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Page. Page. 1 Consul Gratta to foreign of Oct. 30, 1864 Arrival of Captain Corbett at Tene. 477 fice.

rifle in Laurel with seamen from
Sea-King. Captain Corbett sent
home under arrest. Circumstances
of the departure of the Sea King
from London and her conversion

into the Shenandoah off Madeira. Mr. Hanmer to secretary to Nov. 11, 1864 Arrival of seamen from Sea King at 482 745 board of trade.

Liverpool. 3 Foreign office to law-officers... Xov. 12, 1-64 Forwarding Nos. 1 and 2 for opinion.. 482 746 Law-otlicers to foreign offico Nov. 14, 1864, Opinion as to proceedings being in 482 746

violation of foreign-enlistment act. 5 Foreign office to treasury ..... Nov. 15, 1864 Treasury solicitor to be ready to

483 748 ceed to Liverpool to take deposi.

tions. 6 Foreign office to home office... Nov. 15, 1864 Forwarding copies of correspondence. 484 7 Foreign ottice to treasury..... Nov, 15, 1864 Instructions to be given to treasury 424 749

solicitor. 8 Mr. Adams to Earl Russell.... Nov. 18, 1864 Representation respecting the con- 484 719

version of the Sca King into the

Shenandoah. 9 Earl Russell to Mr. Adams. Nov. 19, 1864 Acknowledging receipt of No.8

490 754 10 Law-otlicers to foreign office .. Dec. 1, 1861 Further opinion. Captain Corbett 490 754

should be prosecuted. 11 Foreign oflice to home office... Dec. 2, 1864 That proceedings be taken accord- 491 756

ingly. 12 Earl Russell to Lord Lyons... Dec. 8, 1864 Informing him of intention to prose- 491 736

cute Captain Corbett. 13 Clearance and specification of

cargo of Laurel.

and shipping articles of Sea
Foreign oflice to Messrs. Rob- Jan. 27, 1863 Inquiry as to sale of Sea King..

497 761 ertson. 15 Messrs. Robertson to foreign 'Jan. 28, 1865 Sale of Sea King to Mr. Wright .. 497 762

otlice. 16 Earl Russell to Mr. Adams.... Feb. 1, 1865. Informing him as to sale of Sea King. 497 762 17 Mr. Burnley to Earl Russell... Jan. 20, 1863' Representation from United States 498 762

Goverument that men of Florida

are going to join the Shenandoah. 18 Foreign office to home office... Feb. 6, 1865 Forwarding copy of No. 17

498 703 19, Admiralty to foreign office.... Mar. 17, 1865 Arrival of Shenandoah at Melbourne, 498 703

January 25, 1865. 20 Mr. Colquhoun to Earl Russell. Mar. 8, 1865 Shenandoah at Melbourne. Applica. 499 764

cation to be allowed repairs and

coals. 21 Foreign office to colonial office Mar. 20, 1865 Forwarding copy of No. 20


764 Colonial office to foreign office. Mar. 31, 1865 Shenandoah at Melbourne. Report 500 7765

of Governor Sir C. Darling 23 Mr. Adams to Earl Russell.... Apr. 7,1865 Representation as to arrival of Shen. 501 766

andoah at Melbourne. 24 Colonial office to foreign office. Apr. 17, 1865 Shenandoah at Melbourne. Further 504 770

report from governor. Alleged ille.

gal recruiting. 23 Foreign office to law-officers... Apr. 18, 1865. Forwarding No. 24 for opinion... 557 822 26 Law.otticers to foreign office ..' Apr. 21, 1865 - Opinion. As to enforcing a warraut 558 823

ou board a confederate ship of war. 27 Foreign office to colonial office. Apr. 22, 1863 Forwarding copy of No. 26

558 823 Earl Russell to Mr. Adams.... May 4, 1865 Reply to his arguments and represent- 559 824

ations. Admiralty to foreign office.. May 22, 1865 Report from Commodore Wiseman.. 564 831 30 Colonial office to foreign office. May 31, 1865 Report from governor. Letters ad.

