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113. lappuse - ... votes of the members present, and in case of an equal division of votes the chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to his vote as a member of the committee.
1. lappuse - Chaplain, and all other Chaplains his successors, to perform divine service every day at the altar of the blessed Virgin Mary, in the parish Church of Limington, for the souls of...
4. lappuse - ... by Plautius, and by the Norman William; and consequently this celebrated Belgic chief could not have been the conqueror who reared the Wansdike. This magnificent earthwork reached from the woodlands of Berkshire to the British Channel. Its remains have been carefully surveyed by Sir RC Hoare. The conquests it was intended to include seem to have been, first, the Vale of Pewsey; secondly, the mineral district of the Mendip Hills ; and, thirdly, the country lying between this range and the marshes...
3. lappuse - Saxons reign, And therefore of his place himself he proudly bare) Had very oft been heard with Stonendge to compare; Whom for a paltry ditch, when Stonendge...
3. lappuse - Than passed greatness should thy present wants disclose, eo 111 did those mighty men to trust thee with their story, That hast forgot their names, who rear'd thee for their glory: For all their wondrous cost, thou that hast serv'd them so, What 'tis to trust to tombs, by thee we eas'ly know.
44. lappuse - They are like an inverted cone," he says, " and very unequal in dimensions : in some instances, we see double pits, divided by a slight partition of earth ; and the soil in which they are dug is of so dry a nature, that no water has been ever known to stagnate in them.
9. lappuse - Hill, and there can be no doubt about the line of Roman road which is traced on the map. Tradition has indeed given the name of Wansdyke to this whole tract of Roman road." Mr. Leman says, "it not only bears the name of Wansditch through the whole of its course, but the " Saxon bank and ditch," are plainly visible, as made on the foundation of the previous Roman road in the grounds of Mr. Fuller at Neston.
84. lappuse - Carith, and pressing the siege with vigour, throwing, by his machines, showers of missiles and fire without intermission among the garrison, and reducing them to starvation; so that at last he forced them to surrender on terms of submission and alliance.
21. lappuse - Sepulchrale : an account of some antiquities dug up in the county of Kent.
83. lappuse - And when they had thrown into the lowest pit of destruction all that was immediately within their reach and under their hands, they quickly found their way into every part of England where they heard there were men of wealth and substance, and either violently laid hold of them, or got them into their power by fraud ; then, bandaging their eyes and stopping their mouths, either by cramming something into them, or inserting a sharp and toothed bit, they conducted their captives, thus blinded, into...

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