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Index to Periodical Literature.


BIOGRAPHICAL. Alexander III. (The Tsar). E, B. Lanin. Contemp. Rev. London, Jan, 24 pp.

A sketch of his life, etc. Ariosto. Temple Bar, Londo:), Jan., 9 pp. Bewick (Thomas). Mrs. Anne Ritchie. Macmillan's, London, Jan., 5 pp. Boyle (Robert), Sketch of. Pop. Sc., Feb., 6 pp. With Portrait. Burns (Robert) at Kirkoswald. J. W. Oliver. Nlacmillan's, London, Jan., 6 pp. Burns (Robert), The Homes and Home-Life of. Prof. Lewis Stuart, of Lake

Forest University. Chautauquan, Feb., 8 pp. Ulus. Descriptive. Curtis (George William), Recollections of. John W. Chadwick. Harper's, Feb.,

8 pp. Illus. Jessel (Sir George), Master of the Rolls. Joseph Willard. Green Bag, Jan., 9 pp.

With Portrait. Khan (Abdur Rahman), the Amir of Afghanistan. Sir Lepel Griffin, K.C.S.).

Fort. Rev., London, Jan., 16 pp. Men Who Reigned: Bennett, Greeley, Raymond, Prentice, Forney. (Journalist

Series). The Hon. Jolin Russell Young. Lippincott's, Feb., 12 pp. With

Portraits, Michelangelo. Herbert P. Horne. Fort, Rez'., London, Jan., 16 pp. Moltke. D. F. Hannigan. Westminster Rev., London, Jan., 7 pp. Palmer (Samuel). Alfred T. Story. Temple Bar, London, Jan. Appreciative

sketch of the celebrated landscape-painter. Seward and Lincoln, Recollections of. James Mattack Scovil. Lippincott's, Feb., 5 PP.

With Portrait of Seward. Tennyson. Ella Macmahon. London Society, Jan., 9 pp. Ulrich of Lichtenstein, Cornhill, London, Jan., 12 pp. Whittier. Notes of His Life and His Friendship. Annie Fields. Harper's,

Feb., 21 pp. lllus. Whittier (John Greenleaf). Mary Negreponte. Westminster Rev., London,

Jan., 5 PP. Whittier, The Quaker Poet. Elizabeth Fyvie Yoel. Leisure Hour, London, Jan., 6 pp.

EDUCATION, LITERATURE, ART. Almanac (An) of Three Centuries Ago. Gleeson White. Bookworm, London,

Jan., 7 pp. Athens, The American School at. Second Article. Prof. Martin L. D'Ooge,

University of Michigan. Chautauquan, Feb., 6 pp. Illus. Descriptive. Authors, Publishers, and Reviewers. Frederick Wicks. Nat. Rev., London,

Jan., 11 pp. Byron, Unpublished Letters of, Bookworm, Lodon, Jan., 4 pp. Exhibits of the Nations. Richard Lee Fearn. Chautauquan, Feb., 6 pp. А

sketch of the exhibits of the different Nations at the World's Fair. German Fiction (Recent). Blackwood's, Edinburgh, Jan., 22 pp. Intelligence (General) the Nation's Hope. Prof. S. N. Vass. A. M. E. Zion Ch.

Quar., Jan., 22 pp. Journalism as a Profession. M. de Blowitz. Contemp. Rev., London, Jan., 9 pp. Legal Education in Modern Japan. I. Prof. John H. Wigmore. Green Bag.,

Jan., 17 pp. With Portraits. Schools of Law in Japan, etc. Letters of a Man of Leisure (Edward Fitzgerald). Temple Bar, London, Jan.,

14 PP. Lowell, The Poems of, With a Glance at the Essays. John Vance Cheney.

Chautauquan, Feb., 9 pp. Niobe, A Colossal Statue of. Leisure Hour, London, 2 pp. Illus. Number-Forms. G. S. W. Patrick, Prof. Philosophy, State University of Iowa.

Pop. Sc., Feb., 11 pp. The forms that numbers take with some persons. Ornament. Herbert Maxwell. Blackwood's, Edinburgh, Jan., 15 pp. Psalmody (Rustic), Humors of. Cornhill, London. Jan., 10 pp. Songs and Ballads (English). The Hon. Roden Noel. New Rev., London, Jan.

12 pp. Descriptive. Twelfth Night. IX, The Comedies of Shakespeare. Illustrations by E. A. Abbey, and Comment by Andrew Lang. Harper's, Feb., 12 pp.