565 $32 dressed by him to commodore and governors of other Australian col. onies as to recruiting at Melbourne. Correspondence with consul. Pros

ecutions for enlistment. 31 Earl Russell to Sir F. Bruce... June 3, 1965 Forwarding copy of No. 30

578 32 Mr. Adams ts Earl Russell. ... Oct. 21, 1865 Representation as to proceedings at 578

Melbourne. Destruction of Amer.
ican vessels on the high seas. Cor-
respondence between Governor Sir
C. Darling and United States con-

snl as to enlistments. Depositions. 33 Earl Russell to Mr. Adams.... Oct. 25, 1865' Representations in No. 32 will be duly 633 917

considered. H. Ex. 282- -47

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34 [474) Mr. Mason to Earl Rus. June 20, 1865 Request that Shenandoah may be re. sell.

called. 35 Earl Russell to Mr. Mason June 22, 1865 Will give instructions requested..... 36 Foreign ottice to colonial office June 22, 1765 Forwarding copy of No. 34..!

and admiralty. 37 Earl Russell to Sir F. Bruce... June 24, 1865 Substance of correspondence to be

communicated to "United States

Government. 38 : Colonial office to foreign office i June 24, 1865 As to steps to be taken. 39 Foreign office to colonial office June 24, 1865 Await further communication from

Mr. Mason. 40 Mr. Mason to Earl Russell.... June 25, 1865 Inclosing letters for transmission to

Commander of Shenandoah. 41 Earl Russell to Sir F. Bruce... June 29, 1865 Forwarding copies of further corre.

spondence. 42 Foreign office to admiralty... June 29, 1965 Letters for commander of Shenandoah. 43 Foreign office to colonial office June 29, 1863 Letters for transmission to the colo

pies. 44 Eaul Russell to Mr. Mason June 29, 1865 Letters will be forwarded 45 Foreign office to Mr. Synge June 29, 1865 Letters sent to Sandwich Islands, and consuls at Shanghai

China, and Japan. and Nagasaki. 46 Admiralty to foreign office.... July 5, 1865 To what naval station should letters

be sent. Foreign office to adıniralty.... July 8, 1865 To all stations except the Mediter

ranean, 48 Circular to all the colonies.... Sept. 7, 1865 The Shenandoah is to be detained if

she enters a British port.
49 Earl Russell to lords commis. Oct. 6, 1865 Shenandoab, having been reported to
siopers of the admiralty.

bave continued cruising, should be
seized and delivered to United

States authorities.
50 Foreign office to colonial office Oct. 7, 1865 Similar instructions to be sent to the

51 Colonial office to foreign office Oct. 9, 1865 Report trom governor of Saint Helena

of prisoners landed at Tristan
d'Acunha baving been taken off by


Oct. 13, 1265 Correspondence between governor of

Vancouver's Island and cousul as

to detention of Shenandoah. 53

Oct. 14, 1865 Proposed circular to colonial gov. 54 Foreign office to colonial office. Oct. 19 1865 Approve procerdings of governor of

ancouver's Island. 55 Admiralty to foreign office...., Oct. 26, 1865 Measures taken by Admiral Denman 50 Treasury to foreign oflice Nov. 6,1865 Arrival of Shenandoah at Liverpool,

November 6. 57 Mr. Grimston to foreign office. Nov. 6,1865 Ibid., 53 Home ottice to foreign office... Nov. 6,1865 Report from customs. Request in.

structions. 59 Commander Fisber to admi. Nor. 6, 1865 Vessel armed and manned. No colors ralty.

flying: 60 Admiralty to foreign office.... Nov. 6, 1865 Vessel delivered by her commander

to customs anthorities. 01 Foreign office to law-officers... Nov. 6, 1865 Opinion requested.... 62 Law-officers to foreign office ... Nov. 6, 1865 Opinion as to course to be pursued as

regards arrival at Liverpool. 63 Foreign office to law-officers... Nov. 6, 1865. For further opinion. 64 Admiralty to foreign oflice.... Nor. 7,1263 Report from Captain Paynter 65 Treasury to foreign office Nov. 7, 1863 Telegram from customs. May crew

land? 66

Nov. 7, 1865 Report from customs as to proceed.

ings on arrival. 67 Treasury to home office Nov. 7, 1865 What instructions are to be given? 68 Home office to foreign office... Nov. 7, 1865 Request opinions as to instructions 69 Foreign office to law-officers... Nov. 7, 1863 For opinion on questious raised by

admiralty and customs. 70 Captain Waddell to foreign Nov. 6, 1863 Arrival and proposed surrender of ottice.

vessel. 71 Foreign office to law.officers... Nov. 7, 1865 Further papers for opinion. 72

Nor. 7, 1865 73 Mr. Adams to the Earl of Clar. Nov. 7, 1865 Requests that the vessel may be de. endon.

livered to United States Govern.

Law-officers to foreign office... Nov. 7, 1863' Opinion as to delivery of vessel to Mr.

Avlams and course to be pursued



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75 Foreign office to law.officers... Nov. 7, 1865 Inclosing further letter from Mr.

