Scott on Multimedia Law, 1. daļa

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Aspen Law & Business, 1997 - 1600 lappuses
The rules and regulations governing multimedia technology are advancing as rapidly as the technology itself. The Second Edition keeps you up on the evolving law and gives the legal framework for the development, marketing, distribution, and licensing of multimedia products. The valuable reference now includes over 50 forms on disk enabling you to customize the forms to meet your practice needs. You'll find guidance on the latest issues to help you gain a clear understanding of the current disputes over trademark and domain names and how to avoid them
-- keep up to date on the latest legal developments regarding the Internet and on-line services
-- stay on top of the important new case law and regulatory initiatives governing copyright protection of on-line materials
-- stay informed about the licensing of software for multimedia products -- including such issues as source code escrow and copyright misuse
-- and much more. Coverage includes: Registration of a website trademark to comply with evolving standards in the international regulatory environment
-- Intellectual property rights issues such as copyrights, moral rights, international aspects, patents, trademarks, trade names and trade secrets
-- Legal issues including titles and characters, rights of publicity, right of privacy, defamation, and unfair competition
-- Employment agreements, development agreements, and distribution agreements
-- Licensing issues for incorporated materials
-- And involvement with guilds, unions, and trade associations.

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