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Piano forte action....

James A. Gray.. Albany, N. Y..

Sept. 9, 1851. Piano forte horizontal, square. George Bacon & Richard Raven New York, N. Y.

Aug. 26, 1851. Piano forte strings..

Henry J. Newton...... New York, N. Y.

Oct. 21, 1851.
Piano fortes, upright...

Henry Klepfer ........:
Cincinnati, Ohio..

Mar. 25, 1851.
Printing house paper, machines for.

Milton D. Whipple, assignor to Essex
Lowell, Mass..

Sept. 16, 1851.
Printing in colors, machines for.

Richard S. Weaver.
Maysville, Ky...

Oct. 28, 1851.
Printing names of subscribers on newspapers, &c. Henry Moeser.......

Pittsburg, Pa.

June 24, 1851.
Printing presses.

Stephen P. Ruggles..
Boston, Mass.

Jan. 1, 1851.
Printing presses.....

George P. Gordon.
New York, N. Y.

Aug. 5, 1851.
Printing presses.....

Jacob Worms, assignor to J. Pha-
Paris, France; New York, N. Y... Sept. 23, 1851; Frencia

patent dated May 19,

Printing presses..
John R. Hathaway & John P. Strippel. Norfolk, Va...

Oct. 21, 1851.
Printing presses......

T. H. Dodge...

Nashua, Hillsborough county, N. H. Nov. 18, 1851.
Ruling machines, regulators for the penbeam in.. w. o. Hickok......

Harrisburg, Pa..

June 17, 1851.
Ruling paper, machines for.

G. L. Wright and J. Ames.
Springfield, Mass.

Dec. 23, 1851.
Sounding boards, for musical instruments, con-
struction of....

C. Bogart..
Charlestown, Mass.

Dec. 9, 1851.
Stamps, hand....

Stephen P. Ruggles.
Boston, Mass....

Sept. 23, 1851.
Stamps, letter.....

Benjamin Chambers.
Washington, D. C.

Sept. 23, 1851.
Stereotype plates, moulding and casting.

Charles Hobbs...
New York, N. Y..

Sept. 2, 1851.
Type-casting machines.
John J. Sturgess, ass’r to H. H. Green. New York, N. Y..

Sept. 9, 1851.
Violins, &c., construction of...

William B. Tilton.
Cacrolton, Ala...

Sept. 2, 1851.
Wind instruments, the mouth-piece for

Charles L. Meech.

Preston, New London county, Ct..... Oct. 21, 1851.
Writing, apparatus for giving ease to the arm in Jos. G. Goshen and Wm. H. Towers.. Sherleysburg, Pa., Bucyrus, Ohio. April 29, 1851.

Class XIX.-Fire-arms and implements of war, and parts thercof, including the manufacture of shot and gunpowder.

[blocks in formation]

V.-Classified list of patents, &c.—Continued.

[blocks in formation]

Class XX.-Surgical and medical instruments, including trusses, dental instruments, bathing apparatus, fc.

Invention's or discoveries.


Fire-arms, revolving breech.
Lock, fy-tumbler, for fire-arms.
Pistols, revolving breech

James Warnen.....
Stanhope W. Marston
Joshua Stevens, assignor to Massachu-

setts Arms Company..

Repeating fire-arms, means for revolving the

Breeches of.......

James Warnen.

Inventions or discoveries.


William H. Brown.
James Harrison..
J. C. Burch
Frederick Leypoldt..

John S. Dare.
Jonathan Ball.

Baths, shower
Dental hydraulic cups.
Forceps, dental
Shoulder-braces, combined with abdominal sup-

Sight, means of renovating and correcting
Soda powders, &c., machines for crimping pack-

age papers for......
Stammering, instruments for the cure of.
Supporters, abdominal.
Supporter, abdominal..
Teeth, mineral setting.
Teeth, porcelain inserting
Teeth, setting
Teeth, setting

Carlos A Cook...
Robert Bates..
Nathan B. Marsh..
Moses L. Knapp
Allen J Lonsbury
John Allen ...
William Willshire Riley
Adolph F. Ahrens...
Adolph F. Ahrens.......

Class XXI.- Wearing apparel, articles for the toilet, fc., including instruments for manufacturing.

Inventions or discoveries.



Date of patent.

[blocks in formation]

H. Heinemann
New York, N. Y..

July 8, 1851.
Horace S. Cook, assignor to H, S.
Cook and S. Colbron.
Leominster, Mass

June 3, 1851.
Thomas W. Hill.
Leominster, Mass.

