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any State to invoke the jurisdiction of any court of competent jurisdiction for the protection of any right secured to such State by the provisions of this compact, or to enforce any provision thereof.


"Nothing in this compact shall be considered or construed as recognizing, establishing, or fixing any status of the river or the accuracy of any data or records or the rights or equities of any of the signatories or as a recognition, acceptance, or acknowledgment of any plan or principle or of any claim or assertion made or advanced by either of the signatories or hereafter construed as in any manner establishing any principle or precedent as regards future equitable apportionment of the waters of the Rio Grande. The signatories agree that the plan herein adopted for administration of the waters of the Rio Grande is merely a temporary expedient to be applied during the period of time in this compact specified, is a compromise temporary in nature and shall have no other force or interpretation, and that the plan adopted as a basis therefor is not to be construed as in any manner establishing, acknowledging, or defining any status, condition, or principle at this or any other time.


"The signatories consent and agree to the extension of time for construction of reservoirs on sites covered by approved applications during the time of this compact and for a reasonable time thereafter.


"This compact shall become operative when approved by the legislature of each of the signatory States and by the Congress of the United States. Notice of approval shall be given by the governor of each State to the governors of the other States and to the President of the United States, and the President of the United States is requested to give notice to the governors of each of the signatory States of its approval by the Congress of the United States.

"In witness whereof, the commissioners have signed this compact in quadruplicate original, one of which shall be deposited in the archives of the Department of State of the United States of America and shall be deemed the authoritative original, and of which a duly certified copy shall be forwarded to the governor of each of the signatory States.

"Done at the city of Santa Fe, in the State of New Mexico, on the 12th day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty-nine. "DELPH E. CARPENTER.




Approved, June 17, 1930.



MAY 19, 1937.-Ordered to be printed

Mr. COLDEN, from the Committee on Disposition of Executive Papers, submitted the following


The joint select committee of the Senate and House of Representatives, appointed on the part of the Senate and on the part of the House of Representatives, to which are referred the reports of the Archivist of the United States in respect to accumulation of files of Government papers which are not needed or useful in the transaction of the current business of departments, bureaus, etc., and have no permanent value or historical interest (in compliance with sec. 9 of the National Archives Act approved June 19, 1934), respectfully report to the Senate and House of Representatives, pursuant to an act entitled "An act to authorize and provide for the disposition of useless papers in the executive departments", approved February 16, 1889, as follows:

Your committee has taken action on the papers and files described in the attached report of the Archivist of the United States to the Seventy-fifth Congress, first session, dated May 5, 1937, with respect to a list of files and papers submitted to him by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and we find and report that said files and papers are not needed in the transaction of the current business of such Department and have no permanent value or historical interest. We recommend that, as required by law, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System sell as waste paper or otherwise dispose of such files of papers upon the best obtainable terms, after due publication of notice inviting proposals therefor, and receive and pay the proceeds thereof into the Treasury of the United States and make report thereof to Congress.

Respectfully submitted to the Senate and House of Representatives.

[blocks in formation]

To the Congress of the United States:

Washington, D. C.

In compliance with the provisions of section 9 of the National Archives Act (48 Stat. 1122; U. S. C., title 40, sec. 239), I have the honor to transmit herewith the accompanying list of papers, consisting of 87 items, among the archives and records of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System which the Board has recommended should be destroyed or otherwise disposed of.

These lists have been carefully examined and I beg to report, with the approval of the National Archives Council, that the archives and records described therein as items nos. 1 to 87 appear to have no permanent value or historical interest. Respectfully submitted.

R. D. W. CONNER, Archivist of the United States.


MAY 5, 1937.


1. Work cards, national banks. 2. Gold imports and exports.

General files

Original; 1919.
Duplicate; 1915.

3. Questionnaires, expen es of employees at Federal Reserve banks. Original; 1919.

4. Books, ledger backs, record of votes for class A and class B directors (2), list of national banks (2). Original; 1914-15.

5. Index Digest of Federal Reserve Act, requests. Original and carbon; 1918. 6. Form 254, Index Digest of Federal Reserve Bulletin. Original and carbon; 1921.

7. Form 240.1, requests for forms of Federal Reserve Board. Original; 1923. 8. Form 20.1, applications for positions at Federal Reserve banks. Duplicate;


9. Form 10.2, applications for positions with Federal Reserve Board. Original; 1914.

10. Advice to Treasurer and to Comptroller of Currency re United States notes, silver certificates, and Federal Reserve notes. Copy; 1921.

