The Dynamics of American Ethnic, Religious, and Racial Group Life: An Interdisciplinary Overview

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Greenwood Publishing Group, 1996 - 244 lappuses

Focusing on racial, ethnic, and religious groups, the author proposes a historical overview of group life and its impact on American society. His objectives and arguments are multiple. Covering a period from precolonial days to the present, he discusses the dynamics of group identity as well as the dynamics of intragroup and intergroup relations. The underlying theme is: All groups have at one time endured discrimination in American society. But, the trend in the United States historically has been toward guaranteeing and protecting individual rights. The author concludes that over the past few decades, however, the trend has shifted. Since the civil rights movement, the course has been toward government promotion of group rights over individual rights. He argues that this promotion of group rights has been chipping away at traditional individual rights. The impact of these preferences--specifically affirmative action programs--has been to create competition and antagonism among groups. Concerned with how to preserve national unity in the wake of this increasing animosity, Perlmutter concludes with ominous observations for America's future if the current trend of the government promoting group rights continues.


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The Pluralization of American Population
Patterns Processes and Problems of Group Life
Intragroup and Intergroup Differences
Group Identity versus National Identity
Groups and Stereotypes
Minority and Majority Group Goals
The Benefits of Group Identity
Disadvantages of Group Identity
Group Responses to Prejudice and Discrimination
The Future of Group Life Survival or Erosion?
Bibliographical Essay

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Par autoru (1996)

PHILIP PERLMUTTER is the former executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston and the author of Divided We Fall: A History of Ethnic, Religious, and Racial Prejudice in America (1992), the recipient of the outstanding book award by the Gustavus Myers Center for Study of Human Rights.

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