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946. Amend penal code rel. to marking packages containing wild animals, eto.
947. Free entry for articles imported for New York World's Fair, 1939.
950. Completion of Atlantic-Gulf ship canal across Florida.
951. Claims of Winnebago tribe of Indians.
952. Create Board of Awards and provide for presentation of certain medals.
953. To continue in effect act to regulate commerce in petroleum.
991. Disposition of useless papers in Department of Labor.
992. Disposition of useless papers in records of Panama Canal.
993. Disposition of useless papers in Department of Agriculture.
994. Disposition of useless papers in Veterans' Administration.
995. Disposition of useless papers in Department of War.
996. Disposition of useless papers in National Emergency Council.
997. Disposition of useless papers in Federal Communications Commission.
998. Disposition of useless papers in Works Progress Administration.
999. Disposition of useless papers in Post Office Department.

1000. Disposition of useless papers in Home Owners' Loan Corporation.

1001. Disposition of useless papers in Department of State.

1002. Disposition of useless papers in Department of Interior.

1003. Disposition of useless papers in Department of Commerce.

1004. Disposition of useless papers in Federal Trade Commission.

1007. Sale of dormitory properties belonging to Chickasaw Nation.

1008. Collection and editing of territorial papers of United States. 2 pts.

1009. Accommodations for holding court at Shawnee, Okla.

1010. Protection of oyster culture in Alaska.

1011. Convey part of Stony Point light station reservation to New York State.

1012. Red Lake band of Chippewa Indians to file suit in Court of Claims.

1013. Per-capita payment to Red Lake band of Chippewa Indians.

1014. Construction and equipment of marine hospital in Florida.

1015. War Department civil functions appropriation bill, 1938.

1016. Providing additional revenue for District of Columbia.

1018. Construction of permanent memorial to Will Rogers.

1019. Payments for lands taken from Ute Indians of Utah.

1022. Distribution of Story of the Constitution to each naturalized citizen.

1024. Reduce coins issued in celebration of San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

1025. Right of appeal of officer, etc., of vessel from suspension of license, etc.

1026. Northern Pacific halibut act of 1937.

1027. Instructions to juries in Federal courts.

1028. Court of Claims to render judgment on claims of Ute Indians.

1029. Relief to water users on reclamation and Indian irrigation projects.

1030. 150th anniversary of inauguration of George Washington as President.

1032. To create Civilian Conservation Corps.

1033. Suspension of annual assessment work on mining claims.

1038. Entry of aliens for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Silver Jubilee Camp.

1039. Construction to replace Naval Hospital, etc., in D. C. 2 pts.

1042. Amend bankruptcy act relative to administration of said act.

1043. Amend act rel. to relief of foreign service officers re exchange rates.

1044. Federal participation in New York World's Fair, 1939.

1045. Authorizing Hawaii to create authority to engage in slum clearance, etc.

1046. Amend act to enable Legislature of Hawaii to issue certain bonds.

1063. Disposition of useless records in Department of Treasury.

1064. Expenses of dedication of World War memorials in Europe, etc.

1065. Farm security act of 1937.

1066. Independent offices appropriation bill, 1938.


1069. Amending railroad retirement act.

1070. Acquisition of Puyallup Indian tribal school property for sanatorium.

1071. Carriers taxing act of 1937.

1072. Construction of certain auxiliary vessels for Navy.

1075. Transfer of land in Breckinridge County, Ky., to Kentucky.

1076. Payments in lieu of allotments to Klamath Indians, etc.

1077. Establishment of revolving loan fund for Klamath Indians.

1078. Convey Hunting Island lighthouse reservation to Beaufort County, S. C.

1079. Convey land in Cataño Range Rear lighthouse reservation to Puerto Rico.

PUSO. Development of hydroelectric power at Cabinet Gorge.

1091. Promote safety on railroads by requiring block signal systems, etc.

1082. To sell, loan, or give samples of Army supplies, etc., to manufacturers.

1093. Appointment of cadets to Military Academy from The Panama Canal.

1089. Taxicab limitation in District of Columbia.

1090. Completion of Bonneville project on Columbia River for navigation, etc.

1110. Adding lands to Rogue River National Forest, Oreg.

1111. Agriculture Dept. and Farm Credit Administration appropriation bill.

1112. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1938.

1113. Add lands to Columbia National Forest, Wash.

1114. Addition of lands to Fort Donelson National Military Park.

1115. Control of soil erosion, etc., originating in Angeles National Forest.

1:16. Notifying Virginia of U. 8. jurisdiction over Shenandoah National Park.

1117. Establishing San Juan National Monument in Puerto Rico.

1118. Site for nautical school in Virginia.

1119. Oregon & California Railroad and Coos Bay wagon road grant lands, Oreg.

1120. Amend act for construction on rivers and harbors for flood control.

1121. Court of Claims to hear claims of Assiniboine Indians. *

1122. Punishment for repeated violations of narcotic laws.

1123. Leave of absence to settlers of homestead lands during 1937.

1127. Making relief appropriations and extending P. W. A.

1128. Bridge across St. Lawrence River near Ogdensburg, N. Y.

1:29. Pact for creation of Maine-New Hampshire Interstate Bridge Authority.

