The Massively Parallel Processing System JUMP-1

Pirmais vāks
Hidehiko Tanaka, Yōichi Muraoka, Makoto Amamiya
Ohmsha, 1996 - 235 lappuses
The work features the development of the fundamental technologies for massively parallel processing, covering research on the applications, the language, the operating system and the hardware architecture. Also the present status and future plans are addressed. The following topics are discussed in the section on applications: the MGCG Method; Parallelization of FEM; Modeling of Group Behaviors; Parallel Visualization; Functional Memory Type Parallel Processing; a Parallel Reduction Algorithm and Combination Algorithm. As for the programming languages, the SIMD-Based Language NCX, the Dataflow-based Language V and the Parallel Object-Oriented Language A-NETL are discussed. In the chapter on operating systems, the subjects Design Philosophy and Objectives; COS Software Architecture and Elements of the Operating System are - amongst others - addressed. Finally, the part on hardware architecture covers an Overview of the JUMP-1 System; Memory Architecture; Network Architecture; I/O Architecture and Implementation Issues. Massively parallel processing is expected to play a crucial role in the development of almost all advanced technologies for the 21st century. This book is intended to serve a large variety of researchers in the area of parallel computing.

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