Lapas attēli

Fulling vegetable and other textures, chemical

[blocks in formation]

Oakenshaw, Lancaster co., England.... Aug. 19, 1851 ; in Eng

and, Oct, 24, 1850. Marshall, Mo...

May 27, 1851.
Springfield, Hampden co., Mass..... July 15, 1851.

Hemp brakes..
Hemp, &c., machines for dressing Sissal..
Hemp and flax, machines for breaking and re-

ducing the length of the fibres.
Hemp and flax, machine for scutching and

Looms, cylinders for figuring................

Jas. S. Treat and Stephen Randall... Voluntown, Windham co., Conn....... Sep. 16, 1851.
Owen W. Grimes...
Paducah, Ky....

Sep. 23, 1851.
John Blanc.
New Orleans, La....

June 24, 1851.
John Scott and John Tannahill.
Philadelphia, Pa.....

Mar. 18, 1851.
John Pepper, assignor to Charles War-
ren and H. G. Sanford....
Portsmouth, N. H., and Boston, Mass.. Feb. 25, 1851; antedated

Aug. 25, 1850.
Rufus Ellis, assignor to W. M. Chase. Boston, Mass.

July 17, 1851.
John H. Barsantie...
Portsmouth, N. H.

June 29, 1851.
John Pepper, assignor to Hosea Crane,
John Pepper and J. G. Crane........ Portsmouth, N. H.

June 24, 1851.
Eliakin M. Hastings and John Shep-
Jamestown, N. Y..

Mar. 18, 1851.
Cyrus Baldwin, assignor to “ Stark
Manchester, N. H.

Dec. 2, 1851; antedated

Aug. 30, 1851.
M. C. Bryant..
Lowell, Mass....

Aug. 5, 1851.
Erastus B. Bigelow.
Clinton, Mass.......

Jan. 14, 1851.
John Johnson, assignor to E. Johnson. Troy, N. Y..

Aug. 5, 1851.
Shelden Northrop......
New Milford, Conn..


1, 1851.
Erastus B. Bigelow..
Clintonville, Mass....

Jan. 7, 1851.
Isaac H. Garretson.
Clay, Iowa...

Feb. 16, 1851.
Erastus B. Bigelow.
Clinton, Mass....

Mar. 18, 1851.
Enoch Burt...
Manchester, Conn...

Feb. 4, 1851.
George W. Perry..

Thompson, Windham co., Conn....... Nov. 11, 1851.
George J Wardwell.
Hanover, Oxford co , Maine...

Aug. 5, 1851.
William Brewer and John Smith. Ma!come place, Clapham, Eng.; South-

ville, South Lambeth, England. Mar. 4, 1851; in Eng.

land, Feb. 12, 1849. Geo. West. Tyringham, Mass..

Aug. 19, 1851. William 0. Grover and W. E. Baker.. Boston, Mass.; Roxbury, Mass... Feb. 11, 1851. W. H. Aikins and J. D. Felthousen... Ithaca, N. Y

Aug. 5, 1851. Isaac M. Singer.. New York, N. Y.

Aug. 12, 1851.

Looms for weaving cut pile fabrics
Looms for weaving piled fabrics..
Looms for weaving piled fabrics.
Looms for weaving seamless bags..
Looms for weaving tapestry carpets with parti-
Looms, hand.
Looms, Jacquard, for weaving cut pile fabrics..
Looms, power, fancy check..
Looms, shutile, motions of...
Looms, shuttle, motions of...
Paper moulds.........

process for.

Hemp, manufacture of, from okra.
Jacquard machines.......
Knitting machines...............

Knitting machines....
Knitting machines....
Knitting machines...

Looms for weaving bags.

colored warp

Pulp screws..
Sewing machines.........
Sewing machines.
Sewing machines..........................


V.- Classified list of patents, &c.—Continued.

Class IV.Chemical processes, manufactures and compounds, including medicine, dyeing, color making, distilling,

soup and candle making, mortars, cements, fc.

Inventions or discoveries.



Date of patent.

Acid and naptha from rosin, distilling.

L. S. Robins Alloys of iron, zinc and nickel..

Oris Boyden.
Bronze powder, processes of making

L. Branders..
Calico printing, material for transferring colors in. Charles A. Broquette..

New York, N. Y.
Newark, N. J....
New York, N. Y.

Nov. 4, 1851.
May 27, 1851.
Sep. 16, 1851.
April 15, 1851; France,

April 1, 1849.
June 3, 1851; in Ireland,

Dec. 3i, 1650.
Dec. 23, 1851.

[blocks in formation]
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V.Classified list of putents, fc.—Continued.

Class V.-Calorific, comprising lamps, fireplaces, stoves, grates, fnrnaces for heating buildings, cooking apparatus, pre

paration of fuel, &c.

Bagassee, machines for drying.

Samuel H. Gilman..
Cincinnati, Ohio..

Oct. 28, 1851.

James Manning
Middletown, Ct..

Jan. 1, 1851.

Francis A. Rockwell.
Ridgefield, Fairfield co., Ct

Dec. 16, 1851.
Charcoal, manufacture of.

W. P. McConnell..
Washington, D. C...

Nov. 4, 1851.
Chimney tops....:

Charles W. Russell.
Washington, D. C......

Dec. 16, 1851.
Dust, excluding from railroad cars..

