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Secretary of the Interior , . Rogers C. B. Morton
Office of Hearings and Appeals ... James M. Day, Director

Office of the Solicitor ... Mitchell Melich, Solicitor

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This volume of Decisions of the Department of the Interior covers the period from January 1, 1971 to December 31, 1971. It includes the most important administrative decisions and legal opinions that were rendered by officials of the Department during the period.

The Honorable Rogers C. B. Morton served as Secretary of the Interior during the period covered by this volume; Mr. William T. Pecora served as Under Secretary; Messrs. Richard F. Bodman, Hollis M. Dole, John Larson, Harrison Loesch, Nathaniel Reed, James R. Smith served as Assistant Secretaries of the Interior; Mr. Mitchell Melich served as Solicitor of the Department of the Interior and Mr. Raymond C. Coulter as Deputy Solicitor. Mr. James M. Day, served as Director, Office of Hearings and Appeals.

This volume will be cited within the Department of the Interior as 6678 I.D."

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Secretary of the Interior.


Line 19, correct date to January 25, 1970.
Page 297–Par. 7, line 5 correct spelling for National and Par. 8, line 2 correct

spelling for Director.
Page 303—Footnote 3, par. 5—line 1 correct date of Act to May 17, 1906.
Page 333—Par. 2, line 3, correct Allotter to Allottee.
Page 394—Par. 2–lines 5 & 6 legal citation should read United States v.

Loyd Ramstad * * *.
Page 398—Line 9 correct citation to read Madge V. Rodda * *

Par. 2, line 9, correct citation (S.D. Cal. 1950)-




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Abel, David et al----
Allan, Delbert and George,

Eldon L. Smith et al.--Appeal of Brezina Construction

Co., Inc. The--Appeal of Ets-Hokin Corporation. Appeal of F. H. Antrim Con

struction Co., Inc.Appeal of John M. Keltch, Inc.Appeal of Placer County, Cali

fornia. Appeal of S. S. Mullen Construc

tion, Inc. Appeal of West Coast Dredging,

Inc. Arata, Mary I.--Archer, J. D., Elizabeth B.

Archer. Bartlett, Albert B. et al., United

States v. Brezina Construction Co., Inc.

The, Appeal of.. Carlson Oil Company, Inc.--Daniels, Charles, Estate of --Deepwater, Lucy Hope, Estate

of.. Dunham, Edgar, State Director

for Utah v. Estate of Daniels, Charles.--Estate of Deepwater, Lucy Hope. Estate of Green, George--Estate of Ireland, Lucille Ma

thilda Callous Leg--Estate of Ough, Oscar, Sr-----Estate of Picknoll, Samuel (Pick

ernell) -Estate of Robedeaux, William

Cecil.. Estate of Wellknown, Mary Ur

sula Rock. Estate of Williams, Andy ---Ets-Hokin Corporation, Appeal


Page 86 Evans, David H. v. Little, Ralph 55 Fenton, Orion L-----

F. H. Antrim Construction Co., 44 Inc., Appeal of..53 Gingery, C. Arden, Michiko

Shiota (Gingery)-265 | Green, George, Estate of... 208 Hubbard, Richard..

Hudson, W. A. II, W. A. Hud113 son, Edward R. Hudson..

Ireland, Lucille Mathilda Callous 372

Leg, Estate of ..

Isbell Construction Company, 338 United States v.. 397 John M. Keltch, Inc., Appeal of.

Johnson, M. G.--. 189 Koenig, Alfred E..

Kosanke Sand Corporation, 173 United States v.

Levinson, Nina R. B. and Clare 44 R. Sigfrid -13 Little, Ralph C., Evans, David 329

Masonic Homes of California.. 355 McCall, William A., Sr., The

Dredge Corporation, Estate 272 of Olaf H. Nelson, Deceased, 329 Small Tract Applicants Associ355

ation, Intervenor, United 281 States U-

Morehart, Roger L. 66 Naughton, Harold J 105 Ough, Oscar, Sr., Estate of .--

Page, Ralph -325

Picknoll, Samuel (Pickernell),

Estate of 234

Placer County, California, Ap

peal of 179 346 Quantex Corporation et al.---

Reliable Coal Corporation.53 Rijan Oil Company, Inc.


H. v

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71 307 300 105 167


113 317 199 359

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