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Besides these extraordinary expenditures, the withdrawals of

applications have been unusually large, exceeding the
amount of those of last year—which was greater than any
preceding year—the sum of...

$2,601 01

9,679 50

This sum of $9,679 50 deducted from the whole expenditure,
$86,916 93, and the ordinary expenses of the office for the year 1851 is
shown to be only $77,237 43—$2,863 52 less as compared with the
expenses of last year.


Statement of receipts and expenditures of the Patent Office for the

year 1851.

Amount received from all sources.
Amount of expenditures of all kinds...

.$95,738 61

86,916 93

Amount carried to credit of Patent fund for 1851......

8,821 68


Patent Fund, January 1, 1851.

Amount of fund January 1, 1851.
Amount carried to Patent fund for 1851..

$15,331 27

8,221 68

Amount remaining in the treasury to the credit of the

Patent fund January 1, 1852..

24,152 95


Statement of applications on hand January 1, 1851, and number received

during the year and acted upon.

Number of cases on examiners' desks January 1, 1851.
Number of applications received in 1851


Number of cases before the office during the year
Number of patents issued during the year....
Number of applications remaining unexamined.
Number of rejections and suspensions.





Statement showing amount of fees received and number of applications

and caveats filed during each month of the year 1851.

[blocks in formation]

Table exhibiting the business of the office for the last eleven years, and

the necessity of an increase of permanent clerical force.

[blocks in formation]

The foregoing statistics exhibit a very large increase of business in this office for the last eleven years; and by reference to the table it will be seen that the increase for 1851 is in full proportion with former years. This accumulation of business has been provided for from time to time by Congress, in authorizing necessary additions to the examining force. This force for the present is deemed sufficient. But there are still departinents of the business and labor of the office which have increased in a corresponding ratio with the examinations, and no provision made by Congress to relieve them. Hence the suggestions in relation to an increase of clerical force, in the preceding pages.

Table showing the number of patents, reissues, designs, and additional improvements granted at the Patent Office in

Washington during euch month of the year 1851.

[blocks in formation]

Total patents.
Additional improvements.
Extensions, 9; disclaimers 3;

not included in this table.

751 25 90 3




11 1














Table showing the number of patents issued to citizens of different States during the year 1851.

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Patents, reissues, designs and additional improvements are all included in this table. IT.


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C. H Harvey and E. Peagueese, S. Y.' May 30

T27 Lue wort: ..

Face H. Serb. Basc. M..... Joly 5 Le nor 2013 and sowog.

Lori Rice

Crescer, Pe....

Aug. 31 Pob..

Descrot dock.... :: Pesar. P2. Juge 14 Psiz...

Ser. Harserce and, kg 004, S. Jo...., Jey 5

Joto D. Bc De. Prough...

Jour C. S.n.. Kg, X. J..... Joly 11 Pougn.

John B. Horon.. Paredesca. Pa.... July 17 Pigogn....

Isaac Scider.... Voont Peasanr, Pa... Juy 17 Pwogh.... Stephen McCormick... Auburn, Pa

Dec 1 Pake, horre..

David Devey...

Pocitney, V:.

Yor 23 Piske, revolving....

Stephen Coa's..

Shorebam, VL..

April 17 Brut machine, (anislaved August Benjamin M. Saith R.chester, N. Y..

Sep. 8 1, 1537.) Smut machine..

Charles D. Childs... Yoont Morris, X. Y Aug. 15 Sraut machine, for garlic.

Henry Slabb

Shepherdstown, Va. Nos. 11 Guainers for milk-pale..

Isaiah Burmel

Deroy, Ci.......

dug. 18 Straw cutung....

Henry Silliman Perry village, X. Y. Mar. 30 Threshing and hulling clover seed.. Jonathan Brnoks.. Brownsburg, Va..... Dec. 15 Threshing machine...

Alexander W. Bowling | Front Royal, Va..... Dec. 26 Threshing and winnowire. Moses Davenport Phi ips, Mass.... Nov. 23 Threshing and winnowing, (ante- J. A. & Hiram A. Pitts. Winthrop, Maine.... Dec. 29

dated June 29.) Winnowing, separating, &c, wild Lester Butler ... Coble's hill, N. Y.. June 3

pear from grain. Yoke, horse and oxen.. Gideon Hotchkiss..... Windsor, N. Y.....

Aug. 31

Class Il.—Metallurgy and manufacture of metals.

Inventiona or discoveries.



Date of patent.


1837. Blow pipe for wlast furnaces... John Barker....

Baltimore, Md....... Mar. 3 Door plats...

William C. Austin Greensville, Va...... Jan. 31 Door springe..

Thomas Thorpe..

