United States Congressional Serial Set

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1945
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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With this being an election year, I'm drawn more than usual to history and events that shaped our nation. Having read this, I'm interested to read other farewell addresses. Lasīt pilnu pārskatu

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Compensation of telephone operators on Capitol telephone exchange
Consideration of resolution making additional appropriation for census of agriculture 1945
Relating to escapes of prisoners of war and interned enemy aliens
Administration of Government lending agencies
Payments of rewards to postal employees for inventions
River and harbor omnibus bill
Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices 65 The President to proclaim Oct 11 1945 General Pulaskis Memorial Day 66 Clerical assistance...
Confirming claim of Charles Gaudet also known as Charles Godet 68 Expressing intent of Congress with reference to regulation of business of insura...
Relief of John T Cooper
Relief of Sigurdur Jonsson and Thorolina Thordardottir
Relief of Julia P Mills 72 Relief of Ruben M Herren
Relief of board of trustees Summerville Consolidated School District Chat tooga County
Relief of John H Bonney legal guardian of Daniel R Bonney 81 Relief of Blanche E Broad
Relief of Charles H Dougherty
Relief of Winfred Alexander
Relief of Mrs C A Lee administratrix of Ross Lee 85 Relief of estate of Robert C Meals and others 86 Relief of Stiers Bros Construction
Relief of Barbara Healy
Court of Claims to render judgment on claim of CubanAmerican Sugar Co against United States
Relief of Daniel D OConnell and Almon B Stewart
Relief of Leo E Day and Phillip Tamborello 91 Relief of J P Harris
Relief of Francis L Gause and legal guardian of Rosalind and Helen Gause 93 Relief of Louis T Klauder
Relief of Edith M Powell
Relief of Luckenbach Steamship Co
Consideration of bill to authorize Secretary of Navy to proceed with con
Relief of Edwin Sullivan 97 Relief of legal guardian of Louis Ciniglio jr 98 Relief of Daniel Baker
Relief of Harry S Tansey
Relief of estate of David O Clements 75 Payment of awards to employees of Minneapolis Steel Machinery Co and others
Consideration of river and harbor onmibus bill 103 Additional appropriation for Public Health Service for operation of Neponsit Beach Hospital
Appointment of U 8 commissioner for Big Bend National Park 105 War Department civil functions appropriation bill 1946
Payment to Eleanor Fisher for funeral expenses etc of Flora L Shelton 107 Relief of Harriet B Rickards
Relief of Guy F Allen and others 109 Relief of Guy F Allen and Paul 8 Taylor 110 Relief of Amy McKnight 111 Relief of Marino Bello
Relief of Mildred Ring 113 Relief of Morgan Creamery Co 114 Relief of Joe Koor
Relief of David Hickey Post of American Legion 116 Relief of W A Smoot
Relief of Lorenzo H Froman
Relief of Donna M McNulty 119 Relief of E E Armstrong
Relief of estates of Mathew C Cowley and Louisa Cowley 121 Relief of Sam Swan and Aily Swan
Relief of Hyman L Schiffer
Relief of Anne E Loacker 124 Relief of Mrs W V Justice
Relief of Henry B Tucker
Relief of Fidelity Casualty Co and Baugh Chemical Co 127 Relief of Charles Y Webb 128 District court for eastern district of South Carolina to hear ...
Relief of Mauger Construction
Relief of Anna M Mattil and others
Relief of Edwin F Naulty and Leslie F Naulty
Relief of Peter P Bacic and others
Amendment to the Constitution with respect to treaty ratification
Approval of the House of resolutions looking toward establishment
Control of confidential business data submitted to War Production Board
Consideration of bill to provide for administration of Government lending
struction of certain public works
Exchange of lands between Eastport Maine and United States
Relief of Luther J Head
Naturalization of certain alien veterans of SpanishAmerican War
Granting nonquota status to certain alien veterans and their wives
Island S C
Production of seed of legumes required in war foodproduction program 189 Repatriate nativeborn women residents of U 8 who have heretofore lost ...
Relief of Dane D Morgan
Relief of Lubell Bros
To insure adequate nursing care for armed forces 195 Relief of Oscar Griggs
Relief of Galen E Walter
Relief of Charles R Hooper
Relief of Southern Bitumen
Reimburse certain Navy personnel for losses in fire at naval auxiliary air facility Astoria Oreg
Relief of Murray B Latimer
Relief of Fred A Lower
Relief of Gladys Stout 203 Relief of Sidney B Walton
Relief of Jay Taylor Cattle Co 205 Relief of Murphy Wischmeyer
Relief of Continental Casualty Co and Montgomery City Lines Inc 207 Reimbursement for personal property lost as result of explosion at Naval Air ...
Relief of Lee Graham
Relief of Bessie I Clay 210 Relief of Robert L Slade 211 Relief of Murray W Moran
Eliminating practice by subcontractors of paying fees or kickbacks for purpose of securing subcontracts
Effect of certain war activities upon colleges and universities
Continuing Special Committee on PostWar Economic Policy and Planning
Continuing Select Committee on PostWar Military Policy
Creating Select Committee on Small Business and defining its powers and duties
Establishing Joint Committee on Organization of Congress
Civil Service Committee to investigate various activities in Government offices
Continuing Select Committee on Conservation of Wildlife Resources
Expenses of Appropriations Committee in conducting studies and examina tions of executive agencies
Expenses of Education Committee in studying effect of certain war activities on colleges and universities
Continuing Special Committee to Investigate Executive Agencies
Establishing grade of general in Marine Corps
Secretary of Navy to convey to Oahu Railway Land Co easement for rail way purposes in lands at Halawa Oahu T
Secretary of Navy to grant to Canton Ohio for highway purposes strip of land within Naval Ordnance Plant
Secretary of Navy to lease lands in San Diego County Calif to Southern California Telephone
Furlough of officers of Marine Corps and Coast Guard by Secretary of Navy
Lewis H Kenney and others to accept decorations tendered them by Govern ment of Brazii
Relating to employers payroll tax for oldage benefits War Shipping
ministration and Maritime Commission III
Prohibiting proof of acts done by inventor in foreign countries 218 Consideration of bill amending selective service act rel to deferment of persons i...
Providing for registration and protection of trademarks 220 Bringing Canal Zone voluntary retirement provisions in line with civil service retirement ...
First deficiency appropriation bill 1945
Consideration of bill to insure adequate nursing care for armed forces 223 Relief of Mauger Construction
Relief of Leo Gottlieb
Relief of Paul T Thompson
Relief of New England Telephone Telegraph Co 227 Relief of Alfred P Scarborough and John D Ethridge 228 Relief of Florence J Sypert administr...
Relief of Katherine L Smith 231 Relief of estate of Ralph A Stowell 232 Relief of Hardy H Bryant
Relief of Boyd B Black
Relief of Pennsylvania Coal Coke Corporation
Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices 236 Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices 237 Military personnel claims act of 1...
Amending antiracketeering
Preventing multiple State income taxes on salaries of Government employees
Relief of George Webb
Exempting civil service pensions from taxation 242 Consenting to compact between Colorado and Kansas for division of waters of Arkansas River
Celebration of 100th anniversary of founding of Naval Academy Annapolis Md
Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices 245 Safeguarding admission of evidence in certain cases
Authorizing naturalization of Filipinos
Fixing salary of commissioner of immigration and naturalization 254 Coverage of certain drugs under Federal narcotic laws
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