Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Second Circuit, 23. sējums

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Derby and Miller, 1886 - 24 lappuses

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555. lappuse - ... one dollar for every sheet of the same found in his possession, either printing, printed, copied, published, imported, or exposed for sale...
454. lappuse - ... order, may sell all the real and personal property of such association, on such terms as the court shall direct; and may, if necessary to pay the debts of such association, enforce the individual liability of the stockholders. Such receiver shall pay over all money so made to the Treasurer of the United States, subject to the order of the comptroller, and also make report to the comptroller of all his acts and proceedings.
313. lappuse - ... on real estate, or of Judgments or decrees in its favor: all deposits of money, bullion, or other valuable thing for its use, or for the use of any of its shareholders or creditors; and all payments of money to either, made after the commission of an act of insolvency, or in contemplation thereof...
331. lappuse - ... upon a decree being rendered in any such case for an infringement the complainant shall be entitled to recover, in addition to the profits to be accounted for by the defendant, the damages the complainant has sustained therebv; and the court shall assess the same or cause the same to be assessed under its direction.
373. lappuse - That any such court or judge thereof shall have power, upon bill in equity filed by any party aggrieved, to grant injunctions to prevent and restrain the violation of any right secured by said laws, according to the course and principles of courts of equity, on such terms as said court or judge may deem- reasonable.
91. lappuse - suits in equity shall not be sustained in either of the courts of the United States in any case where a plain, adequate, and complete remedy may be had at law.
373. lappuse - That in the construction of this act, the words " Engraving," "cut" and "print" shall be applied only to pictorial illustrations or works connected with the fine arts...
41. lappuse - ... properly and legally authenticated so as to entitle them to be received for similar purposes by the tribunals of the foreign country from which the accused party shall have escaped...
76. lappuse - Treasury, in the performance of his official duty, and the court certifies that there was probable cause for the act done by the collector or other officer, or that he acted under the directions of the Secretary of the Treasury, or other proper officer of the Government...
427. lappuse - Any person claiming to be interested in the property sold under the provisions of the preceding section may, within three months after such sale, apply to the Secretary of the Treasury for a remission of the forfeiture and a restoration of the proceeds of...

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