Lapas attēli

the State of California. That provision is not embraced in the present bill. Neither does the present bill contain any project that was considered controversial when said bill H. R. 3961 was under consideration.

Realizing the emergency for the enactment of the projects in the present bill, the Senate Commerce Committee commenced action upon them immediately after the convening of the present Congress. They eliminated all controversial provisions in the bill H. R. 3961, which action was patriotically agreed to by the Senators who had previously urged those measures. The bill then passed the Senate by unanimous vote.

It is understood that several projects not in the present bill are under consideration by the Army engineers under surveys authorized by law. Upon receipt of favorable reports, those measures will be given prompt consideration, and if approved will be reported later in the present session. Controversial projects eliminated by the House or Senate in the last Congress may also be reported in the present session for such action as the House may wish to take.

In view of the fact that all the projects reported in the bill have heretofore been approved by the Senate and House, are now uncontested, and have been the subject matter of extensive hearings during previous sessions of Congress, the committee has concluded that no additional hearings are necessary. Reference is made by the committee to the hearings in both the House and the Senate, and to the reports made on H. R. 3961, for detailed information with regard to the projects herein recommended to be authorized.

It is very important that the pending bill, relieved of items and provisions of dispute and prolonged debate, should enjoy a speedy passage through the House in order that the Army engineers may proceed with their accustomed task of preparing detailed plans and specifications and blueprints for those projects to be constructed after the termination of the war with the view of having projects advertised for letting, and otherwise proceeded with, as rapidly as the termination of hostilities will admit.

The Subcommittee on Appropriations, making appropriations for the civil functions of the War Department, is now considering the appropriations for river and harbor works. The chairman of that committee, the Honorable J. Buell Snyder, advises that prompt and favorable action on this bill will be necessary in order to have provision made for the appropriation of the funds required for construction of the projects in this bill that are recommended for immediate execution necessary in the war effort.

It is recommended that the bill be passed without amendment, as any amendment may lead to controversial matters that will cause delay and possibly jeopardize the passage of the bill. It has now been 7 years since a general river and harbor bill has been enacted, though during that time several bills have been reported by this committee. It is the hope that the House will take the same patriotic view that actuated the Senate, and let these meritorious and uncontroversial measures become law without further delay.


Projects contained in river and harbor bill (S. 35)

Project 1

Document No.:

Federal first cost

$94, 500 28,000

6,000 780,000

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32.000 68.000 46, 667 207, 300 43.000 60.000 660, 000 322. 400 200.000 62, 000 71,000 43, 500 64.000 62, 500 48 000 31, 500 37, 500 22, 000

8. 000 30.000 20, 000

72, 900 21, 900

25, 500 1, 673, 000

Northeast Harbor, Maine..

H, 132, 76th Cong. Isle au Haut Thoroughfare, Maine.

S. 15, 77th Cong. Hendricks Harbor, Maine.

S. 40, 76th CongPortland Harbor, Maine.

H. 560, 76th Cong. Portland Harbor, Maine, and the maintenance of Soldier Oct. 26, 1942 3.

Ledge Channel in Hussey Sound, Casco Bay, at a depth of 40 leet. Josias Rirer, Maine..

H. 227, 76th Cong. Newburyport Harbor, Mass.

H. 703, 70th Cong Gloucester Harbor and Annisquam River, Mass.

H. 329, 77th Cong. Manchester Harbor, Mass.

H, 7, 77th Cong Salem Harbor, Mass.

H. 701, 76th Cong. Marblehead Harbor, Mass.

H. 85, 77th Cong. Boston Harbor, Mass

Apr. 28, 1943) Dorchester Bay and Neponset River, Mass.

H. 394, 77th Cong. Weymouth Fore River, Mass.

H. 291, 77th Cong. Cohasset Harbor, Mass..

H. 425, 76th Cong. Durbury Harbor, Mass.

S. 115, 77th Cong. Chatham (Stage) Harbor, Mass.

H. 456, 77th Corig. Wellfleet Harbor, Mass.

H. 557, 76th Cong Hyannis Harbor, Mass

H, 38, 77 Cong. Cape Cod Canal (Onset Bay), Mass.