Adams. 76 The Earl of Clarendon to Mr. Nov. 7, 1865 The vessel has been taken charge of Adams,

by naval authorities. 77 | Foreign office to home office... Nov. 8, 1865 Proceedings to be taken. Vessel to be

delivered to Mr. Adams. 78 Law-officers to foreign othce... Nov. 8, 1865 Opinion on questions as to extradi.

tion for piracy, and treatment of

the crew 79 .do

Nov. 8, 1865 Further report from law officers. 80 Foreign office to admiralty.. Nov. 8, 1865 To communicate with home othice. 81 Foreign ottice to treasury

8,1863 Case placed in the hands of the home

82 Admiralty to foreign ottice.... Nov. 8, 1865 Report from Captain Paynter. Crew

want to land. 83

Nov. 8, 1865 Proceedings of Captain Paynter to

secure detention of the vessel. 84 Home office to foreign oflice.... Nov. 9, 1865 Steps to be taken for prosecution of

British subjects, if any, among the *85 (475) Foreign office to home Nov. 9, 1865 Vessel should be delivered to Mr. office.

Adams, not to the consul. Imme-
diato inquiry to be inade as to the

nationality of the crew.
86 Admiralty to foreign office Nov. 10, 1865 Report from Captain Paynter. No

British subjects found among the

87 | Foreign office to admiralty.... Nov. 10, 1865 Regnest explanations as to Captain

Paynter's inquiry, and specitically
as to Martin, Hutchinson, Clark,
Jones, Silvester, and Jackson, and

seamen of naval reserve. 88 Foreign office to home office. Nov, 10, 1865 Forwarding copy of No. 87 $9 Home office to foreigu office... Nov. 10, 1865 Crew all landen.

Vessel to be re

tained for delivery to Mr. Adams. 90 Admiralty to foreigu office.... Nov. 11, 1865 Vessel delivered to the United States

consul at Liverpool. 91 The Earl of Clarendon to Mr. Nov. 11, 1865 Informing him of the proceedings Alains.

which have been taken. 92 Sir F. Bruce to Earl Russell... Oct. 31, 1865 United States Government informed

that restrictions on men-of-war are

removed. 93 Admiralty to foreign office.... Nov. 13, 1865 Report from Captain Paynter as to

his inquiry into the nationality of

the crew 94 ...

Nov. 13, 1865 United States consul anthorized by

Mr. Adams to receive the vessel.
95 Home office to foreign office... Nov. 13, 1865 Captain Paynter's duties at an end
96 Mr. Adams to the Earlof Clar- Nov. 14, 1865 | Entertains no doubt that the prompt.

ness of the delivery of the vessel
will give great satisfaction to his
Government. Disappointment at

treatment of crew.
97 Home office to foreign office.... Nov. 15, 1865 Delivery of the vessel on the 10th

instant. 98 ...

Nov. 15, 1865 Forwarding copy of Captain Payn.

ter's report.
99 The Earl of Clarendon to Mr. Nov. 17, 1865 No evidence against the crow. A

prosecution for piracy could have
been instituted by any person if
there had been evidence forthcom-

ing. 100

Nov. 18, 1865 Reply to Mr. Adams 8 general repre

sentation of the 21st of October. 101 Mr. Adams to the Earl of Clar. Nov. 21, 1865 Awaits instructions before replying endon.

to notes of 17th and isth instant. 102 Admiralty to foreign office.... Nov. 22, 1865 The vessel has left for New York 103 Mr. Seward to Mr. Adanıs.. Nov. 30, 1865 Protost of United States Government 104 The Earl of Clarendon to Sir Dec. 26, 1863 Interview with Mr. Adams. Proposal F. Bruce.

for a rovision of international law. 105 Mr. Adains to the Earl of Clar- Dec. 28, 1865 Representation as to arming of Shen. endon.

andoah; her continued cruising and
employment of British subjects on

106 The Earl of Clarendon to Mr. Dec. 30, 1865 Acknowledging receipt of No. 105,

which will receive due attention. 107 The Earl of Clarendon to Sir Jan. 19, 1866 Reply to protest of United States F. Bruce.


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108 The Earl of Clarendon to Mr. Jan. 19, 1866 Reply to note of peth ultimo.


marks on Temple's statements. In.
quiry to be made and prosecutions

instituted if they can be sustained. 109 Foreign office to admiralty.... Jan. 20, 1866 Captain Paynter to report on Tem

ple's statements. 110 Mr. Adams to the Earlof Clar- Jan. 24, 1866 Acknowledging receipt of note of endon.

