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The Code of Federal Regulations, 1949 Edition, contains a codification of the Federal administrative rules and regulations, general and permanent in nature, duly promulgated on or before December 31, 1948, and effective as to facts arising on and after January 1, 1949. This is the second edition of the Code of Federal Regulations. The first edition, similar in scope and arrangement, was compiled as of June 1, 1938. Reference to the first edition and the supplements thereto should be made for Federal administrative rules affecting facts or circumstances which arose prior to January 1, 1949.

Current regulatory material appearing in the daily issues of the Federal Register is keyed to this second edition and serves as a daily supplement to the Code. Each book of this second edition is provided with a pocket for the insertion of the annual cumulative supplement thereto. Each book also contains a special subject index. The General Index to the entire edition is published in a separate volume together with the General Preface to the 1949 Edition and a reprint of the general preface to the first edition of the Code of Federal Regulations.

This book contains the rules and regulations constituting Parts 80 to 169 of Title 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations, 1949 Edition. Each section of the Code is accompanied by a citation of the source document and of the specific authority under which it was prescribed. All citations of statutory authority and of statutes interpreted or applied by the codified material'are tabulated under Title 2 in this edition. This tabulation is designed to lead users from the Federal statutes codified in the United States Code to the related administrative legislation codified in this edition of the Code of Federal Regulations. Title 3 of this edition consists of a tabulation of Proclamations, Executive orders, and similar documents promulgated by the President, which are cited or otherwise included in the 1949 Edition. Title 3 therefore serves as a guide leading from such Presidential documents to related or dependent codified material.

The 1949 Edition is published as a special edition of the Federal Register, dated January 1, 1949, pursuant to Part 2 of the regulations of the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register, approved by the President October 11, 1948 (13 F. R. 5935; 1 CFR Part 2), under the authority contained in section 11 (d) of the Federal Register Act as amended (50 Stat. 305; 44 U. S. C. 311 (d)). The contents of the Federal Register and of this Code are by law prima facie evidence of the text of the original documents and are required to be judicially noticed (49 Stat. 502, 50 Stat. 304; 44 U.S. C. 307, 311 (c)).

This edition should be cited "CFR.” Thus the approved abbreviated citation of 8 81.1 in Title 26 hereof would be "26 CFR 81.1."


D. C. EBERHART JULY 13, 1949.


Table of Titles and Chapter Headings

Title 1-General Provisions Chap.

I Administrative Committee of the Federal Register

Title 2-The Congress

Table of statutory authorities and statutes interpreted or applied

Title 3—The President

I Proclamations (tabulation) II Executive orders (tabulation) III Presidential documents other than Proclamations and Executive

orders (tabulation) Appendix-Table of CFR references to Presidential documents

Title 4-Accounts
I General Accounting Office

Title 5—Administrative Personnel

I Civil Service Commission
II The Loyalty Review Board
III Foreign and Territorial Compensation

Title Agricultural Credit I Farm Credit Administration, Department of Agriculture II Rural Electrification Administration, Department of Agriculture III Farmers Home Administration, Department of Agriculture IV Production and Marketing Administration and Commodity Credit

Corporation, Department of Agriculture

Title 7-Agriculture
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Agriculture

SUBTITLE B—Regulations of the Department of Agriculture
I Production and Marketing Administration (Standards, Inspec-

tions, Marketing Practices)
II Production and Marketing Administration (School Lunch Pro-

gram) III Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine

IV Federal Crop Insurance Corporation

V Production and Marketing Administration (Surplus Property)
VI Soil Conservation Service
VII Production and Marketing Administration (Agricultural Adjust-

ment) VIII Production and Marketing Administration (Sugar Branch) IX Production and Marketing Administration Marketing Agree

ments and Orders) X Administrator, Research and Marketing Act

Title 8-Aliens and Nationality

I Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice II Office of Alien Property, Department of Justice III Philippine Alien Property Administration IV Displaced Persons Commission

Title 9—Animals and Animal Products

I Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture
II Production and Marketing Administration (Packers and Stock-

yards Division), Department of Agriculture
III Bureau of Dairy Industry, Department of Agriculture

Title 10—Atomic Energy

I Atomic Energy Commission

Title 11-Bankruptcy (No regulations assigned to this title)

Title 12-Banks and Banking
I Bureau of the Comptroller of the Currency, Department of the

II Federal Reserve System
III Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
IV Export-Import Bank of Washington

Title 13—Business Credit

I Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Title 14—Civil Aviation

I Civil Aeronautics Board
II Civil Aeronautics Administration, Department of Commerce

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