H. 431, 77th Cong. Nantucket Harbor, Mass.

H, 115, 77th Cong. Menemsha Creek, Marthas Vineyard, Mass.

H, 35, 36th Cong. Wickford Harbor, R. I

S. 105, 77th Cong Great Salt Pond, Block Island, R. I.

H, 330 77th Cong. Pawcatuck River, R. I., and Conn.

H. 839, 76th Cong. Mystic River, Conn.

A. 349, 77th Cong Thames River, Conn..

H, 36, 76th Cong. Connecticut River below Hartford, Conn.

H, 38, 76th Cong. Clinton Harbor, Conn..

H, 240, 76th Coilg. Guillord Harbor, Conn..

H. 149, 77th Cong New Haren Harbor, Conn., except the further improvement | H, 307, 76th Cong

of Quinnipiac River. Bridgeport Harbor, Conn..

H. 819, 76th Cong Norwalk Harbor, Conn..

H. 22, 76th Cong. Mianus River, Conn.

H, 549, 78th Collg. Greenwich Harbor, Conn.

H. 125, 76th Cong Great Lakes to Hudson River Waterway.

Apr. 14, 1942 Jamaica Bay... Y.

H, 700, 76th Cong Jones Inlet, X. Y.

H. 4, i7 Cong Northport Harbor, N. Y

H. 19, 7t5th Cong Peconic River, V. Y

H. 237, 76th Cong Lake Montauk Harbor, N. Y

H, 39, 76th Cong. Orow oe Creek, W. Y

P. 12, 76th Cong Passaic River, N. J.

11. 430, 76th Cong Newark Bay, Hackensack and Passaic Rivers, N. J.

May 20, 1942 Way Cake Creek, X. J.

H. 621, 77th Cong Compton Creek, N. J.

H. 673, 76th Cong Shark River, N. J.

H, 102, 76th Cong. New Jersey Intracoastal Waterway

H, 133. 76th Cong Manasquan River, N.J.

H. 354), 77th ('oug Toms River, N. J

H, 393, 77th Cong Cold Spring Inlet, N.J

H. 22, 77th Cong Delaware River, Philadelphia to the sea

1. 580), 76th Cong Do

H. 340, 7th Cong. Delaware River, Philadelphia to the sea, and the maintenance (1).

o enlarged channel opposite the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Delaware River at Camden, N.J

H. 353, 77th Cong
Inland waterway between Rehoboth Bay and Delaware Bay, H. 344, 77th Cong

Indian River, Del.

F, 330, 76th Cong
Saaticoke Rirer. Del, and MA

S. 69, 77th Cong Suquehanna River, above and below Havre de Grace, Md 8. 67, 70th Cong Baltimore Harbor and channels, Maryland

June 30, 19423 Baltimore Harbor and channels, Maryland, and channel in ()..

Curtis Cretk. Mill Creek, Md

H. 10, 76th Cong. Broadwater (reek, MD

H. 622, 77th Colg. Carl Creek, Md

H. 400, 70th Cong. Channel to Island Creek, St. George Island, Ma

H. 9. 16th Cong Sain: Catherines Sound, Md

11. 242, inith Cong Black Walnut Harbor, Md.

H. 217, 7th Cong Town Creek, Md.

H. 219, 76th Cong. Duck Point Cove, Md.

H. 241, 76:h Cong Lower thoroughfare, Deals Island, Md

1, 238, 76th Colg. Crisfield Harbor, Md

H. 457, 76th Cong. Povornoke River, Md

H. 4, 76th Cong. See footnotes at end of table.

529.000 29, 00 26, 500

31.000 1,010,000

270.000 900.000

15, 000 20,000 65,000

15, 200 (2) 3, 390.000


16,000 118,000 1,500,000

143, 000) 141,000

15,000 1, 036, 000 3, 380,000


373, 000 224, 000

151, 000 54.000

18,000 2, 388,000


4, 200 30,000

5.540 10.000 10. 200 21, 000 25,000 19, 500 22, 000 (

4, 250

Projects contained in river and harbor bill (S. 35)--Continued


Document No.

