Law of the Sea and Peaceful Uses of the Seabeds: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on International Organizations and Movements of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, Ninety-second Congress, Second Session, April 10 and 11, 1972

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42. lappuse - America with respect to the natural resources of the subsoil and sea bed of the continental shelf. Having concern for the urgency of conserving and prudently utilizing its natural resources, the Government of the United States regards the natural resources of the subsoil and sea bed of the continental shelf beneath the high seas but contiguous to the coasts of the United States as appertaining to the United States, subject to its jurisdiction and control.
76. lappuse - Convention, though quite independent of it, — namely that the rights of the coastal State in respect of the area of continental shelf that constitutes a natural prolongation of its land territory into and under the sea exist ipso facto and ab initio, by virtue of its sovereignty over the land, and as an extension of it in an exercise of sovereign rights for the purpose of exploring the seabed and exploiting its natural resources.
48. lappuse - For the purpose of these articles, the term "continental shelf is used as referring (a) to the seabed and subsoil of the submarine areas adjacent to the coast but outside the area of the territorial sea, to a depth of 200 metres or, beyond that limit, to where the depth of the superjacent waters admits of the exploitation of the natural resources of the said areas; (b) to the seabed and the subsoil of similar submarine areas adjacent to the coasts of islands.
50. lappuse - Convention of which the Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish texts are equally authentic, shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations who shall send certified copies thereof to all States referred to in article 31.
50. lappuse - States referred to in article 8: (a) Of signatures to this Convention and of the deposit of instruments of ratification or accession, in accordance with articles...
110. lappuse - Under no circumstances, we believe, must we ever allow the prospects of rich harvest and mineral wealth to create a new form of colonial competition among the maritime nations. We must be careful to avoid a race to grab and to hold the lands under the high seas. We must ensure that the deep seas and the ocean bottoms are, and remain, the legacy of all human beings.
51. lappuse - Continental Shelf refers to the sea-bed and subsoil of the submarine areas contiguous to the coast but outside the areas of territorial waters where the depth of the superjacent waters admits of the exploitation of the natural resources of the sea-bed and subsoil.
76. lappuse - The lateral boundaries of the continental shelf and the judgment of the International Court of Justice in the North Sea Continental Shelf Cases", American Journal of International Law, vol.
4. lappuse - The stark fact is that the law of the sea is inadequate to meet the needs of modern technology and the concerns of the international community. If it is not modernized multilaterally, unilateral action and international conflict are inevitable.
49. lappuse - Where the same continental shelf is adjacent to the territories of two or more States whose coasts are opposite each other, the boundary of the continental shelf appertaining to such States shall be determined by agreement between them. In the absence of agreement, and unless another boundary line is justified by special circumstances...

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