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Oakenshaw, Lancaster co., England.... Aug. 19, 1851; in Eng

and, Oct. 24, 1850.
May 27, 1851.
July 15, 1851.

Sep. 16, 1851.

Sep. 23, 1851.
June 24, 1851.
Mar. 18, 1851.

Geo. West...

William O. Grover and W. E. Baker..
W. H. Aikins and J. D. Felthousen...
Isaac M. Singer.....

.. ..

Marshall, Mo.......
Springfield, Hampden co., Mass....

Voluntown, Windham co., Conn....

M. C. Bryant...

Erastus B. Bigelow.....

John Johnson, assignor to E. Johnson. Troy, N. Y.

Shelden Northrop........

Paducah, Ky........
New Orleans, La.....
Philadelphia, Pa......


Boston, Mass....
Portsmouth, N. H.

Portsmouth, N. H.

Jamestown, N. Y...

Manchester, N. H..

Lowell, Mass....
Clinton, Mass...

Portsmouth, N. H., and Boston, Mass.. Feb. 25, 1851; antedated

Aug. 25, 1850. July 17, 1851. June 29, 1851.

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New Milford, Conn..

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June 24, 1851.

Mar. 18, 1851.

Dec. 2, 1851; antedated
Aug. 30, 1851.
Aug. 5, 1851.
Jan. 14, 1851.
Aug. 5, 1851.
Jan. 1, 1851.

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Inventions or discoveries.

V.-Classified list of patents, &c.—Continued.

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L. S. Robins Otis Boyden.. L. Branders..

Acid and naptha from rosin, distilling..
Alloys of iron, zinc and nickel...
Bronze powder, processes of making
Calico printing, material for transferring colors in. Charles A. Broquette..


Henry Bessemer..

Cane juice, machine for expressing. Candle making, apparatus for.

Willis Humiston.

CLASS IV.-Chemical processes, manufactures and compounds, including medicine, dyeing, color making, distilling, soup and candle making, mortars, cements, &c.


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V.-Classified list of patents, &c.—Continued.

CLASS V.-Calorific, comprising lamps, fireplaces, stoves, grates, furnaces for heating buildings, cooking apparatus, pre

paration of fuel, &c.

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Cincinnati, Ohio...
Middletown, Ct.....
Ridgefield, Fairfield co., Ct.
Washington, D. C......
Washington, D. C......

Samuel H. Gilman.
James Manning.
Francis A. Rockwell..
W. P. McConnell.
Charles W. Russell.
Ed. Hamilton, assignor to N. Goodyear. Bridgeport, Ct.; New York, N. Y..... May 27, 1851.

Oct. 28, 1851.
Jan. 1, 1851.
Dec. 16, 1851.
Nov. 4, 1851.
Dec. 16, 1851.

Buffalo, N. Y....

Oct. 7, 1851.
Nov. 4, 1851.

May 20, 1851; in Eng-
land Dec. 28, 1848.

July 22, 1851.
May 20, 1851.
Aug. 5, 1851.

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In Canada Jan. 31, 1851; in America May 20, '51. Oct. 14, 1851.

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