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THE city employes have asked for an increase of wages.

THE calcium light operators in the Chicago theaters have been organized.

THE third annual charity ball of the Chicago Musical Society occurs March 26.

CHICAGO labor organizations have commenced a crusade against prison-made goods.

THE Chicago Trade and Labor Assembly will consider its reorganization plan on Sunday, April 14.

THE Plumbers' Union has a bill before the Legislature to license master and journeymen plumbers.

THE Chicago Herald and Times have consolidated, throwing a large number of printers out of employment.

The Bricklayers' Union is considering the advisability of publishing an official organ to agitate a six-hour day.

THE Switchmen employed on the different roads leading into Chicago met recently and perfected a new organization.

THE Western Newspaper Union has put in nineteen linotype machines, and is publishing a daily paper for the West Side.

THE Knee-pants Makers' Union, employed in Stern's sweatshop, on West Twelfth street, is on strike for better conditions.

A CENTRAL organization of the seamen on the chain of lakes was recently organized here, with T. J. Elderkin as president.

THE Boot and Shoe Makers Union is on strike for the reinstatement of several members and a raise in wages at West Pullman.

CLEMENT, Bane & Co. have filed a bill in the courts to restrain the United Garment Workers' Union from prosecuting a boycott against the firm.

CHICAGO Typographical Union has followed the questionable scheme of other labor organizations and withdrawn their delegates from the Trade and Labor Assembly.

J, J. LINEHAN, of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, and one of the handsomest men in the labor movement, has been appointed head janitor of the city hall.

THE Committee from the Trade and Labor Assembly, which is raising funds for the defense of the imprisoned miners in Targewell county, is meeting with encouraging success.

CHICAGO Typographical Union, No. 16, has appropriated $4,000 out of its general fund for the benefit of its unemployed members. It is also about to publish a one-cent daily paper.

THE Building Trades Council fined the Gasfitters' Union $300 for permitting its members to work in the boycotted Marquette building, and suspended the union from membership.

CONSIDERABLE activity is seen along the river, where hundreds of vessels are tied up at the docks. It is the general impression among vesselmen that the shipping season this year will open early.

THE "committee" of three which recently held up and relieved ex-President J. J. McGrath, of the Trade and Labor Assembly, of his overcoat, fur cap, watch and money, has been captured and bound over to the Criminal Court.

DURING the recent cold snap the employes in the Chicago postoffice nearly froze to death at their work. Great drifts of snow had blown in through the cracks in the building, waterpipes had burst, filling the basement with slush and ice a foot deep.

THE United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners is perfecting the organization of the thirty-two local unions into one, and then to divide the city into nine districts, each district to have a business agent who will report to the central organization semi-weekly.

one-half hour's time per mile for the distance traveled in collecting their pay on the regular pay day.

THE annual arbitration between the Bricklayers Union and the building contractors was held recently. Eight hours is a day's work, at 50 cents per hour, and the men to be paid off when discharged, and if not paid then, the men are allowed

THE labor unions which have seceded from the Trade and Labor Assembly, together with Socialist clubs, debating societies, Knights of Labor, Populist clubs and other wings of the labor movement, have formed a labor (?) union, styled the Trade and Labor Congress.

MALCOLM MCNEIL, the skipper-chaplain of the Seamen's Union and the United States Marine Hospital, opened a home for poor sailors at 85 Grand avenue, January 20. During the first month 3,250 free meals and 400 free beds were furnished. Shoes, clothing, underwear, socks and bedding are needed.

COPIES of the list of unfair products can be had on application to this office.

SUBSCRIBERS not receiving the FEDERATIONIST will confer a favor by promptly notifying this office.

THE Fishermen of Columbia River, Astoria, Ore., have adopted a label for canned goods, and which was endorsed by the Denver convention.

THE Reed, Rattan and Willow Workers, 6454, St. Louis, who had been on strike some weeks, gained their demands on February 19, and all parties returned to work.

THE Armour Packing Co., of Kansas City, which was declared unfair by the Denver convention, made an agreement January 9, with Beef Boners' Union, 6151, to pay Chicago prices, and to give members of that union the preference.

