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V.Classified list of patents, foc.—Continued.


Date of patent.

Paintersville, Ohio.
Edinburg, Va.
Boston, Mass..

Mar. 11, 1851.
Feb. 18, 1851.
Aug. 26, 1851.

Class XV.-Stone and clay manufactures, including machines for pottery, glass-making, brick-making, dressing and

preparing stone, cements, and other building materials.


Inventions or discoveries.


Tenoning, boring, &c, machines for

l'orguing, jointing and rebaring tool for
Tuor, half adjustable

Martin and Thomas R. Way
John A. Fry...
Peter H. Niles.

Inventions or discoveries.


Brick machines
Brick machines
Brick machines

Mahlon Gregg
John J. Riddle.
James Dane, Darius Healey, and Gary

Cumings, assignors to Isaac and
Francis Dane.

Derby, Vt.....

Buick machines
Brick machines
Brick machines
Brick, machines for preparing clay for making. .
Brick presses
Brick presses
Brick presses
Brjik presses
Clay, machines for working
Clav pipes, manufacture of...
Earthenware, baked, ornameating.
Glass, frosting plates of...
Glass, machinery for cutting.

Luther Brown..
Isaac Gregg
Richard Long..
Heman Whipple..
Jacob Scheitlin..
John J. Riddle.
J, Z. A, Wagner.
Joseph Grani..
Daniel and George Duchemin
Joseph Putnam.....
Ralph B. Beech...
Isaac Taylor....
John P, Colne..

Canandaigua, N. Y,
Pittsburg, Pa,..
Columbus, Ohio,
Port Richmond, N, Y,
Louisville, Ky
Covington, Ky
Philadelphia, Pa.
Providence, R. I.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Salem, Mass..
Kensington, Ky..
New York, N. Y.
New York, NY.

Aug. 5,1851; antedated

June 17, 1851.
Aug. 5, 1851.
Aug. 5, 1851.
Aug. 19, 1851.
Mar. 25, 1851.
Jan. 21, 185).
April 1, 1851.
April 8, 1851.
May 13, 1851.
Dec, 2, 1851.
Sept, 30, 1851.
June 3, 1851.
Nov, 11, 1851.
Aug. 26, 1851.

[blocks in formation]

Class XVI.-Leather, including tunning and dressing, inanufactures of bools, shoes, saddlery, harness, 4.c.

Inventions or discoveries,



Date of patent.


Buoi crimps..
Nathan Dawes and Higgins Harrison.. Liitle York, N. J.

May 27. 1851; antedated

Jan. 31, 1851.
Boot crimps...

Hartwell Stanley.
Wilmington, Vt..

Aug 19, 1851.
Boot forms, machine for dressing.

Joseph Burgess
Leicester, Maes

July 22, 1851.
Boots and shoes, machines for cutting the soles of Jos. Steger, assignor to Wm. Mitchell... Roxbury, Norfolk co., Mass ; Boston,

Nov. 11, 1851.
Boots and shops, machines for pegging.

Alpheus C. Gallahue

Maramoras, Washingtori co., Ohio .... Oct. 28, 1851.

Davis R. Hendrix...

Poustown, Montgomery co., Penn.. Oct. 28, 1851.
Collars, for harness.

Joseph W. Briggs.
Cleveland, Ohio.

June 3, 1851.
('ollars, horse...

Richa d Rickey
Rutland, Ohio

Nov. 11, 1:51.
Collars, horse, machines for forming.

Isaac Dav s

Mechanicsburg, Champaigne co., Ohio. Nov. 4, 1851.
Clogs, or patierns .

Charles W. Stearns.
Springfield, M35..

April 22, 1851.
Gauges, feather-edging for shoemakers'.

1. Jenkins
Andover, E-sex co., Mass.

July 22, 1851.

John McLain
Circleville, Pickaway co., Ohio.

