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CLASS VI.-Steam and gas engines, including boilers and furnaces therefor, and parts thereof.

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V.-Classified list of patents, &c.—Continued.

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Boilers, steam, insulated fusible plug for.
Boilers, steam, water gauge for..

Boiler tubes, &c., spring expanding guage for....
Crank indicator, arrangement of machinery for
actuating the.
Cut-off, adjustable.
Cut-off, gear..

Cut-off, variable, regulated by the governor.
Engine, air..



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Engines, apparatus for regulating the speed of...
Engines, carbonic acid gas..
Engines, in which compressed air or other gas,
heated and expanded by admixture therewith
of a heated fluid, is used as the motive agent.
Engines, valve for oscillating..
Equalizers or power regulators
Gauge for indicating pressure of stram, &c..
Indicator, water level, for steam boilers,.


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CLASS VII.-Navigation and maritime implements, comprising all vessels for conveyance on water, their construction, rigging, and propulsion, diving dresses, life-preservers, &c.

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J. S. Stover

Erwenna, Bucks co., Pa..

Henry G. Thompson..
William Mt. Stoim
James A. Cutting..

New York, NY.
Troy, N. Y.
Philadelphia, Pa.

Rich'd. F. Loper & John W. Nystrom. Philadelphia, Pa.
Frederick P. Dimpfel..
Francis B. Stevens.

New York, N. Y..
New York, N. Y.

Samuel H. Gilman.

Cincinnati, O..

Rudder, balanced.

Rudders, method of operating.



William H. Rryan.....

John R St. John, assignor to James
Renwick, Geo. T. Barnard, and E
B St. John, trustees of the St. John
Compass and Log Company.

A. A. Wilder.
Charles F. Brown.
Ambrose W Thompson..
Gaspard Malo.

Charles Frederick Fisher.
John C. fr. Salomon.


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Nov. 11, 1851.

4, 1851.
Feb. 4, 1851.
May 6, 1851.
April 15, 1851.
July 1, 1851.
Mar. 25, 1851.

Jan. 1, 1851.

Chandos Hoskins...
Charles F. Brown.

New Orleans, La.
Warren, R. I

Thos. H. Mortimer & Jas. M. Gardner. Charleston, S. C..

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V.-Classified list of patents, &c.-Continued.

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Brooklyn, N. Y.; New York, N. Y.

Prooklyn, N. Y.
Pittsburg, Pa
Boston, Mass.
New York, N. Y.

CLASS VIII.-Mathematical, philosophical, and optical instruments, including clocks, chronometers, Sc.

Troy, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa

Date of patent.

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Sept. 9, 1851.
Feb. 4, 1851.
Aug. 19, 1851.
Sept. 23, 1851.
Oct. 21, 1851.
Feb. 18, 1851.

[blocks in formation]

Philadelphia, Pa.
Philadelphia, Pa
New York, N. Y
Macon, Bibb county, Georgia.
Louisville, Kentucky

Lynn, Essex county, Mass.
Baltimore, Md...

Lambertville, Hunterdon county, N. J. Sept. 30, 1951.

July 1, 1851.
Oct. 14, 1851.
Oct. 14, 1851.21
Oct. 14, 1851.

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Inventions or discoveries.

Blasting rocks.

Buildings, iron connexion for the beams and columns of.

Buildings, metallic, construction of.

Bridge, counter-braces, adjusting the effective
length of..

Bridge trusses, arrangement of arches in..

Bridges, the construction of.

Drilling apparatus, steam.
Excavating, machines..
Fences, flexible
Fences, hurdle.
Fence iron


Fence, sod, machine for making.
Frog-guard, self-acting.

Gates, apparatus for opening and closing.
Pavements, method of securing ranges of short
plank in..

Paving, &c., stone and metal, conglomerate for...


Railings, iron

Roofs, construction of.


CLASS IX.-Civil engineering and architecture, comprising works, rail and common roads, bridges, canals, wharfs, docks, rivers, wiers, dams, and other internal improvements, buildings, roofs, &c.