THE executive council of the A. F. of L. has decided, on the disagreement existing in the Brotherhood of Painters and Decorators, to recognize the convention which met in Cleveland last December, and the headquarters in Baltimore, Md., of which J. T. Elliott is secretary.

THE attention of organizers is called to the following provision (Art. 13, Sec. 4) of the constitution: "The A. F. of L. shall refer all applications for certificates of affiliation from local unions, or federal labor unions from a vicinity where a chartered central labor union exists, to that body for investigation and approval."

AN effort is being made to organize a national body of the agents and canvassers. It is proposed to hold a convention on May 20, at some central point. Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis, have been suggested. Organizers are requested to co-operate with C. H. Sidener, President American Agents Association, Piqua, O. There are unions in Cincinnati, Chicago, St Louis, Cleveland, Pittsburg, New York, Albany, etc.

FOR five new subscribers to the FEDERATIONIST We will give one copy each of the following pamphlets: "Philosophy of Trade Unions," by Dyer D. Lum; "The Safety of the Future Lies in Organized Labor," by Henry D. Lloyd; "The Philosophy of the Labor Movement," by Geo. E. McNeil; "The Economic and Social Importance of the Eight Hour Movement," by Geo. Gunton; "Universal Education," by Senator Henry W. Blair. For ten new subscribers, in addition to the above, we will give one copy each of the "Proceedings of the Denver Convention" and the "Discussion on the Political Program."

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Financial Statement.

REPORT OF SECRETARY. INDIANAPOLIS, IND., February 1, 1895. Following is a statement of the receipts and expenses for the month of January. (The months are abbreviated thus: j, f, m, a, m, etc.)



I. Cash on hand





Packing-house butchers 5791, tax, o, n, d Reed, rattan and willow wkrs 6454, tax, d Federal labor union, 6400, tax, d


Globe Tobacco Co., Detroit, adv
Lune-Smith Pub. Co., Phila., adv

The Am. Cereal Co., adv

H. F. Grimes, Boston, supplies

Wire drawers and die mkrs 6460, tax, j, f, m
Sheep butchers protective 6146, tax, s, o, n, d
Stablemen's protective 6327, tax, n, d, j.

Drop forge and hammermen, tax, d, 41c; sup.. 50c .
Working girls federal labor 6121, tax, d, 29c; sup., 12c
United garment workers of America, tax
Manhattan musical 6352, supplies.

Furriers union of U. S. and Cân., tax, j, j, a, s, o, n, d

Laborers protective 5287, tax, s, o, n Supplies.


Elastic Web Co., Bridgeport, Ct., adv Drummond Tobacco Co., St. Louis, adv Copies of FEDERATIONIST

Women's federal labor 2703, supplies New Process Twist Drill Co., adv.

Ladies federal labor 5756, supplies

Paper carriers prot. and ben. 5783, tax, n, d,

Tobacco box mkrs prot. 6042, tax, jan
Hod carriers prot. 6237, tax, s, o, n, d

7. Sprinkler fitters 6479, supplies
Screwmakers 6256, tax, d

Federated trades council, Hillsboro, Tampa, Fla.,
tax, o, n, d

Brittania wkrs 5928, Middleton, Ct., tax, o, n, d
Watch wkrs 5571, tax, d, j, f, m

Hod carriers prot. 6266, tax, n

Sweet, Orr & Co., adv

T. Kingsford & Son, adv

8. Motor and car repairers prot. 6466, sup

Federal labor 6360, tax, a, s, o, n, d, $1.25; sup. 75c
Detroit tobacco wkrs union 6368, tax, j, f, m

Int. typographical, tax, d.

File mkrs prot. 5887, tax, n, '93, too, '94, inc.$2.40; sup. $1.80

Musical 5977, tax, o, n, d

10. Curriers and tanners, Milwaukee, supplies

Prudential Ins. Co., Newark, adv

Copies of FEDERATIONIST. Laborers prot. 5287, supplies Federal labor 6346, supplies.

Putnam Nail Co., adv

Federal labor 6324, tax s, o, n, $1.50; supplies, $1.25 Brickmakers prot. 6365, tax, d, j, f

12. Carriage hardware wkrs 6419, tax, d.

Brittania wkrs 5809, tax, d.

