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V.-Classificd list of patents, fc.-Continued.

Class VI.- Stcam and gas cngines, including boilers and furnaces therefor, and parts thereof.


Date of patent.

Kensington, Pa...

Nov. 25, 1851.

Canton, O
Reading, Pa..
Warren, Pa...
Rising Sun, Ohio co
Philadelphia, Pa.

May 13, 1851.
March 4, 1851.
June 17, 1851.
Oct. 7, 1851.
Feb. 18, 1851.


New York, N. Y.
Boston, Mass.
New York, N. Y.
Reading, Pa.....

July 15, 1851.
Feb. 18, 1851.
Aug. 12, 1851.
July 29, 1851.

Oswegarchic, N. Y.
Cincinnati, O.....
Providence, R. 1.
New York, N. Y.
New York, N. Y.

June 3, 1851.
Mar. 18, 1851.
July 299, 1851.
Mar. 4, 1851.
Nov. 4. 1851; in Eng-

land, December 26th,

Oct. 21, 1851.
Dec. 9, 1851.

Inventions or discoveries,


J. & J. J. G. Collins.

George Faber.
Bernard 0. Neill.
Charles Anderson.
Wiliam Scott..
Thomas Champion

Boilers, apparatus for steam.
Bilers, &c., steam apparatus for indicating the

height of water in.
Boilers, method of tracing the water spaces of
Boilers, revolving.
Boilers, revolving....
Bojler, steam, annular.
Boilers, steam, arrangement of the flues and

water spaces of....
Boilers, steam, insulated fusible plug for
Bilers, steam, water gauge for....
Boiler iubes, &r., spring expanding guage for.
Crank indicator, arrangement of machinery for

actuating the
Cut-off, adjustable.
Cut-off, gear......
Cut-off, variable, regulated by the governor.
Engine, air...

William E. Milligan...
E. H. Ashcroft..
A. 8. Lyman..
James McCarty.

Samuel B. Hutchins.
Samuel H. Gilman..
George H. Corliss..
Henry Waterman.
John Ericsson.........

H. A. Lutógens
Jno. C. Fr. Salomon........

New York, N. Y
Cincinnati, o,

Engines, apparatus for regulating the speed of..
Engines, carbonic acid gas...
Engines, in which compressed air or other gas,

heated and expanded by admixture therewith

of a heated Anid, is used as the motive agent.
Engines, valve for oscillaring.
Equal zors or power regulatois
Gauge for indicating pressure of stram, &c..
Indicator, water level, for steam boilers..

Wm. Mt. Storm.
William M. Smith..
Alfred Gregory.
George Faber
Albert H. Judd.....

Troy, Rensselaer co., N. Y.
Georgetown, D. C..
Brooklyn, N. Y...
Canton, Stark co., Ohio.
Marinetown, Ill..

Sept. 23, 1851.
Nov. 25, 1851.
Sept. 9, 1851.
Sept. 16, 1851.
Aug. 5, 1851.

Nov. 11, 1851.


4, 1851. Feb. 4, 1851. May 6, 1851. April 15, 1851. July 1, 1851. Mar. 25, 1851.

Jan. 1, 1851.

Class VII.-Navigation and maritime implements, comprising all vessels for conveyance on water, their construction,

rigging, and propusion, diving dresses, life-preservers, fc.

Date of patent.

May 6, 1851; in Europe

Dec. 27, 1250.
Jan. 21, 1851.
June 17, 1851.
Jan. 21, 1851.
Nov. 18, 1851.
Oct. 7, 1851.
Dec. 2, 1851.

J. S. Stover

Erwenna, Bucks co., Pa..

Kilns, grain..
Packing of rotary engines, method of adjusting

Powrr, motive, method of obtaining.
Steam enginee....
Steam engine, arrangement of the..
Valves, balanced.
Valve side, method of connecting the, with the

rock. haft.

Henry G. Thompson.

New York, NY.
William Mt. Storm

Troy, N. Y.
James A. Culting..

Philadelphia, Pa.
Rich'd. F. Loper & John W. Nysirom. Philadelphia, Pa.
Freder ck P. Dimpfel.

New York, N. Y
Francis B. Stevens.

New York, N. Y

Samuel H. Giiman.

Cincinnati, O..

Inventions or discoveries.



Boats to facilitate the discharge of cargo, and fil

tings for.

Georgetown, D. C.

July 29, 1851.

Hand log

William H. Rryan...
John R St. John, assignor to Jamps

Renwick, Geo. T. Barnard, and E
B St. John, trusters of the Si. John
Compass and Lng Company........

New York, NY

Lee-way indicator..
Masts and spars, telescopic connection of
Propeller screw
Propeller, the endless chain.
Projelling and steering, apparatus for.
Rudder, apparalus for relieving the helmsman

from the shock of.
Rudder, balanced..
Rudders, method of operating.