11. Form 301.2, cablegrams, foreign banks to Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Copy; 1930-34.

12. Form 255, digest of ruling, 1914-23, requests. Original and copy; 1927-33. 13. Twill telegrams. Original; 1933-35.


14. Confirmation and correspondence in reconcilements of accounts, Banco Mercantil Amerino del Peru and other South American banks during an examination conducted in 1923-24 by the Board's examiners. Original; 1923-24.

15. Federal Reserve Board forms, 5-inch by 8-inch line cards, used by examiners as working papers in above examinations. Original; 1923-24. 16. Federal Reserve Board form 190, 5-inch by 81⁄2-inch cards, similar to above examinations. Original; 1923-24.

17. Letters and statements from South and Central American banks re reconcilement of accounts in connection with above examinations. Original; 1924. 18. Memoranda to Board on applications of State banks for membership in Federal Reserve System. Duplicate; 1920-28.

19. Copies of letters acknowledging receipt of reports of examination of State member banks. Copy; 1920-28.

20. Federal Reserve Board form 93, collection and cash letter tracers used in

examinations of Federal Reserve banks. Original and duplicate; 1920-23. Federal Reserve Board form 46. Member bank reconcilements, used in examinations of Federal Reserve banks. Original; 1920-28.

21. Examiners' working papers and memoranda in connection with examinations of Federal Reserve banks. Original; 1920-28.

22. Legal size card forms containing brief analyses of State member banks. Original; 1920-28.

23. Examiners' working papers in connection with examinations of foreign banking corporations now out of business, such as International Acceptance Bank, Shawmut Corporation, etc. Original; 1920-32.

24. Examiners' working papers in connection with examinations of the Chase Bank for 1931 and 1932. Original; 1931--32.


25. Record of requests for clerical assistance. Original; 1923-25.

26. Form SA-1, reports from Federal banks showing individual salary distribution by weeks. Original; March and April 1935.

27. Form SĂ-3, questionnaire concerning the Federal Reserve Bulletin and the Monthly Review of Business Conditions in each Federal Reserve district. Original; 1935.


28. Form 34, telegram, balance sheet items of Federal Reserve banks on Wednesdays, principal assets and liabilities of Federal Reserve banks on other business days. Original; 1931-35.

29. Form FRA-5, telegram, balance sheet of Federal Reserve agent, re Federal Reserve notes and collateral; weekly on Wednesdays. Original; 1928-35. 30. Gold imports and exports; daily report from Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Copy. 1929-35.

31. Form 44-a, telegram, classification of money held by each Federal Reserve bank; end of month. Original; 1931-35.

32. Forms 1252 and B-26, deficiencies in deposit reserves of Federal Reserve banks; monthly statement. Original; 1931-34.

33. Form B-148, Federal Reserve notes issued, outstanding, and retired, report to Treasury Department; weekly. Copy; 1929–35.

34. Form B-148a, Federal Reserve bank notes issued, outstanding and retired; report to Treasury Department; weekly (discontinued). Copy; 1933-35. 35. Form 46, retirement of Federal Reserve bank notes; report from Treasury

Department, daily. Copy; 1934.

36. Daily balance sheet of Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Copy; 1932-33. 37. Department of Commerce reports, imports and exports of gold and silver, by Countries. Copy (photostat); 1929-33.

38. Form BD-4, bills discounted for Federal Reserve banks and for member banks; daily schedules. Copy; 1930-34.

39. Form BD-7, bills bought by Federal Reserve banks in open market; daily schedules. Copy; 1930-34.

40. Form S-2, investments purchased and sold by Federal Reserve banks; daily schedules. Copy; 1930-34.


41. Forms A and B-3, investment operations of Federal Reserve banks. Original; 42. Form 160; Receipts and payment of paper currency by Federal Reserve banks; monthly report. Original; 1920-32.

43. Form 194, receipts and issues of Federal Reserve notes by Federal Reserve agents; monthly report. Original; 1923-32.

44. Telegrams to Federal Reserve banks concerning shipments of United States Currency; daily. Copy; 1921-35.

45. United States currency on hand; statement by cashier United States Treasury; daily. Copy; 1921-35.

46. Form 44; number of each denomination and aggregate amount of Federal Reserve notes received, issued and returned to Comptroller of the Currency, and on hand; monthly. Copy; 1915–35.

47. Form GA-58; redemption of United States currency; report by Treasurer, United States; daily. Copy; 1926-35.

48. Form 2284; redemption of Federal Reserve bank notes; report by Treasurer, United States; daily. Copy; 1918-35.

49. Form S-20; Federal Reserve notes on hand at Bureau of Engraving_and Printing; report by Comptroller of the Currency; daily. Copy; 1917-35. 50. Form 166; redemption of unfit currency; book record. Original; 1920-31. 51. Form 167; United States currency shipped from Washington' to Federal Reserve banks; book record. Original; 1920-31.