POLITICAL. Agricultural Union. The Earl of Winchelsea. Nat. Rev., London, Jan., 7 pp. Advocates the coöperation (especially political coöperation) of the agriculturists of the United Kingdom, for their common good. Earl Winchelsea's article is followed by one by George Byron Curtis (5 pp.), criticising it. “ Does not this movement in favor of organization in agriculture mean Protection, and nothing

else?” asks Mr. Curtis. Brazil, Politics and Finances in.' By an Englishman. Fort. Rev., London, Jan.,

11 PP. Canada, The Present Position of. Arnold Haultain. Westminster Rev., London,

Jan., 1042 pp. A reply to the article by Lawrence Irwell in Westminster Review,

Sept., 1892. Church and Saloon as Political Antagonists. An address by John G. Woolley.

Our Day, Jan., 7 pp. Civil Service Reform. Theodore Roosevelt. Chautauquan, Feb., 342 pp.

Explains the system, etc. Cleveland's Election, and Its Effect upon the Futuie of the Negro. A Sym

posium. Frederick Douglass, T. Thomas Fortune, Bishop J. W. Hood, T. McCants Stewart, The Hon. B. K. Bruck, and John M. Langston. A. 11. E.

Zion Ch. Quar., Jan., 17 PP. De Lesseps and the Panama Canal Scandal. George W. Hinman, Ph.D. Chau

tauquan, Feb., 4 pp. Democracy, Disabilities of. W. Earl Hodgson. Nat. Rev., London, Jan., 17 pp. Egypt, The Mission of England in. Blackwood's, Edinburgh, Jan., 12 pp. Free Trade, The Farraresqueries of. Frederick Greenwood. Nat. Rev., Lon

don, 11 pp. French (The) in West Africa. Archer P. Crouch. Blackwood's, Edinburgh, Jan.,

14 PP. France and the Papacy. C. B. Roylance. Macmillan's, London, Jan., 8 pp. Home Rule, Scotland's Revolt Against. R. Wallace, M.P. New Rev., London,

Jan., 11 pp. A Scotchman's objections to Irish Home Rule. Home Rule, The Financial Aspect of. J. J. Clancy, M.P. Contemp. Rev., Lon

don, Jan., 12 pp. Discusses the clauses of the coming Home Rule Bill which

deal with the financial relations between England and Ireland. India, The Russian Approach to. Karl Blind, Lippincott's, Feb., 642 PP. The

danger threatening India.

Ireland's Reply. John E. Redmond, M.P. New Rev., London, Jan., 6 pp. Criti

cises the Gladstonian Government. Militarism and Social Reform in Germany, Coi. Franz Schumann. Chautau

quan, Feb., 382 pp. Parliament (The English). Justin McCarthy. Contemp Rev., London, Jan.,

7 PP. Political Situation (The). F. S. Stevenson, M.P. Westminster Rev., London,

Jan., 5%2 pp. The political situation in England. Silver up to Date. Moreton Frewen. Fort. Rev., London, Jan., u pp. Toryism and Progression. Francis R. Y. Radcliffe. Nat. Rev., London, Jar.., 10 PP.

RELIGIOUS. America, the Discovery of, Providential Preparations for. Prof. H. M. Scott. Our Day, Jat)., II PP.

Calls attention to events which seem to be providentially connected with the discovery of America. Apocrypha (The New). The Rev. Herbert Lucas. Month, London, Jan., 15 pp.

Descriptive of the newly discovered Gospel of Peter. Bible (the), Why Should I Study? W.R. Harper, Ph.D., D.D., Pres. University

of Chicago. University Arena, Dec., 842 PP, Buddhism, A Bishop on.

Prof. Max Müller. New Rev., London, Jan., 9 pp. Reviews the work of the Bishop of Colombo on Buddhism. Christ's Departure, The Expediency of. The Rev. George Matheson, M.A.,

D.D., F.R.S.E. Thinker, Jan., 742 pp. Exposition of Si. Luke xxiv., 29: St.

John xvi., 7-11. Christ (The Historical) and Modern Christianity. The Rev. Prof. A. B. Bruce,

D.D. Thinker. Jan., 12 PP. Christians, Why Do Men Remain ? The Rev. T. W. Fowle. Contemp. Rev.,

London, Jan., 9 pp. Analyses the ultimate reasons which impel men to accept

or rejeci Christianity. Church of England, How She Washied Her Face. The Rev. Sydney F. Smith.