A. A. Wilder.
(Charles F. Brown.
Ambrose W Thompson.
Gaspard Malo.
Charles Frederick Fisher.
John C. fr. Salomon

Detroit, Michigan.
Warren, R. I.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Dunkirk, France.
New Orleans, La..
Cincinnati, O...

Chandos Hoskins..

New Orleans, La.
Charles F. Brown.

Warren, R. I
Thos. H. Mortimer & Jas. M. Gardner. Charleston, S. C...

May 13, 1851.
June 10, 1851.
Nov. 25, 1851; French

patent dated Jan. 11, 1851.

V.- Classified list of patents, fc.-Continued.


Date of patent.

New York, N. Y.
Abijah S. Hosley

New York, N. Y.
Amos J. Sexton and Wm. Ennis. Brooklyn, N. Y.; New York, N. Y.
Thomas G. Boone.

Boston, Mass.
John R St. John, assignor to James New York, N. Y.

Sept. 9, 1851.

4, 1851.
Avg. 19, 1851.
Sept. 23, 1851.
Oct. 21, 1851.
Feb. 18, 1851.
Jan. 14, 1851.
In Europe, Dec. 27,

1850 ; in U. States,
May 13, 1851.

April 29, 1851. Sept. 2, 1851.

Class VIII.-Mathematical, philosophiral, and optical instruments, including clocks, chronometers, fc.


Date of patent.

Inventions or discoveries.


Sails, method of making
Ships, light.....
Ships, model, measurer
Ships, ventilating
Ships' winches.
Steering apparatus.
Velocimeters, aquatic, method of supporting the

vanes of.

Eli F. South ward

Welfleet, Mass
Leonard Goc Jrich....

Prooklyn, N. Y.
Philip Rhoades, jr.

Pilisburg, Pa
Joseph E. Andrews..

Renwick, Gro. T. Barnard, E. B.
St. John, trustees of the St. John

Compass and Log Company.
Wm. Mi, Storms..

Troy, N. Y.
William Irwin,

Philadelphia, Pa

Vessels, flexible hose or float for supporting.
Vessels, method of raising suuken.

Inventions or discoveries.


Calculating interest, rules for..
Sam. S. Young, ass’r to John R. Stephens Eaton, Ohio

Sept. 2, 1851.
Calculating machines..

John W. Nystrom..
Philadelphia, Pa

Mar. 4, 1851.
Electro magnetic engines..

Jacob Neff.
Philadelphia, Pa

Jan. 7, 1851.
Electro magnetic engli e3.

Thomas C. Avery
New York, N. Y

Feb. 25. 1851.
Electro magnetic telegraphs, circuit changes for.. Charles S Bulkley.

Macon, Bibb county, Georgia. Sept. 2, 1851.
Escapemenis for time pieces.

James Fulton
Louisville, Kentucky


7, 1851,
Lightning.lode, insuliiors for.

George W. Otis
Lynn, E-sex county, Mass

Aug. 26, 1851.
Poles, machines for climbing.

Henry D. Chapman.
Baltimore, Md.

Mar. 11, 1851.
Plotting scales......

Lemuel H. Parsons.

Lambertville, Hunterdon county, N. J. Sept. 30, 1-51.
Spectacle frames

John P. Paine
Worcester, Mass

July 1, 1851,
Telegraph wires, insulators for.

John M. Batchelder.
Cambridge, Mass.

Oct. 14, 1851.
Telegraph wires, insulators for...

Zonas C. Robins..
Washington, DC

Oct. 14, 1851,
Telegraph wires, insulators for.

John Yandell.
St. Louis, Mo...

Oct. 14, 1851,

[blocks in formation]

Class IX.-Civil engineering and architecture, comprising works, rail and common roads, bridges, canals, wharfs, docks,

rivers, wiers, dams, and other internal improvements, buildings, roofs, &c.



Date of patent.

[blocks in formation]

Charles Monson
Buildirgs, iron connexion for the beams and col-
lumns of.....

Joseph Banks..
Buildings, metallic, construction of.

Simon Willard
Bridge, counter-braces, adjusting the effective
lengih of...

D. C. McCallam
Bridge trusses, arrangement of arches in.

Cunninghain M. Pennington.
Bridges, the construction of.

Edwin Stanley
Drilling apparatus, steam

Joseph W. Fowle...
Excavating, machines.

Benjamin W. Remy.
Fences, flexible

Mathias P. Coons.
Fences, hurdle.

Cyrus C. Cole.
Fence , iron

J. B. Wickersham
Fence, sod, machine for making.

H. L. F. Gayeit..
Frog-guard, self-acting.

Chas A. Postley.
Gales, apparatus for opening and closing.

Enach Woolman.
Pavemenis, method of securing ranges of short
plarik in.

Joseph E. Ware .........
Paving, &c., stone and metal, conglomerate for... Geo. H. Knight.

