Proposals Related to Social and Child Welfare Services, Adoption Assistance, and Foster Care: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Public Assistance of the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, Ninety-sixth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 3434 ... September 24, 1979

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220. lappuse - Beginning our discussion of the rights of man, we see that every man has the right to life, to bodily integrity, and to the means which are necessary and suitable for the proper development of life; these are primarily food, clothing, shelter, rest, medical care, and finally the necessary social services.
181. lappuse - ... for the establishment or designation of a State authority or authorities which shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining standards for such institutions or homes...
115. lappuse - I resigned to become dean of the Florence Heller Graduate School for Advanced Studies in Social Welfare at Brandeis University.
212. lappuse - Youth is an affinity group of the National Assembly of National Voluntary Health and Social Welfare Organizations, a nonprofit organization composed of 36 voluntary agencies.
289. lappuse - Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and members of the committee, for giving me this opportunity to testify before you here today.
220. lappuse - March 4th of this year that: (w)hat is in question is the advancement of persons, not just the multiplying of things that people can use. It is a matter — as a contemporary philosopher has said and as the Council has stated—- not so much as ,having more as of 'being more'.": Herein, we believe, lies the true promise of the provision of the "necessary social services.
43. lappuse - April 30, 1961, from the home of a relative (specified in such section 606 (a)) as a result of a judicial determination to the effect that continuation therein would be contrary to the welfare of such child...
43. lappuse - ... childcare institution" means a nonprofit private child-care institution, or a public child-care institution which accommodates no more than twenty-five children, which is licensed by the State in which it is situated or has been approved, by the agency of such State responsible for licensing...
43. lappuse - ... (5) provide such methods of administration (including after January 1, 1940, methods relating to the establishment and maintenance of personnel standards on a merit basis, except that the Secretary shall exercise no authority with respect to the selection, tenure of office, and compensation of any individual employed in accordance with such methods) as are found by the Secretary to be necessary for the proper and efficient operation of the plan...
43. lappuse - Secretary to be necessary for the proper and efficient operation of the plan; "(6) provide that the State agency will make such reports, in such form and containing such information, as the Secretary may from time to time require, and comply with such provisions as the Secretary may from time to time find necessary to assure the correctness and verification of such reports...

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