19th instant. Anxious to establish

the truth.
111 The Earl of Clarendon to Mr. Jan. 29, 1866 Glad to co-operate in establishing the

truth and in rendering clear and
practical the obligations of neutral

112 Foreign office to home office... Feb. 1, 1866 Inquiring what has been done as to

prosecutions. 113 Home office to foreign office... Feb. 2, 1866 Treasury solicitor to report 114

Feb. 7, 1866 Report of treasury solicitor. Denial

of Mrs. Marshall's statement. Offer
of Temple to perjure himself at

Corbett's trial.
115 Admiralty to foreign office.... Feb. 7, 1866 Report of Captain Paynter. Untrust.

worthiness of Temple. 116 Home office to foreign office... Feb. 16, 1866 insuficieuey of evidence for prose

cuting 117 Foreign office to home office...Feb. 17, 1866 Further inquiry to be made 118 Sir F. Bruce to the Earl of Feb. 10, 1866 United States Government consider Clarendon.

further discussion postponed.
119 Home oflice to foreign office... Mar. 16, 1866 Further inquiries made. Statement

of Mr. Hull on behalf of Captain
Waddell. Statements of Mr. Han-

mer and R. Rosel.
120 Law-officers to foreign office... Mar. 28, 1866 Opinion as to result of inquiries made.

Temple's statements untrustwor.
thy. Matter may be allowed to

121 Foreign office to home office... Mar. 31, 1866 Forwarding copy of No. 120, with con-

curence. *122 (476) Colonial office to for. Jay 23, 1866 Report of governor of Victoria on eign office.

Temple's statements. 123 The Earl of Clarendon to Mr. June 6, 1866 Informing him of the result of the Adans,

inquiries into Temple's statements. 124 Mr. Adams to the Earl of Clar. June 7, 1866 Reply to No. 123. Will forward copies endon.

to his Government.
125 Messrs. Robertson & Co. to Nov. 15, 1871 Original character and design of the
foreign office.

Sea King. Her first voyage and na-
ture of guns on board of her.

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No. 1.

Consul Grattan to Earl Russell.

First intimation

at Teneriffe.

Arrival of Captain


ber 21, 1864.

TENERIFFE, October 30, 1864. (Received November 12.) MY LORD: I have the honor to inform your lordship that the British steam-vessel Laurel (47,819) of the port of Glasgow, bound from Liverpool to Nassau, arrived here on the 21st instant, for the purpose of coaling.

The master, J. F. Ramsey, on presenting himself at this office, stated that he wished to land forty-three passengers, who were to proceed to England by the next Liverpool steamer, and respectine prostrada that these persons were the master and crew of the British recrived from consui steamer Sea King, (official number 48,547,) of London, which vessel had been wrecked off the Desertas. The Laurel continued her voyage on the 22d instant. The master, on getting up steam, and not before, landed the above-mentioned seamen.

The master of the Sea King, P. S. Corbett, did not call at this office, as is usual in such cases, either for the purpose of making a protest or to claim assistance. Therefore, on the 25th Corlete there in laninstant, I sent to desire his attendance, and demanded the from sea King, Octom certiticate of registry of his vessel, in pursuance of instructions contained in No. 13 paragraph of the board of trade instructions. On handing in this certificate he informed me that his vessel had not been wrecked, but that she had been sold in London and delivered to her owners on the high seas, and that himself and his crew had landed here for the purpose of returning to England as passengers in the west coast of Africa mail.steamer, due at this port on the 31st instant.

The discrepancy between the statements of the two masters led me to seek for further information respecting this matter, and the substance of the declaration I have obtained from George Kelly, Edward Everall, John Ellison, (royal naval volunteers 18,130,) and John Hircus, all seamen belonging to the crew of the steam-vessel Sea King, is as follows:

- The Laurel sailed from Liverpool bound to Nassau, with 24 supposed officers and 17 seamen, besides her own crew, 45 to 60 shells, about five tons of gunpowder, and various other munitions of war; she proceeded to Madeira, where she took about 300 tons of coals. The Sea King sailed from London on the 7th instant, and also proceeded to the offing of Funchal Roads. Both vessels then steamed to a place off the Desertas, where the sea was smooth, and the officers and men, arms, and munitions of war were transshipped from the Laurel to the Sea King on the 20th instant. The cases of arms were at once opened, and the seamen armed themselves with cutlasses and revolvers. One of the officers then took command of the vessel in the name of the government of the so-called Confederate States of America. Some of the crew of the Laurel joined the Sea King. The remainder of her intended crew are to be sent out from England."

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