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This bill would amend section 1 of the Alaska fishery law of June 6, 1924, as amended by the act of June 26, 1926, to prohibit commercial salmon fishing by means of stake or set gill nets in Bristol Bay and its tributary waters except by persons who have continuously resided for a period of at least 5 years within a radius of 30 miles of the place where such nets are to be operated.

Existing law requires that every regulation issued by the Secretary of Commerce shall be of general application within the particular area to which it applies. Thus, anyone may operate stake or set gill nets in the waters of Bristol Bay open to such gear by the regulations, and fishermen from the States have been taking up all available stake-net locations to the exclusion of the natives and local residents of the region who are dependent to a large extent on such fishing for their livelihood.

It has happened frequently in recent years that fishermen from the States or other parts of Alaska who go to Bristol Bay for the fishing season only, secure stake-net locations along shore and hire someone to look after them while they engage in fishing operations with drift nets in offshore waters. This is particularly severe upon elderly persons and other local residents physically unfit to compete with outsiders able to handle boats operating offshore, drift gill nets, This dual operation not only reduces opportunities for the local people of Bristol Bay, but increases the drain on the salmon runs.

The natives of Alaska are not an aggressive people, and the protection of opportunity to earn a livelihood in the salmon fisheries of their country, which this bill affords, is highly desirable.

The enactment of this bill will not occasion any increase in the cost of administering the fisheries of Alaska. It is recommended that a favorable report be made on H. R. 5860.

FRANK T. BELL, Commissioner.


In compliance with paragraph 2a of rule XIII of the Rules of the House of Representatives, changes in section 1 of the act approved June 6, 1924 (43 Stat. 464), as amended by the act approved June 18, 1926 (44 Stat. 752), are shown as follows, with new matter printed in italics, and existing law, in which no change is proposed, shown in roman:

SECTION 1. That for the purpose of protecting and conserving the fisheries of the United States in all waters of Alaska the Secretary of Commerce from time to time may set apart and reserve fishing areas in any of the waters of Alaska over which the United States has jurisdiction, and within such areas may establish closed seasons during which fishing may be limited or prohibited as he may prescribe. Under this authority to limit fishing in any area so set apart and reserved the Secretary may (a) fix the size and character of nets, boats, traps, or other gear and appliances to be used therein; (b) limit the catch of fish to be taken from any area; (c) make such regulations as to time, means, methods, and extent of fishing as he may deem advisable. From and after the creation of any such fishing area and during the time fishing is prohibited therein it shall be unlawful to fish therein or to operate therein any boat, seine, trap, or other gear or apparatus for the purpose of taking fish; and from and after the creation of any such fishing area in which limited fishing is permitted such fishing shall be carried on only during the time, in the manner, to the extent, and in conformity with such rules and regulations as the Secretary prescribes under the authority herein given: Provided, That every such regulation made by the Secretary of Commerce shall be of general application within the particular area to which it applies, and that no exclusive or several right of fishery shall be granted therein, nor shall any citizen of the United States be denied the right to take, prepare, cure, or preserve fish or shellfish in any area of the waters of Alaska where fishing is permitted by the Secretary of Commerce. The right herein given to establish fishing areas and to permit limited fishing therein shall not apply to any creek, stream, river, or other bodies of water in which fishing is prohibited by specific provisions of this Act, but the Secretary of Commerce through the creation of such areas and the establishment of closed seasons may further extend the restrictions and limitations imposed upon fishing by specifio provisions of this or any other Act of Congress: Provided, further, That in the area embracing Bristol Bay and the arms and tributaries thereof, no person shall at any time fish for or take salmon with a stake net or set net, for commercial purposes, unless such person shall have theretofore continuously resided for the period of at least five years within a radius of thirty miles of the place where such nei is staked or set: Provided, further, That the Secretary of Commerce is hereby authorized to permit the taking of fish or shellfish, for bait purposes only, at any or all seasons in any or all Alaskan Territorial waters.

It shall be unlawful to import or bring into the Territory of Alaska, for purposes other than personal use and not for sale or barter, salmon from waters outside the jurisdiction of the United States taken during any closed period provided for by this Act or regulations made thereunder.

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JUNE 2, 1937.-Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the state

of the Union and ordered to be printed

Mr. O'CONNOR of New York, from the Committee on Rules, submitted

the following


(To accompany 8. J. Res. 166)

The Committee on Rules, having had under consideration Senate Joint Resolution 155, report the same to the House with the recommendation that the joint resolution do pass with the following amendments:

Page 3, line 17, after the comma, insert the word "and".

Page 3, line 18, after the comma, insert the words "and shall submit such information to".

Page 3, line 19, strike out the word "or" and insert the word "and".

Page 3, line 19, strike out the comma and insert a period and strike out all the remaining language in lines 19, 20, and 21.

Page 4, lines 11 to 21, strike out all of section 5.

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JUNE 3, 1937.-Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the state

of the Union and ordered to be printed

Mr. LANHAM, from the Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds,

submitted the following


[To accompany H. R. 6287)

The Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds, to whom was referred H. R. 6287, also had under consideration a similar bill, S. 1306, and having considered both bills, hereby make report to the House with the recommendation that H. R. 6287 be passed with the following amendments:

Strike out the title of H. R. 6287 and substitute "To amend Public Act Numbered 467, Seventy-Third Congress, entitled 'Federal Credit Union Act'."

Strike out all after the enacting clause and insert the following: That the Federal Credit Union Act is amended by inserting at the end thereof the following new section:

"Sec. 21. Upon application by any credit union organized under State law or by any Federal credit union organized in accordance with the terms of this Act, the membership of which is composed exclusively of Federal employees, which application shall be addressed to the officer or agency of the United States charged with the allotment of space in the Federal buildings in the community or district in which said credit union or Federal credit union does business, such officer or agency may in his or its discretion allot space to such credit union if space is available without charge for rent or services.

The purpose of the bill is to legalize the right of custodians of Federal buildings to provide space for office facilities for Government employees' credit unions.

The Treasury and Post Office Departments favor the enactment of the proposed legislation with certain amendments referred to in the following letters:


Washington, May 8, 1937. Hon. Fritz G. LANHAM, Chairman, Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds,

House of Representatives. MY DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN: Reference is made to your letter of April 13, 1937, 'enclosing a copy of H. R. 6287, a bill to provide for space in Federal buildings for employees' credit unions, and requesting the submission of a report relative thereto.

H. Repts., 75–1, vol. 245

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