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Shutters for shop fron's

Vessels, method of raising sunken. (See class IX.) Window sashes. I


Alvan Clark.

Charles S. Bulkley.
Theodore Noel

[blocks in formation]

Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass..

Macon, Bibb county, Georgia..
Memphis, Tenn.

H. L. F. Gavett..

Chas A. Postley.
Enach Woolman.

[blocks in formation]

Owego, N. Y.
Rome, Ga..

Bennington, Wyoming county, N. Y.
Boston, Mass...........

Brookville, Brookville county, Ia.

Nov. 11, 1851.

Aug. 26, 1851. Dec. 2, 1851.

St Louis, Missouri.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Reading, Pa.
Reading, Pa.

Roxbury, Norfolk county, Mass.

July 15, 1851.
Jan. 7, 1851.
Sept. 2, 1851.

Mar. 11, 1851.
Oct. 21, 1851.

Jackson, Mich..

Lansingburg, Rensselaer county, N. Y. July 29, 1851.
Rushville, Ontario county, N. Y.
Dec 2, 1851.
New York, N. Y.
July 1, 1851.
Sept. 9, 1851.
June 24, 1851.

Spring Garden, Philadelphia, Pa.
Damascoville, Columbiana county, Ohio.

2, 1851.

Joseph E. Ware ........
Geo. H. Knight...
Sommers Crowell
John Krauser.
Francis Wilbar.

Charles Schofield and George J. John.. Albion, Ill.
James Root...
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sewall Short.

New London, Ct.

[blocks in formation]

Feb. 11, 1851.
April 1, 1851.
June 10, 1851.
April 15, 1851.
Aug. 12, 1851.
Feb. 11, 1851.
Aug. 5, 1851.

July 29, 1851.

V.-Classified list of patents, &c.—Continued.

CLASS X.-Land conveyance, comprising carriages, cars, and other vehicles used on roads, and parts thercof.

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Oliver N. French, assignor to O. N.
French and Eb. Stevens.

New London, Ct.
Monroe, Mich.

Robert Levington..

Baltimore, Md.

Har. Hibbard, ass'r to Jar. A. Hibbard Henrietta, N. Y.
Sils M. Cockran
Francis A. Stevens.
Laurence Myers
George Winters.
Lorenzo D. Livermore.

Burlington, Chittenden co., Vt.
Philadelphia, Pa..
Portsmouth, Dauphin county. Pa.
Hartland, Windsor county, Vt.



William Nebinger
Thomas A. Davies.

Rickason Stillwell and E. L. Brun-

Ezekiel Booth and Ezra Ripley.
Ezra Ripley and E. L. Brundage.
John Jones....

[blocks in formation]


Jos. H. Moore and Wm. P. Parrott.

John L. Allen...
A. W. Johnston
A. M. Billings

Jos B. & S Wilson.
William R. Jones.

Sharpsburg, Washington county, Md..
New York, N. Y.

New York, N. Y.; Troy, N. Y.
Troy, N. Y.
Troy, N Y..
Clyde, N. Y..
Phelps, N. Y

Alden. N. Y.

Date of patent.

New Haven, Ct...
Madison, Madison county, N. Y.
Clyde, Wayne county, N. Y..
Clyde, Wayne county, N. Y......
Franklinville, Cattaraugus co.. N. Y.
West Turin, Lewis county, N. Y...
Boston, Mass.
New Haven, Ct...
St. George's, Del.

Claremont, N. H.
Townsend's Inlet, N. J

[blocks in formation]

April 22, 1851.
Nov. 11, 1851.
Dec. 9, 1851.
Jan. 14, 1851.
May 27, 1851.
May 27, 1851.
Dec. 16, 1851.
Dec. 23, 1851.
July 22, 1851.
July 22, 1851.
Dec. 2, 1851.
July 1, 1851.
Dec. 2, 1851.
Jan. 14, 1851.
Nov. 11, 1851.
Jan. 14, 1851.
Feb. 25, 1851.

Granville, Washington county, N. Y.. July 22, 1851.

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