June 10, 1851.
S, Curtis.
Newtown, Fairfield county, Ct.

Nov. 18, 1851.
Elias Howe, jr.
Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass.

Nov. 25, 1851.
Joseph W. Thorpe

South Weare, Hillsborough co., N. H. Dec. 16, 1851.
Daniel Barnam
Philadelphia, Pa..

July 1, 1851.
John Stearns

Templeton, Worcester county, Mass. July 8, 1851.
Chester J. Carrington.
Waterbury, Ct........

Sept. 9, 1851.
Charles Atwood

Derby, New Haven county, Ci....... July 1, 1851.
Julius Hotchkiss, ass’r to the Hotch-

kiss and Meriman Manufacturing Co. Waterbury, New Haven county, Ct.. Dec. 23, 1851.
S. A. Hudson
Worcester, Mass..

Sept. 9, 1851.
James McGinnis.
Lockport, N. Y.

Dec. 2, 1851. Edward Virtue Philadelphia, Pa

Dec. 16, 1851.

Sword canes..
Tailors' measures ...
Tailors' measures

[blocks in formation]

G. William Yerby

Washington, D.C.

Aug. 5, 1851.

Andrew Dennison..


Ayes and noes, machine for taking . Boxes, machine for cutting out the corners and

scoring the edges of paper for.....

Baby, jumper
Burglar alarms.
Cork.cutting machine..........

Geo. C. Taft..
C. Rice.
John G. Bolen.
William King.

Brunswick, Me...

Dec. 4, 1851, ant

April 15, 1851.
Worcester, Worcester county, Mass... Oct. 21, 1851.
Elizabethtown, N. J.

Oct. 28, 1851.
New York, N. Y..

Oct. 21, 1851.
New York, N. Y..

July 8, 1851.

. . . . . .


V.Classified list of patents, &c.—Continued.

[blocks in formation]

1851. June 17

Nov. 19, 1850.

Augers, method of attaching to their handles..... Esther L. Larkin, administratrix of Milton, N. Y.

Jno. E. Larkin, deceased.
Bats for felting, &c., machinery for forming Thos. R. Williams, assig'rto J. B. Hyde New York, N. Y.
Bats in felting, &c., machinery for hardening. Thos. R. Williams, assig'r to J.B. Hyde New York, N. Y.
Boiler, steam, and furnace thereof.

Horace Boardman.

Plattsburg, N. Y.

John Jones.

Clyde, N. 'Y.
Composition for covering hams, &c.

Horace Billings.

Beardstown, MI
Cut-off and working the valves of steam-engines.. George H. Cor iss.........

Providence, R. 1..
Door locks

John P. Sherwood, assignor to Calvin Pittsburg, Pa...

Dec. 14, 1840.
Dec. 14, 1840.
Aug. 14, 1849.
Jan. 14, 1851
April 9, 1850.
Mar. 10, 1849.
Dec. 17, 1842.

May 6
May 6
Feb. 25
Mar. 4
Mar. 25
May 13
May 13

[blocks in formation]

Evaporators and condensors...

Edward Lynch... Felloes for the wheels of carriages and wagons, Edward Reynolds..

machine for setting or bending.

William W. Hubbell.
Guages, steam and vacuum....

Paul Stillman
Jacquard, machinery for weaving all kinds of Alexander Calderhead.

figured cloth.
Manifold permutation locks

Robert Newell
Mouldings, machinery for making

Altred T. Serrell....
Mowing machine...

Wm. F. Ketchum..
Paper-folding machines.

Edward N. Smith, assignor through

others to American Paper-folding Co.
Paper, rag, machines for cleaning..

James Phelps.
Sewing machines.

Sherburn C. Blodget and John A.

Sofa bedsteads.

Russell Scarritt..
Stone dressing.

Charles Wilson..
Scythes to the snath, fastenings of.

E. S. Clapp

[blocks in formation]

Screw wrench.

Solyman Merrick

Original patent, Aug. 17, Nov. 25

1835; reissued May 17,
1842; extended 7 years
from August 17, 1849.
Oct. 16, 1849.

Feb. 11

Tanning processes ....

Harmon Hibbard, assignor to W. W. Rochester, N. Y...

Frank Cheney.

Manchester, Conn.


Thread, machinery for doubling, twisting, and


9, 1847..

Apr. 29

[blocks in formation]
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