Federal first cost

$263, 000

37, 000 29,000

H. 28, 76th Cong..
H. 23, 78th Cong.
H. 716, 76th Cong.
H. 358, 76th Cong.
I. 141, 77th Cong.
H. 887, 70th Cong.
H. 686, 76th Cong.
H. 19, 77th Cong.
H. 285, 76th Cong.
H. 582, 76th Cong.
H. 381, 76th Cong.
H. 671, 76th Cong.
H. 223, 76th Cong.
H. 559, 76th Cong.
May 12, 1942 3
H. 224, 76th Cong.
H. 738, 77th Cong.
H. 117, 76th Cong.
H. 101, 76th Cong.
H. 35, 76th Cong.
H. 34, 76th Cong.
H. 316, 76th Cong.
H. 36, 76th Cong.
H. 239, 76th Cong.
H. 623, 77th Cong.
S. 87, 76th Cong.
H. 99, 77th Cong..

19, 100

7,500 44,000 16, QUO

9, 600 11,500 20, 500 10,000 110,000

15,000 158,000 35,000

27,000 39,000 135, 000

9, 500 5,000 16, 500 27.000 22, 500 11,000 20,000 35,000

[blocks in formation]

Waterway on the coast of Virginia..
Occo hannock Creek, Va..
Oyster Channel, a.
Onancock River, Va.
Tangier Channel, Va.
Cranes Creek, Va.
Totuskey Creek, Va.
Hoskins Creek, Va.
Urbanna Creek, Va.
Whitings Creek, Va.
Broad Creek, Va.
Pamunkey River, Va.
Appomattox River, Va.
Hampton Creek, Va
Cape Charles City Harbor, Va.
Norfolk Harbor. Va..
Little River, Va., maintenance work.
James River, Va
Inland waterway from Norfolk, Va., to Beaufort Inlet, N. C.
Chowan River, N. C., and Blackwater River, Va.
Pembroke Creek, N. O
Channel from Pamlico Sound to Rodanthe, N. C.
Channel from Pamlico Sound to Avon, N. C.
Rollinson Channel, N. C...
Waterway connecting Swan Quarter Bay with Deep Bay, N.C.
Neuse and Trent Rivers, N. C
Channel connecting Thoroughfare Bay with Cedar Bay, N. C
Waterway connecting Pamlico Sound and Beaufort Harbor,
N. C.

Channel from Back Sound to Lookout Bight, N.C.
Beaufort Harbor, N. C
Inland waterway, Beaufort to Cape Fear River, N.C., includ.
ing waterway to Jacksonville, N. C.

Cape Fear River, N. O., at and below Wilmington...

Northeast (Cape Fear) River, N. C
Intracoastal Waterway froin Cape Fear River, N. C., to Win-

yah Bay, S. C.
Winyalı Bay, S. C.
Beresford Creek, S. C.
Charleston Harbor, S. O.
Shipyard River, S. C.
Abbapoola Creek, 8. O
Russell Creek, 8. c.
Savannah Harbor, Ga.
Altamaha, Oconee and Ocmulgee Rivers, Ga.
Intracoastal Waterway from Cape Fear River, N. C., to St.

Johns River, Fla.
Fernandina Harbor and Amelia River, Fla..
St. Johns River, Fla., Jacksonville to the ocean.

8!. Johns River, Fla., Jacksonville to the ocean, and plans for

the alteration of channel alinement.
St. Johns River, Fla., Palatka to Lake Harney.
St. Johns River, Fla., Jacksonville to Lake Harney
Intracoastal Waterway from Jacksonville to Miami, Fla..
Intracoastal Waterway from Jacksonville to Miami, Fla., Vero

Intracoastal Waterway from Jacksonville to Miami, Fla., to

Sebastian Inlet.
Canaveral Harbor, Fla.
St. Lucie Inlet, Fla
Lake Worth Inlet, Fla.
New River, Fla
Miami Harbor, Fla.

