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national service life insurance trust fund to meet obligations sustained by that fund incident to excess mortality cost and the cost of waiver of premiums on account of total disability traceable to the extra hazards of military or naval service and the cost of waiver of premiums on account of total disability traceable to the extra hazards of military or naval service and the cost of waiver of the recovery of payments on national service life insurance policies in accordance with the provisions of the act. A total appropriation of $500,000,000 was approved under this appropriation for the current fiscal year.

Soldiers' and sailors' civil relief.The bill contains the Budget estimate of $400,000 and covers the payment of premiums and interest thereon of insurance policies guaranteed by the Veterans Administration in accordance with the provisions of article IV of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act amendments of 1942.

Hospital and domiciliary facilities.—The bill includes the Budget estimate of $84,500,000. of this amount $79,339,886 is to cover construction projects providing 14,100 additional beds, including the establishment of 18 new hospitals. The sum of $5,160,114 is for items of major alterations, new services and construction not providing new beds. A total appropriation of $17,945,500 was approved under this title for the 1945 fiscal year. A list of the proposed new construction, repair, and replacement projects is set forth on pages 157 and 158 of the hearings.


The following limitations and legislative provisions not heretofore carried in connection with any appropriation bill are recommended: On pages 13 and 14, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:

not to exceed $75,000 for temporary employment of persons or organiza. tions by contract or otherwise for legal or other special services, including audits, without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes and the civil service and classic fication laws; uniforms and equipment for guards; and not to exceed $15,878 for deposit in the general fund of the Treasury for cost of penalty mail as required by section 2 of the Act of June 28, 1944 (Public Law 364): Provided, That all expenses of the Corporation in connection with the protection of depositors by making of loans or purchases of assets or the payment of insured depositors, or the collection, liquidation, management, or protection pending liquidation of assets of insured banks by the Core poration as receiver, pledgee, or purchaser, shall be considered as nonadministrative expenses for the purposes hereof. Provided further, That notwithstanding any other provisions of law eccept for the limitations in amounts hereinabove specified, the administrative expenses, and all other expenses and obligations of the Corporation shall be incurred, allowed, and paid in accordance with the provisions of said Banking Ad of 1935, as amended. On pages 18 and 19, public works advance planning:

including salary for not to exceed one position at $10,000 per annum; * Provided, "hat the Federal Works Administrator may delegate to the principal administrative officer of this activity the authority to make appoinıments of personnel hereunder.

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On pages 24 and 25, Public Buildings Administration:

For the establishment of a working capital fund, $50,000, without fiscal year limitation, for the payment of salaries and other expenses necessary to the operation of a central blueprinting, photostating, and duplicating service; said fund to be reimbursed in order to insure continuous operation, from available funds of constituents of the Federal Works Agency, or of any other Federal agency for which services are performed, at rates to be determined by the Public Buildings Administration on the basis of estimated or actual charges for personal services, materials, equipment (including maintenance, repair, and depreciation on existing as well as new equipment) and other expenses: Provided, That at the close of each fiscal year any excess of funds resulting from such operation, after making adequate provision for the replacement of mechanical and other equipment and for accrued annual leave of employees engaged in this work by the establishment of reserves therefor, shall be covered into the Treasury of the United States as miscellaneous receipts. On page 37, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautice:

including the cost of a compartment or such other accommodation as may be authorized by the Chairman for security when authorized personnel are required to transport secret documents or hand baggage containing highly technical and valuable equipment; On pages 48 and 49, Federal Public Housing Authority:

Provided, That all necessary expenses of providing representatives of the Authority at the sites of non-Federal projects in connection with the construction of such non-Federal projects by public housing agencies with the aid of the Authority, shall be reimbursed or paid by such agencies, and expenditures by the Authority for such purposes shall be considered nonadministrative expenses. On page 54, Tax Court of the United States:

Provided, That traveling expenses, of the judges of The Tax Court shall be paid upon the written certificate of the judge.

On pages 68 and 69:

Sec. 203. Excepting appropriations for the Military and Naval Establishments, no appropriation for the fiscal year 1946 in this or any other Act shall be available for the purchase, maintenance, or operation of any aircraft unless specific authority for the purchase, maintenance, or operation thereof has been or is provided in such appropriation, and the acquisition of aircraft by any agency by transfer from another agency of the Government shall be considered as a purchase within the meaning hereoj. On page 73 (sec. 212):

and for the payment in advance, or otherwise, of money allowances in lieu of transportation, at the rate of 9 cents pe mile to enlisted men, regardless of the mode of travel.



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COMPLIANCE, RULE XIII, PARAGRAPH 2 (A) In compliance with paragraph 2 (a), rule XIII, there is submitted the following statement indicating specific amendment of the statutes:



Sec. 213. After January 1, 1945, no Sec. 214. Hereafter appropriations of part of any appropriation or fund made the executive departments and indeavailable by this or any other Act shall pendent establishments of the Governbe allotted or made available to, or used ment shall be available for the expenses to pay the expenses of, any agency or of committees, boards, or other interinstrumentality including those estab- agency, groups engaged in authorized lished by Executive order after such activities of common interest to such agency or instrumentality has been in departments and establishments and existence for more than one year, if the composed in whole or in part of repreCongress has not appropriated any sentatives thereof who receive no addimoney specifically for such agency or tional compensation by virtue of such instrumentality or specifically author- membership: Provided, That employees ized the expenditure of funds by it. of such departments and establishments For the purposes of this section, any rendering service for such committees, agency or instrumentality including boards, or other groups, other than as those established by Executive order representatives, shall receive no addishall be deemed to have been in exist- tional compensation by virtue of such ence during the existence of any other service (p. 74 of bill). agency or instrumentality, established by & prior Executive order, if the principal functions of both of such agencies or instrumentalities are substantially the same or similar. When any agency or instrumentality is or has been prevented from using appropriations by reason of this section, no part of any appropriation or fund made available by this or any other Act shall be used to pay the expenses of the performance by any other agency or instrumentality of functions which are substantially the same as or similar to the principal functions of the agency or instrumentality so prevented from using appropriations, unless the Congress has specifically authorized the expenditure of funds for performing such functions (sec. 213, Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1945).

Comparative statement of the amounts appropriated for the fiscal year 1945, the Budget estimates for the fiscal year 1946,

and the amounts recommended in the accompanying bill for 1946
(NOTE.— Appropriations for 1945 include supplemental and deficiency appropriations)


President, salary of_

$75, 000

$75, 000


The White House Office, salaries and ex

339, 131

313, 038

312, 588

- $26, 543

- $450

Executive Mansion and grounds.

150, 000

150, 000

150, 000

Bureau of the Budget:

Salaries and expenses.


2, 444, 800

2, 227, 257

+227, 257

-217, 543

[blocks in formation]


Appropriations, 1945

Budget estimates, 1946

Amount recommended

in bill for 1946

Increase (+) or decrease (-), bill com.

pared with 1946 appropriation

Increase (+) or de-
crease (-), bill com-
pared with 1946
Budget estimatas



3, 820, 931

3, 505, 138

3, 270, 145

-550, 786

-234, 993

American Battle Monuments Commission..

41, 785



-1, 785

[blocks in formation]

Alaska Railroad retirement and disability





+42, 000

[blocks in formation]

1 Includes $25,000 contained in First Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1945.
2 Contained in National War Agencies Appropriation Act, 1945.
3 Includes $1,653,600 appropriated in First Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1945.
* Includes $1,196,000 appropriated in First Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1945.
• Contained in Second Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1944.

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