1130. Bridge across Piscataqua River near Portsmouth, N. H.

1131. Bridges across Missouri River, Omaha, Nebr., and Council Bluffs, Iowa, etc.

1132. Transfer Scotland County to middle judicial district of North Carolina.

1137. License tax on Alaska shipping.

1138. Amending Hawaiian Homes Commission act, 1920.

1139. Sewer bonds for Honolulu.

1140. Issuance of certain bonds of Hawaii.

1141. Per-diem payments for Klamath delegates.

1142. Participation of United States in Golden Gate International Exposition.

1143. Erection of statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee in Arlington National Cemetery.

1144. Military establishment appropriation bill, 1938.

1145. Extension of appropriations for Interior Dept. and War Dept.

1146. Appropriations for Civilian Conservation Corps, etc.

1149. Addition of lands to Yosemite National Park.

1154. Naval officer as head of Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation.

1155. Extend time for installation of sprinkler systems on passenger vessels.

1175. Erection of Shenandoah memorial near Ava, Ohio.

1176. Project to furnish water for Arch Hurley Conservancy District.

1177. Authorizing the President to appoint administrative assistants.

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18t Session



REPORT No. 699


YEAR 1937

APRIL 28, 1937.-Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the state

of the Union and ordered to be printed

Mr. WOODRUM, from the Committee on Appropriations, submitted

the following


[To accompany H. R. 6730)

The Committee on Appropriations submit the following report in explanation of the accompanying bill making appropriations to supply deficiencies in certain appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1937, and prior fiscal years, to provide supplemental appropriations for the fiscal years ending June 30, 1937, and June 30, 1938, and for other purposes.

APPROPRIATIONS AND ESTIMATES The estimates upon which this bill is based were submitted in House Documents Nos. 129, 148, 165, 172, 176, 183, 195, 199, 207, 208, 209, 211 to 216, inclusive, 218 to 229, inclusive, 231, and 235 of the present session, aggregating $55,035,548.45. In addition to this sum the committee has considered in connection with this bill the estimates submitted in the regular Budget for the fiscal year 1938 (p. 113 of that document) for the Tennessee Valley Authority totaling $43,000,000. The total of the estimates thus considered is $98,035,548.45.

The amount recommended to be appropriated by the bill is $79,206,943.45, a reduction of $18,828,605 under the Budget estimates.

In addition to the direct appropriations provided by the bill, there were requested in the Budget estimates and approved by the committee the reappropriation of approximately $18,000,000 in unex

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pended balances of previous appropriations. Contract authority in addition to the appropriations is provided in the case of the Tennessee Valley Authority in the amount of $4,000,000 against a Budget request therefor in the amount of $5,500,000.

The direct appropriations recommended in the bill are classified by fiscal years as follows: Fiscal year 1938.

$55, 663, 170.00 Fiscal year 1937

20, 652, 084. 64 Fiscal year 1936 and prior years.

350, 263. 30 Judgments and audited claims.

2, 541, 425. 51 Total.

79, 206, 943. 45 The distribution of the direct appropriations by major purposes is as follows: Tennessee Valley Authority

1 $40, 166, 270.00 Processing taxes, refunds and examination of claims.

215, 000, 000.00 Postal Service and Post Office Department (payable from postal revenues).

14, 172, 500.00 Adjusted compensation payments (bonus), administrative expenses.

1, 682, 000.00 Amounts on account of new laws, fire damage, flood damage, strikes, etc...

3, 400, 000.00 Judgments and audited claims.

2, 541, 425. 51 All other items.-

2, 245, 747. 94 Total

79, 207, 943. 45 i Contract authorization of $4,000,000 in addition. 3 And reappropriation of $6,000,000 for administrative expenses and of $12,000,000 for refunds.

An examination of the foregoing tables will disclose that 70 percent of the total of the bill is for supplemental items for the fiscal year 1938 which have no deficiency characteristics whatever. The amounts for the fiscal year 1937 comprise 26 percent of the bill's total, and of this 26 percent the amounts for the Postal Service comprise 68 percent, the amounts due to new laws, fire, flood, strikes, and other unforeseen emergencies total 16 percent, and the remaining 17 percent represents all other supplemental and deficiency items. The amount for deficiencies for the fiscal year 1936 (actually incurred) and for judgments and audited claims represents 4 percent of the total.


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The appropriations for the Tennessee Valley Authority appear in this bill, instead of a regular annual appropriation bill, through an assignment of the work of the committee made by former Chairman Buchanan.

The Budget estimates are found on page 113 of the Budget for the fiscal year 1938, transmitted to Congress in January last. The amount requested is $43,000,000, in direct appropriation and in addition authority to enter into contracts subject to future appropriations in the amount of $5,500,000, making a total of obligating privilege requested by the Authority for the fiscal year 1938 of $48,500,000.

The committee recommendations comprise a direct appropriation of $40,166,270 and a contract authorization of $4,000,000, making a total to be available for obligation of $44,166,270. This sum represents a reduction in the total requested of $4,333,730, consisting of $2,833,730 reduction in the direct appropriation and $1,500,000 reduction in the amount of the contract authorization.

The amount available for obligation in the current fiscal year is $48,690,702 consisting of $39,900,000 of direct appropriation for sucb

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