Month, London, Jan., 18 pp. The Reformation in the Church of England. Church (The) and Temperance. The Rev. James C. Fernald. Hom. Rev., Feb.,

7 PP. The drift of this paper is seen in the question propounded : “Is the

Church of Christ doing all it ought for the suppression of intemperance ?Church (The) in Wales. Arthur Griffith Boscawen, M.P. Nat. Rev., London,

Jan., 11 pp. Ghost-Worship and Tree-Worship: Grant Allen, Pop. Sc., Feb., 15 pp. An

examination of the “ tree-spirits" of the mythologies, etc. Greece (Christian): Bikclas and the Marquess of Bute. John Stuart Blackie,

Blackwood's, Edinburgh, Jan., 10 pp. Greek Church (the), The Divine Office in. Part I. The Rev. B. Zimmerman,

0.C.D. Month, London, Jan., 16 pp. History of the Greek Liturgy. Hyksos Kings of Joseph in Egypt. Laura A. Jones, M. A. University Arena,

Dec., 4 pp. Gives the points in the narrative of the Hyksos Kings, etc. Monita Secreta (The) and the Society of Jesus. The Rev. John Rickaby. Month,

London, Jan., 6 pp. In defense of the Society, etc. Pantheistic Tendencies Unfavorable to Permanence in Creed. 0. T. Lanphear,

D.D. Hom. Rev., Feb., 6 PP. Poeiry, What Can It Do for the Ministry? Prof. Arthur D. Hoyt. Hom. Rev., Feb., 5 PP.

Points out the influence of poetry. Temptation Incident to the Ministry. The Rev. John. T. Kerr. Hom. Rev., Feb.,

4 PP. Training Men to Preach. Prof. E. G. Rob oson, D.D. Hom. Rev., Feb., 5 pp.

SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY. Æsthetic Sense and Religious Sentiment in Animals. Prof. E. P. Evans. Pop. Sc., Feb., 9 PP.

Various views of naturalists. Auriga, The Temporary Star in. The Rev. A. L. Cortie, F.R.A.S. Month,

London, Jan., 20 pp. Biological Observatory (A Marine). C. O. Whitman, Head Prof. Biology in

University of Chicago. Pop. Sc., Feb., 13 pp. Sets forth the needs of such an

observatory. Electricity, Some Practical Phases of. Franklin Leonard Pope. Chautauquan,

Feb., 4 PP.

Faith-Cure (The). Prof. Charcot. New Rev., London, Jan., 14 pp. The distin

guished scientist believes in Faith-Cure under certain limitations. Ghosts and Their Photos. The Rev. H. R. Haweis. Fort. Rev., London. Jan., .

14 PP. Glass-Industry (The). XVII. The Development of American Industries since

Columbus. Prof. Ć. Hanford Henderson. Pop. Sc., Feb., 12 pp. The history

of the industry during colonial times. Himalayas (the), Ascents in. Edward Whymper. Leisure Hour, London, Jan., 4 PP.

With Maps. Human Origin, Problems of. The Rev. Frank Ballard, M.A., B.Sc., etc., etc.

Thinker. Jan., 3 PP. Insanity, The Increase of. W. J. Corbet. Fort. Rev., London, Jan., 13 pp. Monkeys, the Speech of. Leisure Hour, London, Jan., 2 pp. Moral Forces, The Correlation of. Prof. William Knight. Nat. Rev., London,

Jan., 7 pp. Pessimism and Progress. The Rev. S. A. Alexander. Contemp. Rez., London,

Jan., 84pp. The tendency of pessimism is to retard progress. Population (The) of the Earth. J. S. Billings, M.D., Surgeon U. S. Army.

Chautauquan, Feb., 9 pp. Vivisection, The Benefits of. A. Coppen Jones. Fort. Rev., London, Jan., 4 pp. Women, Clergy men, and Doctors. Canon Wilberforce. New Rev., London, Jan..

II pp. A reply to Dr. Hart's article in the December New Review. World (The Outdoor). Harlan Hogue Ballard, Ph.D. University Arena, Dec., 7 PP. Observation of nature, etc.

SOCIOLOGICAL. Baths (Public). The Hon. Goodwin Brown, Commissioner in Lunacy, New York.

Charities Rev., Jan., 10 pp. Shows the importance of the subject. Bimetallism, On. Alfred de Rothschild. New Rev., London, Jan., 7 pp. Bread, The Price of, State-Regulation of. Lord Stanley of Alderley. Nat. Rev.,

London, Jan., 5 PP. Gives some interesting historical facts. Charities and Correction, Separation of. Miss Rosalie Butler. Charities Rev.

