The Hospital steward's manual: for the instruction of hospital stewards, ward-masters, and attendants, in their several duties

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J.B. Lippincott & Company, 1862 - 324 lappuses
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70. lappuse - On the first week day of the months of February, April, June, August, October, and December...
4. lappuse - An act to reorganize and increase the efficiency of the Medical Department of the Army...
32. lappuse - ... director of the military department in which they may be serving; to each of whom they will also report each new assignment to duty, or change of station, ordered in their case, noting carefully the number, date, and source of the order directing the same. They will likewise report monthly, when on furlough, to the medical officer in charge of the hospital to which they are attached.
144. lappuse - RATION. 1069. . . .The ration is three fourths of a pound of pork or bacon, or one and a fourth pounds of fresh or salt beef; eighteen ounces of bread or flour, or twelve ounces of hard bread, or one and a fourth pounds...
166. lappuse - ... .He will require the steward to take due care of the hospital stores and supplies ; to enter in a book, daily (Form 5), the issues to the ward-masters, cooks, and nurses ; to prepare the provision returns, and receive and distribute the rations.
143. lappuse - ... regulation, and one pound of potatoes per man shall be issued at least three times a week, if practicable ; and, when these articles cannot be issued in these proportions, an equivalent in value shall be issued in some other proper food...
216. lappuse - ... ten tablespoonfuls of salt ; one tablespoonful of pepper. Simmer three hours, and serve. Skim off the fat, which, when cold, is an excellent substitute for butter. PLAIN IBISH STEW FOE FIFTY MEN.
250. lappuse - ... supplies, and recourse cannot be had to a medical disbursing officer, they may be procured by the quartermaster on a special requisition (Form 2) and account (Form 3).
14. lappuse - Brim to be looped up to side of hat with a brass eagle, having a hook attached to the bottom to secure the brim — on the right side for mounted men and left side for foot men. The feather to be worn on the side opposite the loop.
20. lappuse - NOTE. — It is hereby enjoined upon all Medical Officers that they shall not avail themselves of this special authority of the War Department without first receiving permission of the Surgeon-General to do so, on making a full statement of the facts in the case, and clearly setting forth the reasons why the permission should be granted, except in cases of immediate necessity and urgency, and then the Commanding Officer must approve. In such exceptional cases the facts will be promptly reported to...

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