Conference Series, 81. izdevums

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1929

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52. lappuse - With a view to the creation of conditions of stability and well-being which are necessary for peaceful and friendly relations among nations...
57. lappuse - Give fresh impulse to popular education and to the spread of culture by collaborating with members at their request in the development of educational activities, by instituting collaboration among the nations to advance the ideal of equality of educational opportunity without regard to race, sex or any distinctions economic or social by suggesting educational methods best suited to prepare the children of the world for the responsibilities of freedom.
56. lappuse - The Organization shall enjoy in the territory of each of its Members such legal capacity as . may be necessary for the exercise of its functions and the fulfilment of its purposes.
41. lappuse - Members of the United Nations which have or assume responsibilities for the administration of territories whose peoples have not yet attained a full measure of self-government recognize the principle that the interests of the inhabitants of these territories...
52. lappuse - The General Assembly shall consider and approve the budget of the Organization. 2. The expenses of the Organization shall be borne by the Members as apportioned by the General Assembly.
18. lappuse - Organization will: (a) collaborate in the work of advancing the mutual knowledge and understanding of peoples, through all means of mass communication...
56. lappuse - Representatives of the members of the United Nations and officials of the organization shall similarly enjoy such privileges and immunities as are necessary for the independent exercise of their functions in connection with the organization.
52. lappuse - The action required to carry out the decisions of the Security Council for the maintenance of international peace and security shall be taken by all the Members of the United Nations or by some of them, as the Security Council may determine.
52. lappuse - Nations shall promote: a. higher standards of living, full employment, and conditions of economic and social progress and development; b. solutions of international economic, social, health, and related problems; and international cultural and educational cooperation; and c. universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion.

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