Jan., 6 pp. Urges the separation of these departments. Farming (Profitable) and Employment of Labor. J. Boyd Kinnear. Blackwood's

Edinburgh, Jan., 16 pp. Labour (Cheap), The Dearness of. David F. Schloss. Fort. Rev., London, Jan.,

10 PP. Labour, The Social Condition of. E. R. L. Gould. Contemp. Rev., London, Jan.,

25 Pp. Mr. Gould was the President of a Commission to investigate the social

condition of the laboring classes, Mobs. Blackwood's, Edinburgh, Jan., 17 pp. Monetary Conference (The). Bankers' Jag., London, Jan., 6 pp.

Current Events.

Mormonism, Immigration, Sunday Newspapers. Joseph Cook. Our Day, Jan.,

I2 PP. Boston Monday Lecture. Peace (Industrial). Josephine Shaw Lowell, Charities Rev., Jan., 7 pp. Instances

of successful understanding between the employers and employés. Pour-Law (A New). The Rev. J. Frome Wilkinson. New Rev., London, Jan.,

14 pp. Suggest articles to be incorporated in a New Poor-Law. Race-Problem (The), Education to Prove its Rightful Solution. Prof. J. C.

Price. A.M.E. Zion Ch Quar., Jan., 4 pp. Social Questions, The Relation of the Church to. The Rev. Prof. W. G, Blaikie,

D.D., LL.D. Thinker, Jan.. 8 pp. Discusses the attitude of the Church in reference to-1. The Eight-Hours' Bill. 2. Wages and Strikes. 3. Land and

Capital, Temperance Party (the Advanced), The Attitude of. W. S. Caine, M.P. Con

temp. Rev., Jan., 14 pp. Argues in favor of prohibition. Temperance Reform, The Deadlock in). George Wyndhain, M.P. With a Note

by the Bishop of Chester. Contemp. Rep., London, Jan. Mr. Wyndham recommends, in substance, the Gothenburg system as a solution of the problem.

UNCLASSIFIED). African Garden (an), In. London Society, Jan., r2 pp. Alexander :he Great, The Tomb of. Rev, Haskell Smith. Jlacmillan's, Lon

don, Jan., 8 pp. Presents the reasons for believing that the tomb in the Con

stantinople Museum is really Alexander's tomb. Bear-Hunting in Russia. Temple Bar, London, Jan., 14 pp. Birds of the Grass Lands. Prof. Spencer Trotter. Pop. Sc., Feb., 6 pp. Illus.

Descripuve. Bluebeard: The Maréclial de Retz. Belgravia, London, Jan., 17 pp. Bristol in the Time of Cabot. Jolin B. Shipley. Harper's, Feb., 10 pp. Illus,

Historical and descriptive. Decimal Coinage (a), The Advantages of. T. H. Perry Caste. Westminster

Rev., London, Jan., 10 pp. Evidence, Practical Tests in. III. To Determine a Question of Race. Irving

Browne. Green Bag, Jan., 4 pp. Garter-Snake (the), Habits of. Alfred Goldsborough Mayer, Pop. Sc., Feb.,

4 pp. Illus. Descriptive. Gower Street and Its Reminiscences. Temple Bar, London, Jan., 9 pp. Great Wall (the), Under. A. Michie. Macmillan's, Joondon, Jan., 7 pp. On the

Great Wall of China. Mediæval Country-House. Mary Darmesteter. Contemp. Rev., London, Jan.,

22 pp. Historical and descriptive. Meuse Valley (the), In. Charles Edwardes. London Society, Jan., 15 pp. New Orleans, Our Southern Capital. Julian Ralplı. Harper's, Feb., 20 pp.

Illus. Descriptive. Philadelphia (New). Charles Morris. Lippincott's, Feb., 10 pp. Illus. Descrip

tive of new buildings, etc. Sicily, Byeways in. Lady Susan Keppel. Nat. Rev., London, Jav., 7 PP. Tierro Del Fuego. D. R. O'Sullivan. Fort. Rev., London, Jan., 18 pp. Descrip

tive of the land and its inhabitants. Turf (The) in Lord George Bentinck's Day. W. J. Hardy. Belgravia, London,

Jan., 9 pp.

Books of the Week.

Weinestiar', January 18.

