Advanced Data Mining Technologies in Bioinformatics

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Hui-Huang Hsu
Idea Group Inc (IGI), 2006. gada 1. janv. - 329 lappuses
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The technologies in data mining have been applied to bioinformatics research in the past few years with success, but more research in this field is necessary. While tremendous progress has been made over the years, many of the fundamental challenges in bioinformatics are still open. Data mining plays a essential role in understanding the emerging problems in genomics, proteomics, and systems biology.
Advanced Data Mining Technologies in Bioinformatics covers important research topics of data mining on bioinformatics. Readers of this book will gain an understanding of the basics and problems of bioinformatics, as well as the applications of data mining technologies in tackling the problems and the essential research topics in the field. Advanced Data Mining Technologies in Bioinformaticsis extremely useful for data mining researchers, molecular biologists, graduate students, and others interested in this topic.

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Chapter I Introduction to Data Mining in Bioinformatics
Chapter II Hierarchical Profiling Scoring and Applications in Bioinformatics
Methods and Practices of Combining Multiple Scoring Systems
Chapter IV DNA Sequence Visualization
Chapter V Proteomics with Mass Spectrometry
Chapter VI Efficient and Robust Analysis of Large Phylogenetic Datasets
Chapter VII Algorithmic Aspects of Protein Threading
Chapter VIII Pattern Differentiations and Formulations for Heterogeneous Genomic Data through Hybrid Approaches
Chapter XI A Haplotype Analysis System for Genes Discovery of Common Diseases
Chapter XII A Bayesian Framework for Improving Clustering Accuracy of Protein Sequences Based on Association Rules
Theory and Applications
Understanding Annotations in Protein Interaction Networks
Toward Automatic Annotation of Genes and Proteins
Chapter XVI Comparative Genome Annotation Systems
About the Authors

Chapter IX Parameterless Clustering Techniques for Gene Expression Analysis
Chapter X Joint Discriminatory Gene Selection for Molecular Classification of Cancer

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Par autoru (2006)

Hui-Huang Hsu received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Florida, USA in 1994. He worked as a research assistant in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at The University of Florida throughout his Ph.D. study and stayed there as a postdoctoral research fellow from January to May in 1995. He joined the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Tamkang University in August 2003, where he is now an associate professor. He has participated in the organization of several international conferences and workshops as the general chair, the program chair, the workshop chair, the financial chair, and the local arrangement chair. His current research interests are in the areas of bioinformatics, multimedia processing, data mining, machine learning, and e-learning.

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