Ed. Hamilton, assignor to N. Goodyear. Bridgeport, Ct.; New York, N. Y. May 27, 1851.
Dwellings, apparatus for warming air and water for. L. C. St. Johii.

Buffalo, N. Y.


7, 1851.
Fires, compound for extinguishing.

Joshua Upham.
Salem, Essex county, Mass..

Nov. 4, 1851.
Fireplace, reflecting.

Robert Jobson.
Near Dudley, England...

May 20, 1851; in Eng

land Dec. 28, 1848.
Fountain and evaporator combined..

George H. Thatcher.
Albany, N. Y..

July 22, 1851.
Furnaces, hot-air...

Samuel Pierce..
Troy, N. Y.....

May 20, 1851.
Furnaces, hot-air.

Joseph C. Treat..
East Hartford, Ct..

Aug. 5, 1851.
Furnaces, ventilating.

Henry Ruttan..
Coburg, Canada West...

In Canada Jan. 31, 1851;

in America May 20,51. Gas-burners, Argand...

John G. Webb...

Williamsburg, King's county, N. Y. Oct. 14, 1851.
Gas regulators.....

J. S. Conant.
Lowell, Mass.

Dec. 9, 1851.
Grate-bars, agitating.

A. D. Spoor.
Troy, N. Y.....

April 15, 1851.
Grates, stove..

H. J. Ruggles
West Poultney, Vt,

Nov. 18, 1851.
Grates, quadrant-hinged.

George H. Thatcher.
Albany, N. Y..

Aug. 5, 1851.
Lamps for burning vapor of benzole, &c. Chapman Warner.

Washington, D. C..

Oct. 14, 1851.
Lamps, lard....

Delamar Kinnear.....
Circleville, Ohio.

Feb. 4, 1851.
Lamps, self-acting blow.pipes.......

D. W. C. McCloskey..
New York, N. Y.

Aug. 26, 1851.
Lamps, solar, for burning lard or oils.

John G. Webb....

Williamsburg, King's county, N. Y... Oct. 14, 1851.
Lamps, street, reflectors for.

Hugh and James Sangster..
Buffalo, N. Y

Jan. 14, 1851.

Henry and James Sangster.
Buffalo, N. Y.

June 10, 1851.
Ovens, portable, elevated..

P. Killin.....
Mount Healthy, Ohio.

Oct 7, 1851.
Radiating surfaces..

J. K. Ingalls...
New York, N. Y.

Nov. 4, 1851.
Ranges, cooking.....

Nicholas Mason..
Roxbury, Mass.

Aug. 19, 1851. Ranges, cooking..

Moses Pond..... Boston, Mass.

Feb. 25, 1851.

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Steam traps..
Stoves, air-heating
Stoves, air-heating.
er Stoves, airtight, Franklin.
Stoves, coal..
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, cooking
Stoves, dairy....
Stoves, double oven......
Stoves, folding doors of.
Stoves, grate bar3...
Stoves, parlor, cooking.
Stoves, with portable ovens.
Ventilating and excluding dust from railroad cars.

Charles M. Guild and John Brown
George H. Thatcher.
Elihu Smith..
Gardner Chillson
Elisha Vance.....
Hale R. Rose..........
Gordon Williston
Charles A. Bogart. :
Rensselaer D. Granger
James Shields and Samuel Pierce.
Bachus A. Beardsley.
William Sours...
James Green and Rufus J. King.
Rufus K. Paine..
James J. Marsh..
Dennis J. Littlefield.
Charles W. Grannis.
Elias Young
Hosea H Huntly
Hosea H. Hunily.
George W. Carleton
Joel Števens & H. J. Ruggles..
C. Harris & P. W. Ziner..
James Root.
George W. Gardner.
N. A. Boynton..
George H. Thatcher
Ransom Cook ..
Thaicher C. Hatch.

New York, N Y...

May 20, 1851, Albany, N. Y.

Jan. 21, 185).
Albany, N Y....

Jan. 28, 1851.
Boston, Mass.

Sept. 16, 1851.
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Oct. 14, 1851.
Gui furd, Vi.

Nov. 18, 1851.
Charlestown, Mass.


14, 1851.
West Dresden, Yates county, N. Y.. Oct. 21, 1851.
Albany, N. Y.

Mar 11, 1851.
New York, N. Y.; Troy, N. Y.


7, 1851.
Waterville, N. Y

Feb. 4, 1851,
Mount Jackson, Va.

Feb. 25, 1851.
Dayton, Ohio.

Mar. 11, 1851.
Cincinnati, Ohio..

Anril 8, 1851.
Lewisburg, Pa...

April 15, 1851.
Lowell, Mass.

April 15, 1851.
Gowanda, N. Y..

April 22, 1851.
Cincinnati, Ohio..

June 17, 1851.
Cincinnati, Ohio..

Aug. 19, 1851.
Cincinnati, Ohio..

Nov. 25, 1851.
Brunswick, Cumherland coun‘y, Me... Nov. 25, 1851.
West Pouliney, Vt.

Oct. 23, 1851.
Cincinnati, Onio..

Sept. 2, 185).
Cincinati, Ohio.

Nov. 4, 1851.
Albany, N. Y.

Nov. 18, 1851.
Boston, Mass.

July 22, 1851.
Albany, N. Y....

July 29, 1851.
Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

Aug. 19, 1851. South Braintree, Mass.

June 17, 1851.

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