Intracoastal Waterway from Miami to Key West, Fla.
Caloosahatchee River and Lake Okeechobee drainage areas,

Intracoastal Waterway from the Caloosahatchee River to the

Anclote River, Fla.
Little Manatee River, Fla.

See footnotes at end of table.

[blocks in formation]

Projects contained in river and harbor bill (S. 35)—Continued


Document No.

Federal first cost


60,000 607, 400

10,000 51,000 71.000 32, 500



162, 000 60,000,000

475,000 6, 750,000

115,000 88,000

6,880 27, 500 4,000 6,000 17,000


35,000 4, 200, 000 8,000,000

Tampa Harbor, Fla..

S. 16, 77th Cong Do..

H. 119, 77th Cong. Do..

S. 183, 78th Cong. Anclote River, Fla.

H. 243, 76th Cong. Pithlachascotte River, Fla.

H. 86, 77th Cong. St. Marks River, Fla.

H. 345, 77th Cong.
Intrucoastal Waterway from Apalachicola Bay to St. Marks H. 42, 76th Cong.

River, Fla.
Apalachicola, Chattahoochee, and Flint Rivers, Ga. and Fla.. H. 342, 76th Cong..
St. Josephs Bay, Fla...

S. 17, 77th Cong.

(9). Watson Bayou, Fla

H. 555, 76th Cong. Pensacola Harbor, Fla.

Apr. 3, 1943) Alabama-Coosa River, Ala.

H. 414, 77th Cong. Mobile Harbor, Ala.

Oct. 28, 1912) Warrior and Tombigbee Rivers, Ala. and Miss

H. 276, 76th Cong. Do

H. 382, 77th Cong. Dsuphuin Island Bay Channel, Ala.

H. 333, 76th Cong. Bayou Coden, Ala.

A. 824, 77th CongBayou La Batre, Ale.

H. 281, 76th Cong. Biloxi Harbor, Miss.

H. 258, 76th Cong. Do

H. 326, 76th Cong. Pass Christian Harbor, Miss.

S. 214, 77th Cong Bayou Galere, Miss

H. 112, 76th Cong.
Bayou La Loutre, St. Malo, and Yscloskey, La

S. 116, 77th Cong.
Mississippi River, Baton Rouge, La., to the Gulf of Mexico. H. 215, 76th Cong.
Intracoastal Waterway in the vicinity of Algiers at New Or- 8. 188, 78th Cong..
leans, La.
Bayous Petit Anse, Tigre, and Carlin, La.

H594, 78th Cong.
Calcasieu River and Pass, La.

H, 45, 77th Cong. Louisiana and Teras Intracoastal Waterway.

U. 428, 76th Cong. Do.

H. 383, 77th Cong.. Louisiana and Texas Intracoastal Waterway to Harlingen, Tex. H. 402, 77th Cong. Louisiana and Texas Intracoastal Waterway.

S. 248, 78th Cong Babine-Neches Waterway, Tex..

A. 685, 76th Cong. Do.

8. 60, 77th Cong Do.

S. 158, 77th Cong. Neches and Angelina Rivers, Tex.

9. 98, 76th Cong. Trinity River and tributaries, Texas

d. 403, 77th Cong. Lavon Reservoir on east fork of Trinity River, Tex.

H. 533, 78th Cong. Houston Ship Channel, Tex..

H. 226, 76th Cong. Do...

I. 256, 76th CongDo.

Aug. 21, 1943) Clear Creek and Clear Lake, Tex.

H. 319, 77th Cong. Chocolate and Bastrop Bayous, Tex.

H. 337, 76th Cong. Channel from Pass Cavallo to Port Lavaca, Tex

Dec. 10, 1943) Larica and Navidad Rivers, Tex..

H. 314, 76th Cong.. Do..

H. 659, 77th Cong. Guadalupe River, Tex

H. 247, 76th Cong. Aransas Pass-Corpus Christi Channel, Tex.

H. 544, 78th Cong Bræos Island Harbor, Tex.

H. 335, 76th Cong. Do.

H. 347, 77th Cong. Ouachita and Black Rivers, Ark. and La

H, 104, 76th Cong. Mississippi River between Ohio and Missouri Rivers.

