Review of the Uruguay Round GATT Agreement Implications for Agricultural Trade: Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, Second Session, March 16 and April 20, 1994

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1994 - 362 lappuses

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98. lappuse - Negotiations shall aim to achieve greater liberalization of trade in agriculture and bring all measures affecting import access and export competition under strengthened and more operationally effective GATT rules and disciplines...
134. lappuse - ... plants and animals other than micro-organisms, and essentially biological processes for the production of plants or animals other than non-biological and microbiological processes. However, Members shall provide for the protection of plant varieties either by patents or by an effective sui generis system or by any combination thereof.
131. lappuse - ... domestic industry* shall be interpreted as referring to the domestic producers as a whole of the like products or to those of them whose collective output of the products constitutes a major proportion of the total domestic production of those products, except that: (i) when producers are related" to the exporters or importers or are themselves importers of the allegedly dumped product, the term "domestic industry...
133. lappuse - ... actual data pertaining to production and sales in the ordinary course of trade of the like product by the exporter or producer under investigation.
100. lappuse - The new system is a significant improvement on the existing practice. In short, it will work and it will work fast. The process will be subject to strict time limits for each step. There is a guaranteed right to a panel. Panel reports will be adopted unless there is a consensus to reject the report and a country can request appellate review of the legal aspects of a report.
136. lappuse - ... the optimal use of the world's resources in accordance with the objective of sustainable development, seeking both to protect and preserve the environment and to enhance the means for doing so in a manner consistent with their respective needs and concerns at different levels of economic development...
100. lappuse - S&P measures to keep out US agricultural exports. S&P measures are laws, regulations and other measures aimed at protecting human, animal and plant life and health from risks of plant- and animal borne pests and diseases, and additives and contaminants in foods and feedstuffs.
94. lappuse - Round negotiations was an important part of the President's strategy for strengthening the domestic economy. Barely a year ago, President Clinton entered office, faced with daunting challenges in his effort to restore the American Dream. The economy was stagnant. Unemployment was high, and confidence was down. In just one year, we have turned a corner. Our economy is growing and millions of jobs have been created. People are getting back to work. But these are just the first steps in preparing our...
97. lappuse - ... economy increasingly reliant on trade, opening markets abroad is absolutely essential to our ability to create jobs and foster economic growth here at home. Our nation's workers are the most productive in the world and reduced tariffs will enable these workers to compete on a more level playing field. Agriculture. US farmers are the envy of the world, but too often they were not able to sell the products of their hard labor abroad, because the old GATT rules did not effectively limit agricultural...
94. lappuse - The Uruguay Round trade agreement is the largest, most comprehensive trade agreement in history. The existing GATT system was incomplete; it was not completely reliable; and it was not serving US interests well. The new agreements open up major areas of trade and provide a dispute settlement system which will allow the US to ensure that other countries play by the new rules they have just agreed to.

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