Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry

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Lists of members for 1882-1903 issued in v. 1-22, after which they were published separately (wanting in v. 6 and v. 21).

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192. lappuse - Whenever a patent on application is refused, either by the Commissioner of Patents or by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia upon appeal from the Commissioner, the applicant may have remedy by bill in equity ; and the court having cognizance thereof, on notice to adverse parties and other due proceedings had. may adjudge that such applicant is entitled, according to law, to receive a patent for his invention, as specified in his claim, or for any part thereof, as the facts in the case may...
191. lappuse - Every patent shall contain a short title or description of the invention or discovery, correctly indicating its nature and design, and a grant to the patentee, his heirs or assigns, for the term of seventeen years, of the exclusive right to make, use, and vend the invention or discovery (including in the case of a plant patent the exclusive right to asexually reproduce the plant) throughout the United States and the Territories thereof, referring to the specification for the particulars thereof.
71. lappuse - Where the Secretary of State is satisfied that any manufacture, machinery, plant, process, or description of manual labour, used in factories or workshops, is dangerous or injurious to health or dangerous to life or limb, either generally or in the case of women, children, or any other class of persons...
191. lappuse - Whenever, on examination, any claim for a patent is rejected, the Commissioner shall notify the applicant thereof, giving him briefly the reasons for such rejection, together with such information and references as may be useful in judging of the propriety of renewing his application or of altering his specification ; and if, after receiving such notice, the applicant persists in his claim for a patent, with or without altering his specifications, the Commissioner shall order a re-examination of...
191. lappuse - Whenever an application is made for a patent which, in the opinion of the Commissioner, would interfere with any pending application...
84. lappuse - I received on the day of 18 , fromf , a sample of for analysis (which then weighed \ ), and have analysed the same, and declare the result of my analysis to be as follows...
192. lappuse - ... adjudication, if it be in favor of the right of the applicant, shall authorize the commissioner to issue such patent on the applicant filing in the Patent Office a copy of the adjudication and otherwise complying with the requirements of law. In all cases where there is no opposing party a copy of the bill shall be served on the commissioner; and all the expenses of the proceeding shall be paid by the applicant, whether the final decision is in his favor or not.
299. lappuse - No person shall sell to the prejudice of the purchaser any article of food or any drug which is not of the nature, substance, and quality of the article demanded by such purchaser...
385. lappuse - Exposure for not less than six hours to an atmosphere containing 3 per cent of sulphurous-acid gas liberated from its liquid state (liquid sulphur dioxide). In methods No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4, the rags must be well scattered upon racks, or so arranged that they can from time to time be turned in such a manner that all shall be exposed to the steam or gas.
192. lappuse - After hearing the case the court shall return to the commissioner a certificate of its proceedings and decision, which shall be entered of record in the patent office, and shall govern the further proceedings in the case.

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