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Hubs, for reception of boxes, machine for preparing Henry Moore

Shepardtown, Pa..
Locomotives, moved by the power of animals.. Clement Masserano, assignor to Clem- | Turin, kingdom of Sardinia; and Lex.

ent Masserano, Josephine Wickliffe, ington, Ky.; Genoa, Sardinia....
adıninistratrix of 'R. Wickliffe, jr
deceased, Charles Carenzi, Andié
Cristedora, Pallegro Rocca, & Louis

B. Migone.
Locomotives, running-gear of.

George S Griggs

Roxbury, Mass..
Locomotives, running-gear of.

James H Murrill

Manchester, Va..
Locomotives, running-gear of..

Ross Winans

Baltimore, MD
pibus steps...

William H. Hoyt..

New York, N. Y.
Oinnibus drivers, registers for.

Ira B Person and Joel L. Brockett. Baltimore, Md.

James Webster.

Leicester, England

June 17, 1851.

7, 1851.
Dec. 2, 1851.
May 27, 1851.
Aug. 19, 1851.
Nov. 4, 1851; English

palent, Feir. 11, 1851.
May 20, 1851
June 10, 1851.
July 15, 1851.
July 22, 1851.

[blocks in formation]

Nov. 4, 1851.
June 3, 1851.
Nov. 18, 1751.
Dec. 2, 1851.
Jan. 14, 1851.
Mar. 11, 1851.
Dec. 2, 1851.
April 1, 1851.

Springs, carriage.

Levi Bissell. Springs, carriage..

Chauncy H. Guard....

Gustavus L. Haussknecht.
Springs, carriage.
Springs, carriage.

M. G. Hubbard.
Springs, carriage.

Levi Bissell, assignor to Levi Bissell

and Lyman Kinsley.
Switch, for railroads, self-adjusting and locking . John C. Past
Switch, railroad.

David F. Phillips..
Switches, railroad.

William N. Raines.
Tres, for railroad car wheels

Theodore T. Abbott.
Trucks, connecting with car bodies.

Thomas P. Howe.
Trucks, railroail car

Benjamin Hinkley
Wheels and axles, connecting and disconnecting.. Simeon Heywood.
Wheels, car, machinery for making wrought iron. Maria Vaughn, administratrix of James

C. Vaughn, deceased, assignor to

James C. Bell and R. Chr stie, jr.
Wheels, cast-iron car

George R. McFarlane..
Wheels, cast-iron car

P. G. Gardiner
Wheels, cast-iron car ........

Thomas J. Eddy
Wheels, cast-iron car ....

Benjamin Severson
Wheels, cast-iron car ..

Isaac Vankuran.
Wheels, cast-iron car ...

Albert Hebbard.
Wheels, railroad car

Nehemiah Hodge
Wheels, spring carriage.

John Lamb and Charles H. Root..
Wheels to axles, method of securing

Junius Foster and David Marsh, assign

ors to J. Foster....

[blocks in formation]

V.- Classified list of patents, &c.—Continued.

Class XI.- Hydraulics and pneumatics, including water wheels, wind mills, and other implements operated on by air or

water, or employed in raising or delivering fluids.


Class XII.Lever, screw, and mechanical power, as applied to pressing, weighing, raising, and moving weights.


Date of patent.

Inventions or discoveries


James W. Osgood.
Charles W. Stearn
Erastus Stebbins.
William Fields, jr.
John Osborn..
Richard F. Stevens.
John B. Collian.
James Hardie ....
Nelson Newman

Coupling, compound for hose or pipe.
Faucets or gates, molasses ....
Hydraulic ram......
Hydraulic rams, operating the waste gates in..
Liquids, apparatus for drawing and measuring.
Pipes, lead, machines, nozzle for.......
Propellers of machinery to be used in currents..
Pumps for elevating water mixed with mineral

Pumps for raising water, &c.
Pumps, rotary.
Pumpis, rotary.
Valves, shields for..
Water, apparatus for raising and carrying.
Watering cattle, apparatus for
Water metres.
Water metres.
Water wheels...
Water wheels, over shot.

