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Scott, Winfield, General, report of..
Shell reef, channel through
Sloop Georgiana, shipwreck of.
Spanish subjects, indemnity for.

Statement of amounts included in expenditures incidental to the ac-

quisition of new territory.

accompanying the annual estimates of appropriations, &c.
Steamer Prometheus, relative to the attack on...
Steam-frigate Missouri, removal of.

Surgeon General, estimates of.

Subsistence department, list of contracts with

Surveyors General, Illinois, Missouri and Oregon, reports of..
Surveys between the valley of the Mississippi and Pacific ocean.
Squadron West Indies, message on....


Territory of Minnesota, upon roads in the...

further appropriations for expenditures in......
Territory of Oregon, relative to the condition of things in...
Thrasher, John S., Information respecting....
Topographical Engineers, estimate of funds for the prosecution of
sundry works...

list of contracts with..

Totten, Colonel, report of.
Treasurer's accounts for the third and fourth quarters of 1850, and
first quarter of 1851...

Treasury Department, contingent expenses of..

additional estimates.
list of clerks in...
contracts made by..
list of balances...

Trenholm & Belt, transcript of accounts of.


United States, fees and expenses of courts in...........
Utah, message from the President U. S., en Territory of
same, transmitting copy of a letter.


West India Seas, message from the President United States relative
to the squadron in..

Wetmore, Prosper M., message from President United States in

relation to.....

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