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Shipped per brig Ambey Ripley, signed to George Dunlap, Liverpool, to be sold on account og Co. A, an Invoice of

goods bought of Elisha Madison, as fol42 lows: 4 For cash.

-$20,000 36 11. Check on Mechanicó' Bank 1,600 7

Draft on Williams g Co. 197.65 9 The balance on account

650 12 Our commission

448.95 | 92,890 60 (See entry for the 16th of July.)

Sold of J. Tappen'o consignment as fol-

lows :
4, 42 For cash..

$ 1,965 T. Wm. Page

his Note at 3 7, 42 moncho

... 1,040 9, 42 T. J. L. Jackson

1,937 || 4,942


on account.....

We have this day closed Tappen's Sales
Account, and rendered an account sales.

Art. 47.)
12, 42 Our commifsion).
10, 42 Storage and cooperage.

195 $1

164 30

3, 42 Taken to our own account Adse. of Co. A 1,350


4, 42| Cash sales of Mdse. Co. A.



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4, 42 Cash.

Sold Merchandise, Co. A, amounting to
$ 16,000, and received payment as follows :

$7,300 7, 42 Judson Payne's Now

8,700|16,000 Closed sales of Co. A, and rendered to

our partners an account salos. 12, 42 Our commifsion)

1,317 50 9, 42 J. Barnum's third.

8,077 50 9, 42 3. Dunlap's third.

8,077 50

each of

REMARK.—When the sales are closed in a company concern, we first deduct our expenses and charges (but not our share of the cost) from the total sales, and then credit the absent parties with their shares of the net proceeds, debiting the Co. account for the same amount; the balance will then be our share of the net gain or loss.



eldvised by George Dunlap that he shipped from Liverpool to Havana, on the 20th ultimo, per Kingston, Braid, to J. Barnum, on account of Co. A, a quantity of Merchandise amounting,

as per Invoice, to $18,000. 9, 42 Our one-third

Received from Brown g Co., New Ora

leans, account sales of shipment to them per 9, 42 Washington, Batos. Net proceeds........ )

Sept. 4
Received from Woolworth g Co.

, Ha-
vana, account sales of shipment to them
per Creole, Thomas.

Received, in payment, their draft at sight 4, 42 on Horace Williams, which has been duly



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Net proceeds.....




Sold at auction the remainder of Black": 4, 42 consignment to us amounting to, cash..

3,547 12, 42 Our commifsion)

102 94 Rendered Black

an account sales.
(See second entry under the 18th ultimo.)

Sold the remainder of consignment on ac-
count J. W. Frisbee, and rendered an ac-

count sales.
4, 42 Cash sales this day.-

14132 21 12, 42 Our commifsion

-$29.11 10,42 Postages and advertising


832 30 4, 42 Paid cash to Frisbee for the net proceeds.-- 12150 91

Received from Geo. Davidson, Liverpool,

account sales of shipment to him per
9, 42 Plymouth, Shumway. Net proceeds..... 8,349



Received from J. Barnum, Havana, ac-
count sales of shipment to him


, Davis, on account of Co. A. 9, 42 Net proceeds $8,029 ; our third.

2,676 33

We have received from Geo. Dunlap, Liverpool, account sales of our shipment to him per Amboy, Ripley, on account of Co. A.

-$39,631.47 9, 42 Our third..


Net proceeds

Received from J. Barnum, account sales
of G. Dunlap's shipment to Havana on

account of Co. A. Net proceeds $15,000. 9, 42 Our third..



21 4, 42 Total sales of Mackerel, Co. B, cash 12, 42 Our commifsion

Rendered account sales (See Remark, Aug. 25).

11314 22

565 71

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Disposed of Judson Payne's Nole

, being compelled to lose half the face of the 20. same

-$4,350 4 Cash received.

4,350 | 8,700

Memorandum. 41 Merchandise unsold as per Inventory.

as per Inventory ..... |14,000 42 Shipment to Liverpool, per Princeton, val. 43 ued at cost

171,464 20 Ship Princeton, valued at cost..


44. Books OF ORIGINAL ENTRY. Whenever the business transactions are extensive, separate books are introduced, one for each important class of transactions ; thus,

The Day Book should contain all necessary statements in regard to our affairs generally, or a summary of the whole concern as often as the nature of the business requires; it also contains such memorandums and entries as do not, properly belong to those books whose office is more specified and exclusive ;

The Cash Book should contain all receipts and payments of cash;

The Invoice Book should contain all purchases of goods except for cash;

The Sales Book should embrace a record of all the sales of goods except for cash;

The Commission Sales Book contains sales effected on commission, (pp. 85), differing from the common Sales Book only in that particular.

The above are called Books of Original Entry, because they contain the first history of transactions, (Art. 2).

Entries are posted from these books daily, weekly, or monthly, as the nature of the business requires; the amounts being passed collectively to their respective places in the Ledger; thus :

Debit Cash (daily, weekly, or monthly), for the total amount of Cash received and Credit the proper accounts.

Credit Cash (daily, weekly, or monthly), for the total amount of Cash paid, and Debit the proper accounts. (Art. 4, 14).

Debit Mdse. (daily, weekly, or monthly), for the total amount of purchases recorded in the Invoice Book and Credit the proper accounts. (Art. 3, 14).

Credit Mdse. (daily, weekly, or monthly), for the total amount of Sales recorded in the Sales Book and Debit the proper accounts. (Art. 3, 14).

Entries upon the Day Book are posted (daily, weekly, or monthly); according to principles already stated.

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