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99. lappuse - State, by the municipality or other political subdivision in which the facility is located), for the accommodation of convalescents or other persons who are not acutely ill and not in need of hospital care but who require skilled nursing care and related medical services...
113. lappuse - Federal property ; or (3) such agencies provide education for children whose parents are employed on Federal property ; or (4) there has been a sudden and substantial increase in school attendance as the result of Federal activities.
62. lappuse - Definitions. In this chapter unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires : 1. "Buyer in the ordinary course of trade...
63. lappuse - ... from the owners thereof) an amount bearing the same ratio to the then value (as determined by the agreement of the parties or by action brought in the district court of the United States for the district in which the facility is situated) of so much of the facility as constituted an approved project or projects, as the amount of the Federal participation bore to the cost of the construction of such project or projects.
8. lappuse - Federal share" for any State shall be 100 per centum less the State percentage and the State percentage shall be that percentage which bears the same ratio to 50 per centum as the per capita income of such State bears to the per capita income of the...
76. lappuse - USC 316); (3) foreclose on any property or commence any action to protect or enforce any right conferred upon him by any law, contract, or other agreement, and bid for and purchase at any foreclosure or any other sale any property in connection with which he has made a loan pursuant to this title...
42. lappuse - ... (c) No person, other than a person described in subsection (a) or subsection (b)(2), shall possess any depressant or stimulant drug otherwise than (1) for the personal use of himself or of a member of his household, or (2) for administration to an animal owned by him or a member of his household.
66. lappuse - Any person who shall violate, or refuse, or neglect, to conform to any sanitary rule, order or regulation prescribed by the state board of health for the prevention of the pollution of ice or the sale or disposition of polluted ice offered, kept or intended for public use or consumption, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
67. lappuse - Osteopathic physicians shall observe and be subject to all State and municipal regulations relating to the control of contagious...

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