Meat cutters and butchers 5769, supplies
Superior musical 6462, tax, d

Horse-nail wkrs prot. and ben. 6170, tax, n, d,

14. Bartenders mut. and prot, asso. 5472, tax, o, n,

Federal labor 6322, 0, 11

Packers and nailers prot. 6152, tax, jan


15. Roll wkrs 6457, tax, d


$4.514 OI 50 00 5 00 12 50

2 50

2 70 48


Federal labor 6458, tax d

Longshoremen 5678, tax, n, d, j

Detroit expressmens prot. 6467, tax, u, d Federal Labor 6415, tax, j, 40c; supplies, 50c 17. Subscriptions


Hod carriers 5886, tax, s, o, n, d

Musicians mut. ben. asso. 5579, tax, o, n,
Tobacco wkrs 4087, tax, d

Whip wkrs prot. 5940, tax, n, d, $2.89; supplies, $1.29
Butchers and meat cutters 6260, tax, jan
Horse-nail wkrs prot. and ben., supplies
Packers and nailers 6152, supplies.

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91 41


I 00

8 75

21 55 1 15 5 70 70

30 00

25 00 85 50 15.00

3 25

I 45

I 12

I 04

I 00 2.00 52

6 25




37 50 II 25

2 50

· 2 00 42

75 00

4 20

33 3 25

25 00


7 75

4 25

37 50

2 75

I 05


2 44

3 25 08 I 71

I 00 88

2 10 60

40 4 00






I 50 32 12 42 I 90 4 14 18 5.00 1 25

4 50

I 25

I 86

I 10

2 50

I 00


5 87

I 80




35 00

23. Miners prot. asso. 6395, tax, d .

Coal and ore handlers 5867, tax, o, n, d Journeymen butchers 5502, tax, o, . 24. Federal labor 6487, supplies.






28. Federal labor 5759, tax, o

Marine and stationary firemen 5707, tax, o, n,

Federal labor 6332, tax, d, j

29. Journeyman butchers 6463, tax, d, j
Int. typographical, tax, jan.

Hod carriers 5617, tax, d, j, f, m, a, m,
Federal labor 5882, tax, d, j.
Miners and mine laborers 6371, sup.

Drop forger and hammermen 6401, sup
Coopers federal labor, sup

Lime burners and trimmers 6261, tax, n, d, j, $5.

4. 7.


31. Cigarmakers international, tax, o

Reed, rattan and willow wrks 6308, tax, d. j
Bohemian federal labor 6354, tax, a, s, o, n, d
Federal labor 6415, sup
Small supplies.




Drop hammer employes 6485, supplies Cloth hat and cap mkrs 6484, sup Filers 6483, sup



Lathers prot. 6486, sup
Wheelmkrs 5355, tax, j, f, m

United brewery workmen, tax, o, n,
Teamsters prot. 6333, tax, n, d
Stove fitters 5028, d, j

Hotel and rest. employes, tax, n
Slate and tile roofers 5177, tax, o, n, d, j
Federal labor 2703, sup

21. 22.


sup., 50c

Tobacco laborers prot. 6043, tax, n, j
Musicians prot. 5559, tax, jan

Hod carriers 5495, tax, d, j

Coal teamsters and handlers 6128, tax, n, d





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1. Lecturing tour, textile industry, David Holmes, Eng. $25 00 Services on seamen's bills at Wash., A. Furuseth. One month's rent in advance, C. Harft, New York




3. Attending meeting of ex. council, J. B. Lennon, N. Y.
J. Duncan, Balt'o
T. J. Elderkin, Chi.
P.J.McGuire, Phila.

100 00
40 00
10 50
34 50
13 25
100 00



Lecturing tour, John Burns, of England
2 doz. charms, 1⁄2 doz. pins, A. F. of L., Pierce & Co.,
Providence, R. I

Services on seamen's bills at Wash., A. Furuseth
Commission on advertising, H. L. Palmer, Chicago.
Gas, December, Consolidated Gas Co., New York
Organizer's exp., L. B. Schraeder, Ludington, Mich.
Envelopes, Burnton & Co., New York
Salt bag, Reid & Co., New York.

