Copyright Law and the Distance Education Classroom

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Scarecrow Press, 2005 - 227 lappuses
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As technology and the idea of distance education is rapidly changing, so too must the law that protects copyrighted material. In 2003 U.S. copyright law was amended with the legislation now known as TEACH (Technology Education and Copyright Harmonization). Tomas Lipinski discusses these changes to copyright law and how they may ultimately affect traditional distance classrooms. Providing a step-by-step explanation of the law and how it impacts these pedagogical issues, Lipinski discusses instructor ownership issues, a general application of "fair use," and other issues that will inevitably arise when technology, intellectual property, and education all intersect. Tomas Lipinski is a lawyer, and he approaches these volatile (and very new) issues from a legal perspective. This book, however, is written in intermediate terms that will make it accessible (as well as necessary) to the distance educator and administrator. As the framework for distance education and technology (particularly copyright) law is now set in place, this book will prove an invaluable resource for years to come.

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Performance and Display Rights in the Live Classroom and the Remote Classroom The Need for Reform
Understanding the New TEACH Distance Education Law
The Scope of the Privilege for Educators Excluded Materials
New Rights and Limitations Regarding Use of Copyrighted Material Section 1102 and Subsections A B and C
New Responsibilities for the Institution Section 1102D
Summary of Part II The Section 1102 Requirements in a Nutshell
Completing the TEACH Puzzle
The Ephemeral Recording Privilege in Distance Education The Old and the New
A TEACH QA Compliance Audit
Model Distance Education Copyright Policy
Copyright Statute Sections Selected
Selected Bibliography
Case Index
Subject Index
About the Author

Fair Use of Copyrighted Material in the Distance Education Classroom

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Par autoru (2005)

Tomas A. Lipinski is Co-Director and Associate Professor at the Center for Information Policy Research School of Library and Information Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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