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26 Miles in advance of St. Mark's on my march to the Indian Negro Towns on Suwaney April 10th, 1818. I hope in a few days to break down the hostile Savages & Negroes in this quarter & give peace to our frontier amongst those killed in Battle & that has fell into our hands, five of the worst has fallen, the 6th Arbuthnot a Scotchman in irons. I had Fromes (?) the prophet & Ho, Emottee, Meeko hung on the 8th sixty men women & children on that day surrendered, I am in pursuit of the fugitives.

30 Miles in Advance of St. Marks 10th of April, 1818 9 o'clock P.M.

I need not say to you the anxious moments my absence from you has given me, it is my fate & the lord's will be done, but I sincerely hope, if he wills my safe return he will to me retirement & domestic ease during life & that we will never be separated again. How it delights me to hear of my son & sweet little charge, and your tender care of the poor little orphant-heaven will reward you for your kindness to him.


-probably the excitement of mind since I have been here, has kept me up The Seminole War is still before the House; when a question may be taken I know not as I never have been in Congress. Hall since I have been here, nor do I mix with the members, determined that my enemies shall not have it to say that I attempted to influence their vote * I am told that there will be a great majority in my favour and the insiduous Mr. Clay will sink into that insignificance, that all those who abandon principle & Justice & would sacrifice their country for self agrandizement ought & will experience—.


Sept. 30th, 1820.

I reached this place two days since, & would have wrote you by the last mail but the want of paper, and the mail passing just as I had arrived prevented me


We experienced several days' rain on our journey, hither, and from the exposure, I have got a slight cold The Indians are collecting & I hope we will not be detained as long as I expected-but in a few days I will be able to form a better judgt. on this point.

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