H. 31, 76th Cong. Mississippi River between Missouri River and Minneapolis... H. 432, 77th Cong.

Do. Do.

H. 103, 76th Cong. Do.

H. 47, 76th Cong. Do.

H. 263, 77th Cong. Do.

H. 449, 78th Cong. Do.

H. 137, 76th Cong Mlinots Waterway, Di., and Indiana Harbor and Canal, Ind. H. 145, 76th Cong. Missouri River between Sioux City, Iowa, and the mouth. H. 214, 76th Cong. Scioto River at Portsmouth, Ohio.

(1).. Coasts o? the Great Lakes; barbors of refuge for light-draft vessels.

H. 446, 78th Cong. Bandette Harbor, Minn.

H. 216, 76th Cong. Harbor at Knife River, Minn...

H. 686, 77th Cong. Ashland Harbor, Wis.

H. 337, 77th Cong. Menominee Harbor and River, Mich., and Wis.

H. 228, 76th Cong. Green Bay Harbor, Wis.

H. 95, 76th Cong. Sturgeon Bay and Lake Michigan Ship Canal, Wis.

H. 421, 78th Cong. Milwaukee Harbor, Wis.

S. 29, 76th Cong. Rarine Harbor, Wis..

H. 816, 77th Cong. DO...

H. 255, 78th Cong.. Waukegan Harbor, III.

H. 116, 17th Cong. Calumet Harbor and River, ml., and Ind.

H. 233, 76th Cong Bt. Joseph Harbor, Mich..

H. 129, 76th Cong.. See footnotes at end of table.

160,000 55,000

6,300 48,000 600,000 25, 500 10,000 18,000

27,000 23,000,000 15,000,000 3, 733, 000

21, 300 3, 675,000 484, 000 30,000 78,000 120.000

85,000 348,000 8, 500,000

830, 000 127, 500 635,000

() 10, 290,000

11, 500 88, 800 17,000 (

33,000 25, 900,000 6,000,000

75,000 2,030, 638

15,000 14,000 24,000

36,000 11,000 110,000 () 47,000

34,000 910,000 74,000

Projects contained in river and harbor bill (S. 35)—Continued


Document No.

Federal first cost


147.000 1, 412, 000 3,500,000

135,000 85, 300 (3)

30,000 (3) 191.000 30,000


38,000 ()

467,000 3, 171,000

Grand Haven Harbor and Grand River, Mich.

H. 661, 76th Cong... Manistee Harbor, Mich.

H 380, 77th Cong. Bt. Marys River, Mich., South Canal, Bridge Island

H. 678, 78th Cong. St. Marys River, Mich., power plant.

H. 339, 77th Cong. St. Clair River at Southeast Bend, Mich.

H. 309, 77th Cong Detroit River, Mich

Oct. 26, 1942) bandusky Harbor, Ohio.

H, 328. 76th Cong. Lorain Harbor, Ohio.

H. 161, 77th Cong. Do..

(1) Cleveland Harbor, Ohio.

H. 232, 76th Cong. Cleveland Harbor, Ohio, and the extension of the channel in Feb. 14, 19423

Cuyahoga River, Ohio. Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio.

H. 321, 77th Cong. Erie Harbor, Pa...


Oct. 26, 19423 Buffalo Harbor, N. Y.

108,000 131,000

10,000 121,000

59.000 165, 000 259,000 (6) 800,000

74,000 350.000 483,000 ( (18) 25,000

7, 600 600,000 1, 610,000



H. 352, 78th Cong. Black Rock Channel and Tonawanda Harbor, N. Y

Apr. 16, 19423 Wilson Harbor, N. Y

H. 678, 76th Cong. Rochester Harbor, N. Y.

H. 139, 76th Cong. Sackets Harbor, N. Y.

Jan. 6. 1944 3 Capo Vincent Harbor, N. Y

H. 363, 76th Cong. San Diego Harbor, Calif.

H. 390, 77th Cong. Newport Bay Harbor, Calif.

S. 138, 78th Cong. Santa Barbara Harbor, Calif

H. 348, 77th Cong. Morro Bay, Calif

H. 283, 77th Cong. Morro Bay, Calif., and further harbor development as desired (6)

by the Navy Department. Monterey Harbor, Calif.