Both Houses adjourn out of respect to ex-President Hayes...... The following United States Senators are elected by the Legislatures of the respective States : New York, Edward Murplıy, Jr.; Massachusetts, Henry Cabul Lodge; California, Stephen N. White ; Minnesota, C. K. Davis; Michigan, F. B. Stockbridge ; Maine, Eugene Hale; Connecticut, Joseph R. Hawley; Tennessee, William B. Bate; Delaware, George Giay : Indiana, David Turpie : Pennsylvania, M. S. Quay...... The New Jersey State Board of Agriculiure meets in Trenton... ... The Insurance Tariff Association prefers formal charges against the Brooklyn Fire Department.

The Khedive of Egypt yields to the demand of Great Britain for the dismissal of the newly appointed Ministry, and promises to appoint Riaz Pasha, who is known to be friendly to British interests, as President of the Council; Lord Cromer, the British Minister, secures from the Khedive a promise that hereafter no alteration in the Ministry would be made without consulting Great Britain...... Dr. Lieber, leader of the liberal wing of the Clericals, speaks against the German Army Bill before the Reichstag Commission... Four meetings are held, in Berlin, by the Social Democrats...... Seven deaths

from cholera are reported in the lunatic-asylum at Halle. Thursday, January 19.

In the Senate, the Anti-Option Bill is discussed; Mr. Wolcott introduces an amendment to the Silver Purchase Repeal Bill......lo the House, several amendments to the Interstate Commerce Law are passed ; Tammany representatives oppose the Quarantine Bill...... Many tributes of respect are paid to the memory of ex-President Hayes...... The Illinois Supreme Court reverses the lower courts in the Cronin cases and grants a new trial to Coughlin, the surviving convict...... The National Woman_Suffiage Association closes its Convention in Washington......Governor Flower sends several nominations to the State Senate...... Judge Bartlett, of Brooklyn, renders a decision which seems likely to put an end to the claims of Patrick'J. Gleason to the Mayorally of Long Island City ..

...... Three persons are killed and eight wounded in a collision on the Pennsylvania Railroad near Marion, N. J...... The prosecuting committee in the Briggs case decides to appeal to the General Assembly.

The French Ambassador in London sends Lord Rosebery a note saying that France could not remain indifferent to an act tending to infringe the Khedive's independence...... The Panama Investigating Committee continues to take testimony......In Brussels, a large body of unemployed are charged and dispersed by gendarmes as they were entering the Bourse ; many are

hurt. Friday, January 20.

The Senate adjourns on account of the funeral of ex-President Hayes...... In the House, the Deficiency Appropriation Bill is reported, after which an adjournment is taken...... The funeral of ex-Presideni Rutherford B. Hayes is solemnized at Fremont, O.; many distinguished men attend...... A bridge over the Wabash River at Peru, Ind., collapses, precipitating a train into the rlver ; two people killed, and many seriously injured ......Hugh F. Dempsey, District Master Workman of the Knights of Labor, is found guilty as indicted in the trial of the Homestead poisoning-case. ..... The National Board of Trade ends its annual session at Washington......In New York City, the Manhattan Elevated Road's plan of rapid transit is submitted to the Commissioners.

M. Andrieux refuses to say before the Panama Committee whose name he cut out of the list of 104 Deputies which he showed when he was examined in December ; Dr. Herz is arrested in England... ... The report of a reconcilia

tion betwecn King Milan and Queen Natalie is officially confirmed. Saturday, January 21.

In the Senate, Mr. Wolcott attacks the Columbian postage stamps : the Anti-Option Bill is discussed and goes over without action.....In the House, the National Quarantine Bill is discussed and goes over without action... In a collision on the “Big Four" Road near Alton, Ill., nine persons are killed, twelve fatally injured, and about one hundred others burned by oil...., Seven people are injured in a wreck on the Pennsylvania Road near Harrisburg.

In Long Island City, Gleason yields to a show of force, and Horatio S. Sanford takes possession of the Mayor's office...... The French steamer Bretagne carries from the port of New York $4,300,000 in gold.

It is said that at a private examination M. Clemenceau denied all knowledge of bribery by Dr. Herz or any other person......Mr. Asquith, English Home Secretary, says the plan of Home Rul for Ireland will be on Liberal lines. ...... James Francis Egan, an Irish dynamiter, is released from Portland • prison...... Seventeen new cases of cholera are reported at the Neitleben

Lunatic-Asylum, in Germany.
Sunday, January 22.
Chief Executive

Officer McŅaughton, of the New York Board of Managers of the World's Fair, says that the work on the State's exhibit is well advanced, and gives reasons for the appropriation of an additional $300,000.