William Ball.,
J. F. Flanders
J. Stuart Gwynne.
Phineas Bennett
Alexander Fimason.
James D. Willoughby
S. W. Wood...
John Ericsson
John Ericsson
James L. Parker
Edmund Sheetz.

Inventions or discoveries.


Jacks, lifting
Jacks, lıf ing

Bolivar Newbury..
James St. John

Catskill, N. Y.
New York, N. Y

May 27, 1851. July 8, 1851,


Oil presses.
Presses, drop...
Press, portal ile hydraulic.
Prosvs, self-acting
Presses, se f-ac ing, cheese.
Weighing carts
Weighing machine for grain, self.

David L. Latourette.
Milo Peck.
Richard Dudgeon
William Moore...
Bethuel Gillett and Lyman Allis.
A. B. Livingston.
William Biddle.

St. Louis, Mo...
New Haven, Conn.
New York, N. Y..
Belleville, Richland co., Ohio.
Windsor, Hartford co., Conn.
Poriland, Fountain co., Ind.
Lafayette, Ind..

Oct. 28, 1851.
Nov. 25, 1851.
July 8, 1851.
Sept. 30, 1851.
Aug. 26, 1851.
Sept. 30, 1851.
May 27, 1851.

Class XIII.- Grinding mills and mill gearing, including grain mills, mechanical movements, and horse-powers.

Bolting flour, apparatus for
Boxes and axl s for saving oil..
Bran uusters.
Bran dusters.

Bran dusters.
Corn sheller.
Flouring apparatus..
Flour bolts.........
G'inders, method of forming teeth upon cast iron
Hors -powers .......
Mills, cider.
Mills, cider..
Mills for grinding corn and cobs
Milis for grinding paints and drugs.
Mills for grinding and bolting
Mils, grinding
Millstones, dressing
Millstones, dressing
Millstones, finishing and balancing

V.--Classified list of patents, Sc.—Continued.

[blocks in formation]


Motion, changing a reciprocating into a rotary... Joseph Harris, jr.
Niotion, mode of changing reciprocating into rotary J V. Strait.
Oil cups for journal boxes..

Aaron Richardson.
Power, g.verors..

Junius Judson..
Smut machines

Jehu Hollingsworth.
Smut machines

Nelson Platt.

Binghampton, N. Y.; Rochester, N. Y.
Boston, Mass.
Litchfield, Ohin..
Bellows Falls, Vt
New York, N. Y.
Zanesville, Ohio
Ottawa, Ill......

Cept. 16, 1851.
Jan. 14, 1851.
July 22, 1851.
July 29, 1851.
Mar. 4, 1851.
April 22, 1851.
May 20, 1851.

Class XIV.-Lumber, including machines and tools, for preparing and manufacturing, such as sawing, planing, mor

tising, shingle and staves, carpenters' and coopers' implements.

Inventions or discoveries.



Date of patent.


Ransom Cook
Augurs, &c., to their handles, means of attaching Merritt S. Brooks...
Biring holes in posts, machines for.

Thrs. T. Strode .
Grooving lumber, machines for..

B Holly and Jno. W. Wheeler..
Guages used in turning.

C. R. Hurlbut.
Irregular forms, machines for turning.

Jonathan Russell.
Irregular forms, machines for turning.

Philo S. Beers.
Irregular forms, machirery for turning.

Abner Lane

T. R. Bailey
Lathes, chucks for...

Thos. J. Eddy, administrator of Jos.

Lath machines.

William Merril
Lath machines..

G W. Tolhurst
Lathes, securing pinions, &c, of watches in. J. H. Bottom.
Mandrels, expanding..

Walter Sherwood.

Saratoga Springs, N. Y.
Chester, Middlesex county,

Coatsville, Chester county, Pa.
Seneca Falls, N. Y
Rushford, N. Y...
Philadelphia, Pa.
Hampden, Conn.
Killingsworth, Conn.
Lockport, N. Y
Troy, Rensselaer county, N. Y
Randolph, Portage county, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
New York, N. Y
Providence, R. I.

