Postal Employees' Bonds

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36. lappuse - Surety bonding, as at present practiced, adds greatly to departmental red tape and cost, especially in the Treasury Department where lists of bonding companies and surety bonds in force are maintained. Under the present procedure about 558,000 accountable officers are required to pay for their own surety bonds provided by private companies at an aggregate annual premium cost of about $2,000,000, while recoveries average only about $230,000 annually. The problem, it seems, could be better solved by...
22. lappuse - Mr. Chairman, I do not have a prepared statement, but I would like to make a statement, if I might.
21. lappuse - Are there any questions by members of the committee? If not, we thank you very much for your appearance.
19. lappuse - ... further indication of the keen interest in reclamation. I am attaching to my statement and requesting that it be included in the record — a resolution adopted at our annual meeting in Houston, Tex., last fall. At this meeting, more than 500 were in attendance from every State in the West. Again I wish to express my appreciation to the members of this committee for the...
1. lappuse - Provides for the purchase of bonds to cover postmasters, officers, and employees of the Post Office Department, contractors with the Post Office Department, and mail clerks in the armed services and the Coast Guard, required by law or administrative determination to be bonded.
5. lappuse - Congressman, that we are very happy to have you here and will be pleased to have you give us the benefit of your views on this legislation ? Mr.
22. lappuse - ... know. Mr. O'HARA. That is, the armed services will look into the matter of housing on Guam? Mr. FERRY. We will, sir. The CHAIRMAN. Thank you very much, Mr. Ferry, and gentlemen. Mr. FERRY. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. The CHAIRMAN. Our next witness is Mr. Boris Shishkin, secretary of the housing committee of the American Federation of Labor. We are glad to have you back with us, Mr. Shishkin. STATEMENT OF BORIS SHISHKIN, SECRETARY OF THE HOUSIN& COMMITTEE OF THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LABOR Mr.
25. lappuse - ... Tex., who has innumerable insurance people including in both brackets the steamship owners and the steamship contractors on the gulf coast. " Mr. Chairman, in compliance with your suggestion, we met with Mr. Mayer of the Pacific Steamship Owners Association, Mr. Kobre of the Longshoremen's Union, Mr. Howard Starling, manager of the Washington office of the Association of Casualty and Surety Companies, together with their Mr. Clark and Mr. Wallace M. Smith, branch office manager of the American...
4. lappuse - Albert J. Robertson, Assistant Postmaster General and Controller, Bureau of Finance, Post Office Department.

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