H. 266, 76th Cong.
Monterey Bay (Moss Landing), Calif.
Redwood Creek, Calil.

Nov. 3, 1941 %
Oakland Harbor, Calif.

H. 466, 77th Cong. Do.

(1). Richmond Harbor, Calll.

H. 715, 76th Cong. San Pablo Bay and Mare Island Strait, Calif.

H. 217, 77th Cong. Noyo Harbor, Calif..

H. 682, 76th Cong. Crescent City Harbor, Calif.

H. 688, 76th Cong. Crescent City Harbor, Calil., and the construction of an inner (1)...

breakwater. Chetco River, Oreg..

H. 817, 77th Cong. Coquille River, Oreg.

H. 672, 76th Cong. Umpqua Harbor and River, Oreg

S. 86, 76th Cong. Umpqua River, Oreg

S. 191, 77th Cong. Yaquina Bay and Harbor, Oreg

8. 119, 77th Cong. Depoe Bay, Oreg.

H. 350, 77th Cong. Salmon River, Oreg.

H. 551, 76th Cong. Bayocean Peninsula, Oreg.

(1). Willamette River, Oreg.

H. 544, 75th Cong. Snake River, Oreg., Wash., and Idaho.

H. 704, 75th Cong. Columbia River at Bonneville, Oreg

(1). Columbia River and tributaries above Celilo Falls to the mouth of Snake River, Oreg. and Wash.

S. 28, 76th Cong.

11. 324, 77th Cong. Columbia River, Oreg. and Wash.

H. 704, 75th Cong.
Columbia River between Vancouver, Wash., and Bonneville, H. 218, 76th Cong.

Columbia and Willamette Rivers below Vancouver, Wash., H. 341, 77th Cong..
and Portland, Oreg.

H. 630, 77th Cong.
Baker Bay, Columbia River, Wash.

H, 443, 76th Cong. Willapa River and Harbor, Wash.

H. 481, 76th Cong. Grays Harbor and Chehalis River to Aberdeen, Wash

(0) Quillayute River, Wash

H. 218, 78th Cong. Port Angeles Harbor, Wash.

H, 331, 77th Cong Olympia Harbor, Wash

H. 699, 76th Cong. Tacoma Harbor, Wash

H. 124, 76th Cong. Btillaguamish River, Wash

H. 286, 77th Cong. Lake Crockett, Wash

H. 303, 77th Cong. Metlakatla Harbor, Alaska.

H. 138, 76th Cong. Craig Harbor, Alaska..

H. 558, 76th Cong. Meyers Chuck Harbor, Alaska.

H. 222, 76th Cong. Wrangell Harbor, Alaska.

H. 284, 70th Cong. Do

H. 260, 76th Cong. Sitka Harbor, Alaska

Mar. 14, 1944 3. Skagway Harbor, Alaska

Apr. 11, 1942 : Petersburg Harbor, Alaska.

H. 670, 76th Cong. Port Alexander, Alaska.

H. 578, 76th Cong. Gastineau Channel, Alaska.

H, 325, 77th Cong. Elfin Cove, Alaska..

1. 579, 76th Cong. Beldovia Harbor, Alaska..

H. 702, 76th Cong. (See footnotes at end of table.)

55, 000 34,000 162, 000 214,000

5. 000 120,000 3,600,000 58, 625, 000




30,000 49, 470,000

45, 000


81,000 170,000

30,000 160,000 ( 10,000 88,000 160.000

35,000 225,000 120,000 80,000 25,000 189,000 2,731,000 385, 000 16,000 80,000 31,000 155,000 88,000 60,000


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