Dec. 23, 1851.
Harness, saddie-trees for

Jas. A. Lawrence, assignor to Roberts
& Lamsen
New Haven, Conn.

July 22, 1851.
Hides, bating and tanning

William B. Milligan.
Edinburg, Shenandoah co., Va.

Nov. 4, 1851.
Hides, ma hines for cutting..

Jacob C. Flint
Boston, Mass

Nov. 11, 1851.
Hides, machines for preparing

Thomas W. Jones
Philomath, Ga

Feb. 4, 1851.
Lap anvils for shoemakers

Henry Brunk
Aibany, N. Y.

May 27, 1851.
L'isis, blocks, fastenings for.

Levi R. Rockwood, assignor to Joseph
L. Woodward..
Upton, Worcester co., Mass.

Sept. 16, 1851.
L'aher, machines for splitring.

William Panton.. Milton, Mass.

July 15, 1851.

V.-Classified list of patents, &c.- Continued.


Date of patent.


April 22, 1851.
Albany, N. Y.

April 22, 1851.
North Enfield, Grafion co., N. H, .... Sept. 16, 1851.
Glastenbury, Hartford Conn... Dec. 23, 1851.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Oct. 21, 1851.
Sloughstown, Penn.

April 29, 1851.
Jersey Ciry, N. J

May 20, 1851.
Newark, N J.

Sept. 23, 1851.
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Nov. 18, 1851.
Washington, D. C.


7, 1851. New Britain, Conn.

Mar. 18, 1851.

Class XVII.-Household furniture, machines and implements for domestic purposes, including washing machines,

bread and cracker machines, feuther dressing, &c.


Date of patent.

Inventions or discoveries.


L-ather, machines for stretching.
Lestler, machines for stretching
Leather splicting machines .....
Leather tubes, machines for making

Sadu'es, spring........
Shoes, India rubber.
Shoe latches.
Spring saddles.

Wm. Sirevell and Danl. Brown
Biadford Rowe
A. Richardson..
Newell Wylyss, assignor to Chas. Col

lins and Newell Wylyss.
John Cfr. Salomon
Joseph C. Smith
Hurace H. Day.
Isaac Bannisier
John C. fr. Salomon
Nathan C. Towle
Elijah A. Andrews.

Albany, NY


Truik handles.

Inventions or discoveries.


Harvey W. Sabin.
Ira Russell...
Levi Newcomb, jr.

Canandaigna, Ontario co., N. Y.
Dedham, Mass
New Bedford, Mass

July 1, 1751.
Sept. 16, 1851.
Nov. II, 1851.

Bedsteads, atiaching cutters for cutting screws on

rails of....
Bedstead fastenings..
Bedsteads, machine for cutting screws on rails of
Beda teads, 11.achines for culting screws on posts

and rails of...
Beristead rails, machines for cutting screws on...
Brtad cutters.

Jacob Zimmer..
James R. Kai and Spencer Lewis
Spencer Lewis.

Tiffin, Seneca co., Ohio.
Tiffin, Ohio...
Rochester, N. Y.

Dec. 23, 1851.
Muy 6, 1-51.
Oct. 7, 1851.

0. Thornly
H. Gross and Wm. Campbell.
A. E. Lazell and D. Lazell.

Lebanon, Ind.
Tiffin, Ohio.
Chicopee_Falls, Mass.,


7, 1851. April 1, 1851. July 1, 1851.

[blocks in formation]

Coffee roasters
Cradles, swinging.
Cradles, swinging.
Cutters, cheese, buiter and bread
Drying fruits, and other articles, revolving frames

Easy chairs, for invalids, &c.
Fastening pedestals to columns.
Matiresses, spring, for invalids
Mattresses, stuffing, &c, machines for cutting

woed into shreds, and crimping them for..
Meat-cutting machines..
Preling and cutting peaches..
Quilling frames and apparatus.

