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letters patent, is the sliding gauge hinge boxes attached to the pads, so as to adjust the width of the saddle by the screws, substantially as described.

I also claim the manner of attaching the sliding gauge hinge boxes to the pads by means of the housing between them and the top of the pad, and the set screws passing through the plate, f, and top of the pads, substantially as herein set forth.


No. 8611.-Improvement in method of hanging Window Sashes.

I am aware that strips, acted upon by springs, have been placed in grooves in window sashes, and also in grooves in the casing for acting on the sashes, for the purpose of excluding air and for sustaining the sashes, when raised, in place of weights, and therefore I wish it to be understood that I do not claim the said arrangements as any part of my invention; but what I do claim as my invention, and desire to secure. by letters patent, is the manner, herein described, of arranging and securing window sashes in their frames by means of grooves, c, c, in the sides (C) of the window frame (or casing) that receives the edges of the sashes, (or by projections from the sides of said frame, or casing, that fit it into grooves in the edges of the sashes,) and by making one or both sides of the window frame or casing movable and elastic by means of the springs, a, a, or their equivalents.


No. 8612.-Improvements in Cutters for Planing Machines.

We do not claim the formation of cutters by placing circular saws obliquely upon their arbors, as this has been done before; but what we do claim as our invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the constructing of a cutting instrument for operating upon lumber, of one or more elliptical shaped saw or saws, placed upon an arbor in positions so oblique to the direction of its axis as to bring every portion of the periphery of said saw or saws into the same perpendicular distance from the said axis of their arbor, by which the teeth of the said saw or saws are made to perform a combined rotary and laterally reciprocating cutting action in the same circle of rotation, substantially in the manner herein set forth.


No. 8613.-Improvement in Apparatus for making Wrought Iron direct from the Ore.

I do not wish to limit myself to the use of a puddling furnace for the final operation, nor to the use of mineral coal, as the same result in kind may be produced by a bloomery; what I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the arrangement of a series of flat vertical tubes (or the equivalent thereof) in a vertical stack, substantially as described, when these are combined with a puddling or other furnace, substantially as described, by means of an interposed ore box, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

I also claim combining with each of the deoxidizing tubes, as described, and at the middle and near the lower end thereof, a double inclined plane, substantially as described, to insure the equal descent of the charge of ore, as described.

And I also claim, in combination with the series of deoxidizing tubes and the ore box, substantially as described, the employment of a series of stationary and a series of adjustable inclined planes, substantially as described, to regulate and insure the equal discharge of the ore from each and from the whole series of tubes, as described.


No. 8614.-Improvement in method of setting up Ten-Pins.

Having thus described the nature and operation of my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by letters patent, is attaching the pins, D, to a disk or plate, 1, by means of cords, (e,) in combination with the adjusting screen, E, and guide screens, G, H, by which the pins are properly adjusted or set up on the alley, A, upon raising and lowering the disk or plate, I, as described; the disk or plate being operated by means of the cord, K, passing over the pulleys (j) (k) and around the wheel, O, power being communicated to the shaft, (,) or by any other mechanical means.


No. 8615.-Improvement in Machines for counting Screws and Pins.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the cylinder or wheel, formed with recesses in its periphery, for the reception of the screws, or other articles, to be counted, and provided with a groove for the reception of, and in combination with, the detector, to indicate, mark, and register the number of screws, or other articles, that are delivered; the whole being constructed and made to operate substantially in the manner specified.


No. 8616.-Improvements in Bolt-heading Machines.

Having thus described my improved machine for heading bolts, what I claim therein as new, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the combination of the upsetting punch, the dies for shaping the sides of the head, the levers for working the dies, and the protuberance on the punch stock, for actuating the levers, so that, by the forward movement of the punch stock, the punch is caused to upset the end of the bolt, and, by its retrogade movement, the dies are worked, which give shape to the sides of the head, as herein set forth.


No. 8617.-Improvements in Spinning Rope Yarns.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is spinning rope yarns upon bobbins, having movable head or heads, so that the yarn can be packed tightly upon the bobbin in spinning, and,

after spinning, can be removed from the bobbin, to be transferred and hauled off into strands, for cordage, from the inner ends thereof, without unwinding, thus effecting a great saving of bobbins and labor. R. SANDS TUCKER.

No. 8618.-Improvement in Machines for Dressing Stone.

Having thus fully described my improvements in cutting stone by machinery, what I claim therein as new, and for which I desire to secure letters patent, is the cylindrical tool holder, constructed and arranged substantially as herein set forth, so as to hold the tools or chisels and turn them in a direction to cut either way, keeping them in such position as always to receive the blows from the cams in the same relative direction, and also incidentally to support the cam shaft by means of the cams resting against its interior, should the cam shaft spring.


No. 8619.-Improvement in Machines for Ruling Paper.

Having thus described our improvements, what we claim is, first, the shaft, S, and its projections, d, d, (operating as above set forth,) or any mechanical equivalent contrivances, in combination with the carrying apparatus, or endless tapes, P, P, &c., R, R, &c., on which the sheets are received, moved, and introduced to the action of the ruling apparatus, such carrying apparatus being made so as to operate essentially as above described.