June 17, 1851.
Oct. 28, 1851.
Dec. 2, 1851.
July 8, 1851.
Sept. 9, 1851.
Jan. 1, 1851.
Feb. 18, 1851.
Feb. 25, 1851.
July 1, 1851.

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Dec. 9, 1851.
Sept. 23, 1851.
Dec. 9, 1851.
Ju'y 15, 1851.
Dec. 2, 1851.

[blocks in formation]

Philadelphia, Pa..

Dec. 23, 1851.
Boston, Mass.

Jan. 1, 1851.
Old Town, Penobscot county, Me.

Supt. 2, 1851.
Morean, N. Y

May 27, 1851.
Orangeburg, dist. of Orangeburg, S. C. S-pt. 31, 1851.
Cincinnati, Ohio..

Feb. 18, 1851.

Matches, machinery for making.

Ira H. Smith, assignor to Lemuel D.

Smith Mitre boxes.

Mathew Spear.......
Planes, hand..

Benjamin F. Bee
Plan ng machines

Daniel H. Southworth.
Paning machines

John D. Beers and Isaac Winslow
Pianing machines

Rufus Bixly, Cyrus Bixly, and John

Planing machines

Geo. W. Beardslee..
Planing machines

Nelson Barlow..
Planing machines

George W. Beardslee..
Planing mathines, cutters for

Jas M. Patton and Wm. F. Fergus,

assignos to John C. Da Costa
Planing machines for dressing the edges of boards. William E. Cornell, .
Saw filing machine....

Thomas M. Chapman...
Saw-filing machinery, vice-jaw fir..

George W. Putnam... for sawing and smoothing boards.

George F. Woolston.

Isaac Straub

L muel Hedge, assignor to George W.

Saw milis..

Martin Rich
Saw-mills, feeding logs in.

Charles Ketchum.
Sawing machines...

Pearson Crosby
Saws, &c., machinery for hardening and straight-

Henry Waterman

Elijah S. Holkins..

Hiram Strait.
Saw set vice

William Hinds...
Saws, teeth of..

George F. Woolston.
Saw-mills, setting logs in.

John W. Robbins.
Sawing vo utes, machine for.

Elijah Whiten.
Shingle machines.

Franklin Skinner
Shingles, machines for dressing

Seymour Carver.
Splint machines

Henry Mellish.
Splini machines

Lewis L. Gilliland.
S'aves dressing machine..

William Hawkins..
Stave jointing machines..

Daniel Draw bough.
Staves, mach nes for dressing.

Lewis S. Chichester..
Saves, machines for jointing..

William McGuire.. Staves, machines for sawing and dressing.

Dennison Woodcock, Slaves, machines fur j iinting...

Lewis S. Chichester.

Brooklyn, N. Y.
Fairfield, Wis
Pen Yan, Yates county, N. Y
Fredonia, N. Y......

April 22, 1851.
May 13, 1851.
Dec. 9, 1851.
April 8, 1851.

Williamsburg, N. Y

May 27, 1851.
Painesville, Ohio.

April 8, 1851.
Covington, Ky.

April 8, 1851.
Cooperatown, N. Y.

July 1, 1-51.
Orangeburg, S. C....

Mar. 11, 1851.
Campden, Ohio......

April 14, 1851.
Hingham, Plymouth county, Mass Sept. 30, 1351.
Dunkirk, Chatauque county, N. Y.

Nov. 25, 1851.
Geneva, Ill...

June 17, 1851.
Walpole, N. H

April 1, 1851.
Dayton, Ohio.

April 29, 1851.
Milwaukie, Wis.

July 22, 1851.
While Hill P. O., Cumberland cn., Pa. Nov. 11, 1851.
Williamsburg, Long Is'and, N. Y. Nov. 4, 1851.
Cincinnati, Ohin...

Jan. 7, 1851.
Independence Centre, N. Y..

July 15, 1851.
Williamsburg, King's county, N. Y... Aug. 12, 1851.

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