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PAGE Prize Chronometers

32 New Discovery in the Process of Casting Iron in. Ballooning

ib. Cultivation of the Vine in England

ib: Double.acting Gasometers

ib. Baron de Férus ac

ib.. House Fly-guard

48 Expensive Tables

ih, Heat.. The Danube

ib. Mr. Branel's Mode of Constructing Arches without Centering

ib. The Mode of Heating the Elephant's House

in the Zoological Gardens, Regent's Park.. ib. Greenwich Railway

64 The Sea-water Purifying Company

ib Case-hardening

ib. Economy in Linen Wasliing

80 Purification of Coal-gas

ib. Preserving Paste

ib. New Lamp.

ih. New Liquor-gauge

ih. Currents in Water ..

96 Household Manufarture of Sugår.

ib. New Ships' Signal Lantern

ib. Kemp's Submarine Apparatus

ib. Massie and Ranwell's Paddle-wheels

ab, Coins in the Clouds

ib. Preservation of Animal Substances..

112 Colossus Redivivus

ib. New Percussion Gun

ib. Wonders of Mechanism

ib. Geology

128 Paddington Steam-omnibus...

ib. Inprored Method of Casting Brass Burrs.... ib. New Power

143 National School of Design

ib. The Thames Tunnel Caoutchouc Candles...

144 Cheap Locomotion

ib. A Hint on Metropolitan improvements

ib. French Theory and English Practice

in. Truth stroger than Ficiion..

ib. Potatoe Beer ...

176 Surverors Walking-stick

ib. New Carriage.warmer .....

ib. Ploughing liy Steam

ib. Railroads : * United States

ib. lutre

rden's Boat into France... in. wheels in the Night

192 5. Bart Iron ....

ib, method or bu sazing Iron and Gun-barrels.... ib. A good Safe Method of Coating Busts and Plaster Casts,

su as to give then the appearance of Marble ib. New Iron Steain-boat

ib. Fall of a Suspension Bridge

........ 221 New Life-boat

ib. Sugar from Urine

240 German Mechanics' Magazine

ib. Wond-polishing

ib, The Count de Laplace...

ib. The Poor Boy.

.................. 256 Railroad to ludia

ib. Electrical Experiment ..................

271 Ingenious Piece of Mechanism ....... 272

PAGE Berlin Iron Ornaments.

..... 272 The Quadrant

ib. A French Mechanic

ib. Busts ...

ib. State of the France::

ib. Aerostation

288 Finproverenis in Paris

ib. British Museum Building...

ib. Death of Mr. Viliam Read.

ib, Printing for the Blind

304 Bleached Flax

ib. Organ

ib. Philosophical Shop Bill.

ib. Telegraph...

320 Arsenic

ib. Spontancous Combustion

ib, M, Biot...!

ib. Corn and Cotton-planting Machine

ib, Dr. Arnott's New Storas....

ib. Dr. Reid's System of Ventilation'..

ib. The New Statue of George III.

326 Consumption of Opium in China New Locomotive power .... Nettles.

ib, Air-kitecarriage.. Death of M. Garnbart..

ib. Aeronautie Observations Briekking Machines Belgian Railway

352 Phrenology

ib. The New Steam-hoat Novelty

368 Home-grown Flax....

ib. Embossing on Wood

ib. Maise Sugar Beneficial Effects of Railways .

ib. Time and Tempe; ature Measure in one ...... ib, Writings of Roger Baco!

381 Porcelain Colours

ib. The Meteoro'ngica: Society of London.... ib. Carriage-speej Regulator

ib, Botanical Society of London


ib, Wire for Musical Instruments

ih. Railway Performance Extraordinary

400 Grand Junction Railway Power-looms in Glasgow...

ib, Steam engines

ib. St. Rollox Chemical Works

ib. Steam-engines in Belgium, and comparison

with the Number employed in France...... 432 Granite Polishing machine...

Railroads in Russia ....
Locomotive for Russia
A speedy Method of rendering Hard Water

Application of Tannate of Gelatin to taking

Casts from Medals, &c.
Hint to Railway Directors orie... ".......
Cotton Trade in Glasgow....
Patent Laws
Submarine Humination by the Drummond

461 Mánumotive-carriage

ib Another bocomotive-engine for Russia Magnetic Balance

ib. Correction

.... ib.




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