And we also claim the shaft, U, and its lifters, in combination with the carrying apparatus, or endless strings, P, P, and the two sets of ruling apparatus, or contrivances, for supporting and ruling the paper on both sides, as described; such shaft and lifters, or the lifting apparatus, as it may be termed, being for the purpose of changing the overlap of the sheets, in manner as hereinbefore explained.



No. 8620.-Improvements in attaching Cutters for cutting Screws or Rails of Bedsteads.

Having thus described my improvement in securing V-shaped cutters in rotary cylinder heads, for cutting screws on tenons of bedstead rails, I wish it to be understood that all I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is forming an opening, A, in the end of the cylindrical head, B, so as to allow the cutter, C, to be placed therein. laterally, or inserted into its seat sideways, and securely confined in the manner herein before set forth, whereby the cutter, c, requires no adjustment, and is retained firmly in its position.


No. 8621.-Improvement in setting Mineral Teeth.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is a new mode of setting mineral teeth on metallic plates, by means of a

fusible silicious cement, which forms an artificial gum, and which also unites single teeth to each other and to the plates upon which they are


I also claim to be the inventor of said cement or compound, a full and exact description of which is herein given.

I also claim the combination of asbestos with plaster of Paris, for covering the teeth and plates, for the purpose of sustaining them in their proper position while the cement is being fused.



No. 184.-Improvement in a Machine for bending or setting Felloes for the wheels of Carriages and Wagons.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the method, substantially as described, of bending felloes for carriages by means of a cylinder, upon which the felloe is bent, and a friction roller, or its equivalent, against which it is bent, substantially as described, when used in connexion with a strap for preventing the wood from splitting on its exterior surface, or otherwise.


No. 185.-Improvements in Sofa Bedsteads.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the combination of the frames, 1), D, which are of the same form as the sofa ends, F, F, with the said sofa ends, substantially in the manner and for the purpose as herein set forth, to wit: when the back, A, is elevated, to convert the sofa bed into a sofa, the frames, D, D, must be swung inwards against the sofa back, to retain it in an elevated position, and to throw the said frames out of the way and out of sight; and when it is desired to change the sofa bed from a sofa to a bed, the said frames, D, D, can only be swung outwards into a line with the sofa ends, F, F, so that the ledges, 1, 7, on the inner sides of the same will unerringly catch and retain the back, A, when it reaches a horizontal position as it is thrown backwards, in which position the sofa ends, F, F, and the swinging frames, D, D, will form an ornamental and uniform head and foot to the bed form of my improved sofa bed.

I also claim the placing of the pivots, t, t, which suspend the mattress frame, A, such a distance from the lower or inner edge of the same that when the said mattress frame is thrown backwards into a horizontal position the lower or inner edge of the mattress, A', will by that movement be thrown forwards and press against the rear edge of the mattress, B', with such force as to form a close and an elastic joint between the two, and thereby furnish an extra width to the bed form of my improved sofa bed, substantially in the manner herein set forth.

I also claim the projection of the mattress, A', below the pivots that it turns upon, in combination with the movement of the mattress, B', on hinges located at its front edge, by means of which a firm and close

joint is formed between the rear edge of the mattress, B', and the face of the mattress, A', when they are arranged in the form of a sofa, which joint aids in retaining the said mattress, A', in an elevated position, substantially as herein set forth.


No. 186.-Improvement in Machines for folding Paper.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the method of folding sheets of paper mechanically, by means of a reciprocating straight edge, or its equivalent, which strikes the sheet where the fold is to be made, and forces it into a recess, or space, between two surfaces, through which it can be delivered, in combination with a mechanism, which presents the sheet at the proper place and time, to make the fold or folds at the proper line or lines, substantially as de


I also claim the method of completing the folds in sheets of paper, by passing them between converging surfaces, in combination with the method of forming the folds, substantially as described.

And, finally, I claim the moving surfaces of endless belts, or their equivalents, on which the sheets of paper are extended, and by which they are moved, in combination with the method of making and completing the folds, substantially in the manner specified.


No. 187.-Improvemen's in Machinery for making Mouldings.

I do not claim to have invented parallel grooved feed rollers to force in the material to be planed; but I do not know of any previous machine in which an angular roller has been applied, of either one or more conical rings or disks, that operate to feed material of varying angular forms into the machine by contact with the parts that have to be removed by the cutters; neither do I claim the rotary cutter for forming mouldings, nor a common moulding plane; but I do not know of any machine in which these two have been employed together-the cutter to give the shape, and the moulding plane to finish the surface. Therefore,

What I claim as new, and of my own invention, and desire to secure by letters patent of the United States, is the combination of the feed and pressure rollers, constructed and operating substantially as described, with one or more cutters or planes for giving the proper form or dressing to the moulding, when said combined parts operate upon material which has been sawed or cut, as nearly as may be convenient, into the general form of the moulding to be produced, as herein described, for the purpose of economizing the material or facilitating the operation.


No. 188.-Improvements in Sewing Machines.

Having thus fully described our improved sewing machine, we shall state our claim as follows:

What we claim as our invention, and desire to have secured to us by letters patent in the above described rotary sewing machine, is arranging

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