Sommers Crowell
Railings, iron

John Kranser.
Klors, construction of

Francis Wilbar

Charles Schofield an: George J. John.
Shutters for shop fron's

James Root...
Windowi sashed. So

Sewall Short.

Telegraphs, means for obviating difficuluies aris-

ing fiom defective insulation.
Watches, winding

Inventions or discoveries.

Blisting rocks

Owego, N. Y.

July 15, 1851.
Rome, Ga.


7, 1831.
Bennington, Wyoming county, N. Y. Sept. 2, 1851.
Boston, Mass.

Mar. 11, 1851.
Brookville, Brookville county, la. Oct. 21, 1851.
Lansingburg, Rensselaer county, N. Y. July 29, 1851.
Rushville, Ontario coiinty, N. Y.

Dec 2, 1851.
New York, N. Y.


1, 1851.
Jackson, Mich...

Sept. 9, 1851.
Spring Garden, Philadelphia, Pa. June 24, 1851.
Damascoville, Columbiana county, Ohio. Dec. 2, 1831.

St Louis, Missouri.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Reading, Pa.
Reading, Pa..
Roxbury, Norfolk county, Mass.
Albion, lil.
Cincinnati, Ohio........

Feb. 11, 1851.
April 1, 1851.
June 10, 1851.
April 15, 1851.
Aug. 12, 1851.
Feb. 11, 1851.
Aug. 5, 1851.

werelos, method of raising sunk,n. (See class 14.)

New London, Ct...

July 29, 1851.


V.- Classified list of patents, foc.—Continued.

Axles, boxes for journals for railroad cars. Oliver N. French, assignor to 0. N.

French and Eb. Stevens......
New London, Ct..

July 15, 1851.
Axle boxes, for railroad cars.

Robert Levington..
Monroe, Mich.

Oct. 14, 1851.
Buggy tops
Har. Hibbard, ass'r to Jar. A. Hibbard Henrietta, N. Y..

July 15, 1851.
Car couplings

Silis M. Cockran
Ballimore, Md.

Jan. 1, 1851.
Car brake, railroad..

Francis A. Stevens.
Burlington, Chittenden co., Vt.

Nov. 25, 1851.
Cars, for transportation of coal.

Laurence Myers
Philadelphia, Pa....

June 24, 1851.
Cars, railroad, coupling.

George Winiers....

Portsmouth, Dauphin county. Pa.. Sept. 16, 1851.
Cars, railroad, c-uplıy.

Lorenzo D. Livermore

Hartland, Windsor county, Vt. Nov. 11, 1851.
Cais, railroad, excluding dust from. (See class V.)
Cars, railroad, running-gear of.

William Nehinger

Sharpsburg, Washington county, Md.. Oct. 21, 1951.
Cars, railroad, running-guar of.

Thomas A. Davies..
New York, N. Y....

Dec. 9, 1851.
Car seats...

Rickason Stillwell and E. L. Brun-

New York, N. Y.; Troy, N. Y. April 22, 1851.
Car seats.

Ezekiel Booth and Ezra Ripley.
Troy, N. Y.

Nov. 11, 1851.
Ezra Ripley and E. L. Brundage.

Troy, N Y..
Car seats.

Dec. 9, 1851.

John Jones.
Clyde, N. Y.

Jan. 14, 1851.

James C. Spencer.
Phelps, N. Y

May 27, 1851.

George B. Durkee.
Alden. N. Y

May 27, 1851.

Gustavus L. Haussknecht.
New Haven, Ct....

Dec. 16, 1851.

Lewis King

Madison, Madison county, N. Y Dec. 23, 1851.
Carriage bodies, hanging.

John Jones..
Clyde, Wayne county, N. Y.

July 22, 1851.
Carriage bodies, hanging

John Jones.

Clyde, Wayne county, N. Y....... July 22, 1851.
Carriage perches..

Lewis E. Stillwell.

Franklinville, Cattaraugus co., N. Y. Dec. 2, 1851.
Carriages, railroad, running-gear of.

Daniel W. Eames..

West Turin, Lewis county, N. Y.. July 1, 1851.
Carriages, steam, for railways
Jos. H. Moore and Wm. P. Parrott. Boston, Mass...

Dec. 2, 1851.
Carriage tops, raising.

John L. Allen......
New Haven, Ct....

Jan. 14, 1851.
Felloes, bending

A. W. Johnston
St. George's, Del..

Nov. 11, 1851.
Huhs and axles, connecting and disconnecting A. M. Billings

Claremont, N. H...

Jan. 14, 1851. Hu'is and axles, applying friction roilers to. Jos B. & S Wilson,

Townsend's Inlet, N. J..

Feb. 25, 1851. Hubs, for boxes, machine for preparing......... William R. Jones,

Granville, Washington county, N. Y.. July 22, 1851.

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