... Bishop Dowenger, of Fort Wayne, dies. In Rome, an attempt is made to blow up a hotel with dynamite...... The defiant actions of the Khedive increase the excitement over Egyptian affairs.

...... A Cabinet crisis is thought to be impending in Portugal. Monday, January 23.

In the Senate, the Cherokee Outlet Bill and the Anti-Option Bill are discussed; it is agreed to vote on the latter next week...... The House passes the Quarantine Bill after a stormy debate; the Sundry Civil Appropriation Bill is discussed...... A substitute for the Constitutional Convention Bill is passed by the Senate at Albany; it allows each of the two great political parties to choose sixteen delegates-at-large......Dr. Phillips Brooks, Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Massachusetts, dies in Boston...... Associate Justice L. Q. C. Lamar, of the United States Supreme Court, dies at Macon, Ga.

It is announced that the British Government will increase its forces in Egypt; a long Cabinet Council is held in London : France maintains the Khedive's right to choose his Ministers...... It is said that the Panama Committee's sub-committee has discovered enormous frauds among the records of syndicates which helped to floal the Panama loans; the report of the autopsy on

Baron Reinach's body leaves the cause of death uncertain. Tuesday, January 24.

Bothi Houses of Congress meet and adjourn out of respect to the memory of Associate Justice Lamar...... The Assembly at Albany passes Senator McCarty's Bill legalizing the expenditures of Brooklyn officials...... United States Senator Stewart, of Nevada, is reelected from that State; ballots for Senators are taken without results by the Legislatures of several other States.

The funeral of Justice Lamar is appointed for Friday; that of Bishop Brooks for Thursday...... The Annual Convention of the National Farmers' Alliance opens in Chicago; only three States represented......In New York City, the Rapid Transit Commissioners inform the Elevated Road people that their plan is not satisfactory.

Lord Cromer informs the Khedive that England will reinforce her garrison in Egypt; the Khedive's hostility to England is said to show no abatement. ......M. Stephane repeats his charges against M. Clemenceau before the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry...... Eiglity miners are killed and many injured by an explosion of fire-dampát Dux, Bohemia...... Duke Albrecht, of Wurtemburg, and Archiduchess Margaret Sophie, are married in Vienna,


AMERICAN Alfred, Lord Tennyson. A Study of His Life and Work. Arthur Waugh, B.A., Oxon. Tait, Sons, & Co. Cloin, Illus., $3.

Civilization and Progress. John Beattie Crozier, Third Edition. Revised and Enlarged, with New Preface. Longmans, Green, & Co. Cloth, $4.50.

Creation, The History of. Ernst Haeckel. D. Appleton & Co. vols. Cloth, $5,

Darwin (Charles), Life of. Francis Darwin. D. Appleton & Co. Cloth, with Portrait, $1.50.

Enigma (The Great). William S. Lilly. D. Appleton & Co. Cloth, $4.

Ethics, The Systems of, Founded on the Theory of Evolution, C. M. Williams. Macmillan & Co. Cloth, $2.60.

Heine (Heinrich), The Family Life_of. From the German of His Nephew, Baron Ludwig von Embden. Cassell Pub. Co. Cloth, witli Portraits, $1.50.

Hermetic Philosophy, Vol. III. Styx. J. B. Lippincott Co., Phila. Cloth, $1.25.

Hexateuch (the), The Higher Criticism of. Charles A. Briggs, D.D. Charles Scribner's Sons. Cloih, $1.75.

Italian Independence, Dawn of. W. R. Thayer. Houghton, Miffin, & Co., Boston. 2 vols., $4.

Library Association (American) Index. William J. Fletcher. Houghton, Miffin, & Co., Boston). Clotlı, $5.

Marine (American). W, W. Bates. Houghton, Mifflin, & Co., Boston, Cloth, $4. Military Signaling. A. Gallup. D. Appleton & Co. Cloth, 500.

Morocco As It Is. With An Account of Sir Charles Euan Smith's Recent Mission 10 Fez. Stephen Bonsal, Jr. Harper & Bros. Cloch, $2.

Naturalist on the River Amazon. Henry Walter Bates, F.R.S., etc. With a Memoir of the Author by Edward Clodd. Þ. Appleton & Co. Cloth, With Map and Illustrations, $5.

Nature, Interpretation of. Prof. N. S. Shaler. Houghton, Mifflin, & Co., Boston. Cloth, $1.25.