J. C. Dickey..
Washington, D. C.

June 3, 1851.
Patrick O'Neil..
Brooklyn, N. Y

Sept. 23, 1851.
Wm. and Wm. H. Lewis.
New York, N. Y..

June 24, 1851.
Vine B. Starr.

East Hampton, Middlesex co., Conn. Nov. 18, 1851.
David Baird...
New York, N. Y.

Jan 7, 1851; antedated

Oct. 1, 1850.
Edwin K. Browning
Ulica, N. Y.

July 15, 1851.
Thomas Vonderslice.
Valley Forge, Penn..

May 6, 1851.
Joshua O. Ward..

Pleasant Valley, Dutchess co., N. Y... Oct. 21, 1851.
Abraham Kaufman
Orrstown, Penn,


1, 1851.
Edward Clapp, assignor to Ed. Clapp
& George alden..
Dedham, Mass..

Feb 25, 1851.
Theodore R. Timby.
Meridian, N. Y.

Mar. 18, 1851.
Celia R. P. Foster, late Celia R.P. Wood Canandaigua, N. Y.

April 8, 1851.
Lewis J. Mason.
Fra klinville, N. Y.

April 8, 1851.
Francis Hoguet.
Philadelphia, Pa...

F-b. 25, 1851.
Lewis Thorn..
Ph ladelphia, Pa.

Mar. 25, 1851.
William T. Barnes.
Buffalo, N. Y.

June 17, 185).
James T. King..
Baltimore, Md.

Oct. 21, 1851.
John O'Neil.
Xeria, 0.

June 10, 1851.
John Boardman..
Lille Valley, N. Y.

June 15, 1851.
David Allen..
St. Louis, Mo..

Aug. 26, 1851.
Erastus Lawience.
Dublin, Ind.

Sept. 9, 18.11.
Hugh Guyer....

*lbany, N. Y.

Mar. 11, 1851. S. S. Putnam... Boston, Muss..

April 15, 1851.

Sad-irons, removable handles to.
Tables, ladies' work..
Tables, leaves, fastening down of.
Tables, extersion.
Tubles, extension.
Washing apparatus..
Washing machines.
Washing machines.
Washing machines....
Washing mai hies,
Window-curiain fastening.
Window.curtain fixtures..


V.-Classified list of patents, fc.-Continued.

Class XVIII.-Arts, polite, fine, and ornamental, including music, painting, sculpture, engraving, books, paper, printing,

binding, jewelry, fc.

Inventions or discoveries.


Account-books, machines for numbering the

pages of
Æolean attachments
Books, machine for finishing the backs of..
Carving machines.
Copying presses.....
Daguerreotype apparatus.
Daguerreotype pictures.
Daguerreotype plates, buffing apparatus for..
Daguerrectype, securing in monumental stones.
Embossing backs of books, tool for
Enameling mouldin, s, &c, machinery for..
Ink-stands, fountain.
Jasper mineral, composition resembling
Lenses, adjusting
Marble, imitating.
Musical instruments, bellows for.
Oigans and piano fortes, combining.
Pens, fountain....

ens for ruling paper...
Photographie purposes, mercury baths for
Piano fortes...
Piano fortes..
Piano fortes....
Piano fortes.
Piano forte action.
Piano forte action..
Piano forte action.

John McAdams
Gus avus W. Ingalls.
Charles Starr..
Lewis S. Chichester.
A. A. Wilder.
William, Wm. H. & H. J. Lewis..
Charles J. Anthony
William & Wm. H. Lewis.
Solon Jenkins, jr.
Charles Starr.
Robert Marcher..
Henry Whitney, jr.
Francis Draper...
John Paige Pepper.
William & William H. Lewis
Hiram Tucker
Marvin Smith..
R. M. Ferris..
N. A. Prince.
Alfred Hathaway..
John Moulson
Michael Miller.
L. H. Browne.
T. Gilbert
Frederick Mathushek
John Ruck.
Randolph Kretor.......
R. M. Kerrison.

Boston, Mass..

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