Dextrine, matches, etc., C. C. Parsons, New York
Nails, James H. Drake's Sons, New York.
Postage stamps (1-cent.) FEDERATIONIST

Metal polishers, buffers and platers national union,
appropriated by convention

Stenographer at convention, Arthur Cooper, Denver Freight, New York to Indianapolis, Penn. R. R. Co. Packing cases, Geo. Kidney, New York

Packing case strapping, Schneider & Co., New York Type-writer supplies, Smith-Premier Co, New York Gas, January, Consolidated Gas Co., New York Printing 100,000 union labels, ledger, supplies, I. Goldman, N. Y

Three week's salary clerk, E. H. Blick, New York







stenog., H. H. Stoddart, N. Y. office boy, G. Seinner, N. Y A. Gompers, N. Y 19. Teaming, H. C. Roesner, Indianapolis Fred Cook, Indianapolis.

Helper, Wm. Holman, Indianapolis
500 badges and exp., Pierce & Co., Providence, R. I.
Office supplies, Cathcart, C. & Co., Indianapolis.
Rubber stamps and pads, G. J. Mayer, Indianapolis
Services on brewers' disagreement, T. J. Elderkin,

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i 05

I 38

Invoice book, wrap. paper, etc., Bowen-Merrill Co., Indianapolis

I 24

10 00

Two days' services stenographer, H. Parmalee
2,000 2-cent env. and mis, print., Ind'pls Ptg. Co
Carpentry, lumber, painting, etc., Worthington &
Baker, Indianapolis
Carpeting, Wm. Kötteman

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25 5.00 250 00 77 68 40 8 55 I 25 2.40

4 00

86 25 99 4 25 10 00 40 8 So 75 6 30 14 00

55 95 78 25 75.00 45 00 39 00 15 00 15.00 7 50 I 50 I 00

136 30

275 I 50

12 00

5 25 3.34 60 00

72 20 114 65

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Special Notice

................Each and Every Union Member in good standing is hereby appointed a committee of one to see that every retail clothier in his district carries a full line of Union Label Clothing and none other. Failure to com

ply with such request being the loss of patronage not

alone of all union members, but their friends as well.

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This is an exact facsimile of the American Federation of Labor Badge. It is of Rolled Gold, beautifully enameled in three colors, red, white and blue. They are sold at 50 cents each, or $5.00 per dozen.



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This Label is used on all goods made by Union men connected with Unions affiliated with the American Federation of Labor where such unions have no distinctive trade label of their own. This label is printed dark blue on white paper.




SEPT. 1880

Issued by Authority of the Cigar Makers International Union of America.

Union-made Cigars.

This Certifies, That the Cigars contained in this box have been made by a First-Class Workman
a MEMBER OF THE CIGAR MAKERS 'INTERNATIONAL UNION of America, an organization devoted to the ad-
vancement of the MORAL MATERIAL and INTELLECTUAL WELFARE OF THE CRAFT. Therefore we recommend
these Cigars to all smokers throughout the world.
All Infringements upon this Label will be punished according to law.

G. W. Perkins, President,



The above Label is issued by the Iron Moulders' Union of North America and can be found on all union made stoves, ranges and iron castings. It is printed in black ink on white paper and pasted on all union made stoves, ranges and castings.

CMIU of America






The Tackmakers' Union is the oldest labor organization in America. It was founded in 1824. Above is the label placed by the Society on every package of Union made tacks.




See that all ready-made Clothing, Cloaks, Overalls, Shirts and Rubber Clothing bears the above label as a guarantee of being made under fair, sanitary and union conditions. The labels are attached by machine stitching to the inside breast pockets of coats, on the inside of the buckle strap of vests and on the waistband lining of pants.

> Cigar Makers' International Union of America, union label. If you are opposed to the servile labor, to Chinese, to convict labor, or the filthy tenement house factories, smoke none but union made cigars. The color of the label is light blue. See that the label is on every box.








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American Federation of Labor Label, (Small Size)










The above is the Union Label on every Horse Collar made by union men.



J.B.& C.IU.


This is the label of the Journeymen Bakers and Confectioners, under the Interdational Union. It is printed on white paper in black ink and is pasted on each loaf of bread. It means death to long hours and low wages in bakers' slave pens underground.


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This is a fac-simile of the badge worn by all members of the Retail Clerks' National Protective Association of the United States. See that all salesmen and clerks wear this badge and you may be sure they are union men.

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