One of the Bevans. Mrs. Robert Jocelyr.. J. B. Lippincott Co., Phila. Cioth, $1.

Rousseau's Emile, or Treatise on Education. Abridged, Translated, and Annoiated by W. H. Payn, Ph.D., LL.1)., Chancellor of University of Nashville and President of Peabody Normal College. D. Appleton & Co. Čloth, $1.50.

Salisbury Parliament (the) 1886–1892, A Diary of. Henry W. Lucy. Cassell Pub. Co. Clothi, $5.

Seedlings. Sir John Lubbock, Bart., F.R.S., etc. D. Appleton & Co. 2 vols., Cloth, 684 lliustrations, $10.

Stillwater Tragedy (The). Thomas Bailey Aldrich. Houghton, Mifflin, & Co., Boston. Paper, 50c.

Susy. Bret Harte. Houghton, Mifflin, & Co., Boston. Cloth, $1.25.

Victory Througlı Surrender, A Message Concerning Consecrated Living. The Rev. B. Fay Mills. Fleming H. Revell Co., New York and Chicago. Clothi, 500,

Waterloo, The Campaign of. A Military History. John C. Ropes. Charles Scribner's Sons. Clotii, $2.50.

Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible. Seventh Edition, Revised. To Wluch Is Added " A Sketch of Recent Explorations in Bible Lands,” by the Rev. Thomas Nicol, B.D. Funk & Wagnalls Co. Cloth, $5.





IN ANY OTHER SINGLE-VOLUME DICTIONARY. PRICE WHEN ISSUED, $12.00. AT $7.00 TO ADVANCE SUBSCRIBERS. One Dollar Extra Discount to Subscribers for “The Lit


The Present Confusion in Reference to the Writing of Compound Words-These Terms to be Thoroughly and Systematically Treated in the Standard Dictionary–The System Universally Commended–The Definition of Calendar, with Table of Hebrew Months, etc.

Some time ago we issued a circular requesting the opinion of a large number of writers, educators, and others, in reference to the proper occasion for writing compound words, and their judgment concerning the use of the hyphen for connecting the parts of such words. We received many answers, one of which, from a school superintendent, 'was: I do not know anything about it, and I do not believe any one does.

It is strange, but true, that this frank acknowledgment represents in effect nearly all that was said in hundreds of letters, all from people who should kpow.

It is a much stranger fact that this feature of the English language is so confused in literature as to justify our correspondent's assertion.

The subject has been very closcly studied, however, by Mr. F. Horace Tea!), the editor in charge of that department of the Standard Dictionary, who is also author of “The Compounding of English Words.” This class of words should be thoroughly and systematically treated so as to secure the correct form in each case ; and the method pursued in this Dictionary is really systematic—the only systematic method ever attempted.. Mr. Teall's system has been approved (in many cases enthusiastically) by a large number of eminent authors, educators, and proofreaders, whose criticism we have invited. We know of do disapproval from any one who is competent to speak with any recognized authority.


The period of seven days was used by the Brah- -Julian c., the calendar prescribed by Julius mins in India with the same denominations employed Ca sar, in which 3 years of 365 days each were always by 118, and was alike found in the calendars of the followed by one of 366 days, and the months, after Jews, Egyptians, Arabs, and Assyrians.

some changes made by Augustus as to their numMARY SOMERVILLE Connection vj Physical Sciences ber of days, had the length now adopted in $12, p 80. (H. °53.]

Europe and America. Called also old style.-Mo

hammedan c., the calendar used in Mo2. A table or series of tables giving the time

hammedan countries, reckoning time from July of sunrise and sunset, and of other astro- 16, A.D. 522, the day following Mohammed's flight nomical phenomena for each day of the year. from Mecca to Medina (the Hegira). The year 3. A table showing the days or dates of the consists of 12 lunar months of a mean duration of 29 months numbered in their order ; especially, a

duys, 12 bours, and 44 minutes. A cycle consists of table showing the dates of exercises or obsery

30 years, of which 19 are ordinary years of 354 days

each, and 11 are embolismic, with 355 days. -Newances for the year; as, a church or university calendar. 4. A schedule or list of anything; as, a

gate c., see the quotation below. culendar of causes for trial in court.

The Newgate Calendar, or Malefactor's Bloody

Register, containing Autheutic and Circumstantial He keeps a calendar of all the famous dishes of Accounts of the Lives, Transactions, Exploits, Trials. meat, that have been in the court ever since our Executions, Dying Speeches, Confessions, Aud other great-grandfather's time.