Cambridge, Dec. 7

Door, springa for shutting.
Ilhiel S. Richardson.... Boston, Mass.

Oct. 20
Fire proof safe......
Benjamin Sherwood.... New York. .

May 8 Fire proof safe.......

Daniel Fitzgerald.. Mount Morris, N. Y. | Aug. 15 Furnace blant...

John Barker...

Baltimore, Md.

April 20 Furnace for shear steel, &c... Simeon Broadmeadow.. New York... Furnace, smelting oro.... George E. Sellers.... Philadelphia, Pa..

April 20 Furnace, smelling ore....... Simeon Broadmeadow.. New York..

April 5 llingenor butts, double-centred jointsl Egbert Hedge .. Hartford, Conn.... Nov. 23



April 5

IV.-Classified list of patents, 8C.-Continued.

Inventions or discoveries.



Date of patent.

1837. Iron, carbonating and smelting..

Asa Whitney... Southfield, N. Y..... July 17 Iron ore, smelting...

Joseph Lyon.... Pottsville, Pa...... July 31 Iron, &c., washing ores...

Frederick Fredly..... Logan Township, Pa. April 20 Joints for rules, double-centred . Lemul Hedge... Hartford, Conn...... April29 Knobs, door, drawer, commode, &c. David Holtman.... Baltimore, Md..

July 31 Knobs, glass, to metallic sockets, Enoch Robinson & G. Boston, Mass.

Oct. 20 attaching.

W. Robinson.
Latch mortise
Charles S. Gay...... Nashua, N. H.

Sep. 28 Latch mortise

David N. Ropes...

Portland, Maine....

Sep. 28 Lock, door Turner Whirehouse Boston, Mass.

Sep. 8 Lock, door......

James McClony.....

New York....

June 14 Locks, mail-bag and clasp... Henry C. Jones.. Newark, N. J.... Oct. 23 Locks, secret safety......

William Hobbs. Springfield, Mass... Dec. 20 Nails and brad cutiing..

Joseph Berry & Oliver Newmarket, N. H... Mar. 20

P. Rand. Nails, wrought.....

N. W. Bishop & Sim- Saybrook and Ches- Sep. 21 eon Brooks.

ter, Conn. Rivets, making......

Levi Severance.... Pittsburg, Pa...... July 11 Screws, cutting..

Joseph Blackall Albany, N. Y..... July 29 Screws, cutring, of screw bedsteads. Palmer Williams..... Towanda, Pa...... Feb. 16 Screws, cutting wood..... Jacob Sloat & Thomas Ramapo and Pough- Mar. 30


keepsie, N. Y. Screw, wood, turning heads. Thomas W. Harvey... Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Mar. 25 Screw, wood.

Clement 0. Reed... Providence, R. I..... Dec. 15 Shoee, horse

Barzillai Young & Sam. Brooklyn, Conn..... July 29

Titus. Vice, bench, &c......

Linus Dean....

Utica, N. Y.......

Feb. 16 Window blinds, fastener... Elijah Jaquith

Brattleborough, Vt... Dec. 26 Window fastening, combined spring. Philip F. Hazard.. Philadelphia, Pa..... July 11 Window sash, spring for upper sash. Henry Hammond.... Lewisburg, Pa.

Sep. 8 Wire, cutting and heading.. Thomas W. Harvey... Poughkeepsie, N. Y.. Mar. 25

Class III.—Manufactures of fibrous and textile substances, including

machines for preparing fibres of wool, cotton, silk, fur, paper, 8c.

Inventions or discoveries.



Date of patent.

1837. Flax and hemp-breaking..

John Warren........

Westbrook, Me.... June 14 Flax and hemp-breaking.

Harvey Lull.

Ithaca, N. Y..

June 14 Flax and hemp-breaking and clean- David M. Langley and Westbrook, Me..... Sept. 21 ing

Samuel Davis. Flax and hemp-breaking and dress- Chap'n Warner, Abra- Belvidere, N. J...... July 31 ing.

ham F. Mixwell, and

Edwin J. Horn. Flax and hemp-dressing

William and Robert Armwell, N. J... ... Oct. 12

Brittain. Fur-cutting from skins...

Samuel Johnson....

Walnut Lane, N. C. Feb. 24 Gin, coton

Alexander Jones. New Orleans, La... April 25 Gin, co

John Stevens...

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Nov. 25 Gin, cotton.

Lucillius H. Mosely. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Nov. 25 Gin, cotton, saw-cylinder for. Jacob Idler..

Philadelphia, Pa. Dec. 1 Hair-seating, weaving.

Charles R. Harvey. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Nov. 25 Hat bodiea

Hugh Moore..

New York city... April 20

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