Report of Proceedings, 11. sējums

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Washington State Bar Association, 1899
Reports for 1901-1907, 1909, 1911-1914, and 1916 include lists of papers read since 1894.

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67. lappuse - That government can scarcely be deemed to be free where the rights of property are left solely dependent upon the will of a legislative body, without any restraint. The fundamental maxims of a free government seem to require that the rights of personal liberty and private property should be held sacred.
62. lappuse - That all men are born equally free and independent, and have certain natural, inherent and unalienablc rights, among which are, the enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.
48. lappuse - I wish popularity, but it is that popularity which follows, not that which is run after. It is that popularity which, sooner or later, never fails to do justice to the pursuit of noble ends by noble means.
90. lappuse - Wherever one is assailed in his person or his property, there he may defend, for the liability and the right are inseparable. This is a principle of natural justice, recognized as such by the common intelligence and conscience of all nations. A sentence of a court pronounced against a party without hearing him, or giving him an opportunity to be heard, is not a judicial determination of his rights, and is not entitled to respect in any other tribunal.
45. lappuse - mining claims," proof shall be admitted of the customs, usages or regulations established and in force at the bar or diggings embracing such claim ; and such customs, usages or regulations, when not in conflict with the constitution and laws of this state, shall govern the decision of the action.
121. lappuse - We yield to none in our admiration of any act of heroism or self-sacrifice, but we may be permitted to add that it is a lesson which cannot be learned too soon or too thoroughly that under this Government of and by the people the means of redress of all wrongs are through the courts and at the...
106. lappuse - That a deduction of debts from credits may be authorized: Provided further, That the property of the United States, and of the state, counties, school districts, and other municipal corporations, and such other property as the legislature may by general laws provide, shall be exempt from taxation.
67. lappuse - With those judges who assert the omnipotence of the legislature in all cases where the constitution has not interposed an explicit restraint, I cannot agree.
128. lappuse - Mumbling to make the cross-grain'd thistles pass, Might laugh again to see a jury chaw The prickles of unpalatable law.
90. lappuse - The liability and right are inseparable. A different result would be a blot upon our jurisprudence and civilization. We cannot hesitate or doubt on the subject. It would be contrary to the first principles of the social compact and of the right administration of justice.

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