency capability. In-

cludes all accessories for trunk mount operation. ($1,305 each.)- 18, 270.00 5 Motorola Model H23DEN3100, 2 watt portable “Handie-Talkie

radio unit with all accessories including chargers for Nickel-
Cadmium power supplies ($800 each.).


32, 201. 16

Total equipment prices--1 Installation of base repeater, tower antennas and transmission 1 Installation of Mobiles at $12.50_ 1 Installation of Mobiles at $42.50 of..

2, 250.00

446. 20

34, 897. 36

Total price for equipment installed----
Cost to the county :

Total amount of equipment installed.-
60 percent of total cost paid under the omnibus bill.
Amount of trade-in of existing system---
Total cost to be paid by Pierce County---

34, 897. 36 20, 938. 42 4, 500,00 9, 458.94


Maintenance and Delivery of your equipment for your entire system will be taken care of by your regular Motorola Service Station owned by Earl Clausen of Milltown. For delivery of your system allow approximately 12 weeks after receipt of the order at the factory.


A new frequency will have to be applied for and approved by the FCC which I will assist you in filing.

I thank the county of Pierce for allowing me this opportunity to propose for your county a new high-band communications system. If there are any further questions which I can assist you in, please contact me in Eau Claire at 832–8996. With best regards,

WILLIAM G. KENYON, Radio Communications Representative.



The Wisconsin Council on Criminal Justice hereby awards to Pierce County (hereinafter called the “Grantee”) the amount of $20,938 for programs or projects pursuant to Part C, Title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968.

This grant may be used until December 31, 1970 for the programs or projects enumerated in Attachment A to this grant award, subject to any limitations or conditions set forth in Attachment B to this Grant Award.

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