52. Form 165; United States currency shipped to Washington and new currency shipped in replacement. Original; 1920-31. 53. Telegrams covering transactions through Interdistrict Settlement Fund; daily. Original and copy; April 1923-December 1935. 54. Forms 137 and 137b; transit clearings through Interdistrict Settlement Fund. Original and copy; 1923-35.

55. Forms 184 and 184b; Federal Reserve note clearing through Interdistrict Settlement Fund; telegrams, daily. Original and copy; 1923-35.

56. Telegrams concerning holidays at Federal Reserve banks; monthly. Original;


57. Washington clearing house balances; telegram to Federal Reserve bank of Richmond; daily. Original; 1923–32.

58. Correspondence concerning reconcilements, corrections, etc., Interdistrict Settlement Fund. Original; 1922-34.

59. Form E; functional expense reports of Federal Reserve banks; quarterly. Original; 1922-25.

60. Daylight saving schedules of Federal Reserve banks; telegrams. Original; 1923-34.

61. Forms X-538, St. 51, and B-21, principal resources and liabilities of reporting member banks in leading cities. Weekly reports from Federal Reserve

banks. Original; 1924-30.

62. Forms St. 51 and B-21, telegrams from Federal Reserve banks covering above reports. Original; 1931-35.

63. Code "Isha." Debits to deposit accounts by banks in reporting centers; telegrams from Federal Reserve banks; weekly; these figures are confirmed by mail reports. Original; 1931-35.

64. Form 105, condition of member State banks, reports on call dates; quarterly. Original; 1921-26.

65. Form 107, earnings and dividends of State member banks; semiannual. Original; 1921-26.

66. Form 170, clearing operations of Federal Reserve banks; monthly report (discontinued). Original; 1930-34.

67. Form 171, aggregate of daily holdings of bills and securities, and earnings thereon; monthly report by Federal Reserve banks. Original; 1920-28. 68. Form TD-8092, orders, deliveries, and balances report by Bureau of Engraving and Printing covering currency. Copy; 1925-35.

69. Form TD-8334-I, schedule of delivery of Federal Reserve notes by Surface Printing Division, Bureau of Engraving and Printing; daily. Copy, 1925-35. 70. Form FRA-6, telegrams; balance sheet of Federal Reserve agent, Federal Reserve bank notes and collateral; weekly, on Wednesdays. Original; 1933-35.

71. List of banks granted licenses to reopen after bank holiday (printed lists furnished by Federal Reserve banks); 1933.

72. Telegrams from Federal Reserve banks concerning suspended banks (these are confirmed by weekly reports). Original; 1930–31.

73. Closed banks; telegraphic reports. Original; 1931.

74. Form St. 3501, net demand and time deposits of member banks in cities under and over 15,000 population; by districts (superseded by B-6 and B-13). Copy; 1923-28.

75. Form 5522, Treasury statement of transfers of gold, silver, and minor coins between Treasury offices and Federal Reserve banks and branches. Copy; 1923. 76. Transcript of accounts of branches at Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Nashville; monthly, end of month. Copy; 1928-34.

77. Form 97, income and expense; other real estate Federal Reserve bank report; monthly (discontinued in 1930). Copy; 1924–30.

78. Reopening of banks following banking holiday, telegrams. Copy; 1933. 79. Bank suspensions; reconcilements with Federal Reserve agents. Original; 1925-32.

80. Licenses to member banks; telegrams. Copies; April 1933-April 1934. 81. Forms X-4401 and X-4402, bank suspensions and reopenings, reports. Original; 1921-30.

82. Capital stock and other transactions; report from Comptroller of Currency; daily. Copy; 1931-33.

83. Unassayed gold held by Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Estimate amounts purchased and actual amount paid thereon by Federal Reserve Bank of New York and United States Assay Office, New York; weekly. Original; June 1917-February 1923.

84. Bankers' acceptances held by Federal Reserve Bank of New York printed form; daily. Original; 1926-29.

85. Reconcilements of data for annual reports of Federal Reserve agents. nal; 1927.


86. Forms 58 and 59, capital stock of Federal Reserve banks; certificates of increase and decrease; semi-annual. Copy; 1929-32.

87. Acceptances held by Federal Reserve banks at end of month, distributed as to acceptors; discontinued April 1, 1925. Original; January 1923-March



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