Curious Particulars, Relating to all the most notoriBEAUMONT and FLETCHER The Voman-Hiater act ous Criminals, and Violators of the Laws of their i, sc. 1.

Country, who have suffered Death and other Evem

plary Punishments, in England, Scotland, and Ire5. A sculptured or painted emblematic series

land, from the Commencement of the Year 1700, to of the months. 6. A guide for conduct.

the Present Time. Newgate Calendar title-page. Calendar Amendment Act, an English -Republican c., the calendar instituted on Oct. statute providing for the adoption of the Gregorian 5, 1793, by the first French republic, and abolished Dec. amendment of the Julian calendar. Passed in 1751, it 31, 1805. Its scheme divided the year into 12 months went into effect on Sept. 3, 1752, wbich day was by its of 30 days each, with 5 extra days (Sonsculottides) provisions reckoned as the 14th to cancel the 11 days' at the end of the last month (Fructidor). The difference between the old and now styles. It further months were divided into three decades, every tenth transferred the beginning of the new year from day being a day of rest, Sundays being ignored. ProMarch 25 to Jap. 1, commencing in 1753. Called also vision was made for sextile years by adding one day to Lord Chesterfield's Act.-c. clock, a clock which, the Sansculottides every fourth year. The calendar was in addition to the ordinary time-recording functions, retrospective in action, and its first year (I.) connotes the days of the week, month, or year, the menced Sept. 22, 1793. The months and their cormovements of the heavenly bodies, etc.-c. imonth responding periods in the Gregorian calendar are as or year, a year or month as defined in a calendar, follows: especially thie Gregorian calendar.-Gregorian c., the calendar prescribed by Pope Gregory XIII.,


Sept. 22 to Oct. by which the Julian calendar was modified by


Oct. 22 to Nov. 20. calling Oct. 5, 1582, Oct. 15, and continuing the


Nov. 21 to Dec. 20. count 10 days in advance, and by making the


Dec. 21 to Jan. 19. terminal years of the centuries, 1700, 1800, 1900,


Jan. 20 to Feb. 18. etc., common years of 365 days, except when the year


Feb. 19 to March 20. was a multiple of 400, as 1600, 2000, etc. Called also


March 21 to April 19. new style.- Hebrew c., the calendar reckoning


April 20 to May 19. from the assumed date of the creation of the world, Prairial..

May 20 to June 18. or 3,760 years and 3 months before the birth of Christ:


June 19 to July

18. in use by the Jews since the 2d century of the


July 19 to Aug. 17. Christian era. Its origin is involved in some ob


Ang. 18 to Sept. 16. scurity, and it is subject to much change and adjust- Sansculottides.

Sept. 17 to Sept. 21. ment by intercalary methods to accommodate the

The Greek and Roman calendars, which will appear feasts and fasts, and ihe coincidence of certain months

in the Dictionary, are here omitted. with certain seasons, as the identity of the month Abib with the harvest of barley. Its principal periods are the cycle, of 19 years; the year, either ordinary or embolismic, containing 12 and 13 lunar months respectively, or 353-350, and 383-285 days; the month, of 29 or 30 days; and the intercalary month, occurring only in the embolismic years, and containing 29 dnys. soon to cease, is clearly shown by the following Each cycle contains 7 embolismic years. The adjustment of the months as above indicated precludes the

ACCEPTANCE BIANK, comparison of the Hebrew months with those of the Gregorian calendar except by approximation, based on an average. The following table gives the re- which please read, sign, and return, or a copy of it: sults of such an average, with the lengths of the respective months in days :


18 AND 20 Astor PLACE, NEW YORK.

I accept your offer for it copy of your Dictionary Days.

(hound in sheep), and lierewith forward you ONE DOL

Lan in part payment for the same, and will forNames of Months.

ward you the remaining Six' DOLLARS when yon potify me that it is ready for delivery. It is inderstood that if I am not satisfied with the work I shall be at

liberty to send it back within three days after I receive 7 Tisrl or Ethanim.. 30 30 Oct. it, and you will return my money. 2

Hesvan, Marcheshvan,,
or Bul

29 6 29 / Nov. 3

9 Kisley or Chisleu. 30 C 30 c Dec. 4 10 Tebet or Tebeth.

29 29 Jan.

Signed... 11 Sebat

30 30 Feb. 6 12 Adar..

29 30 March. Vladar (a).

29 1 Nisan or Abib.

30 30 April.

P. O...
2 Ivar, Yiar, or Zif.. 29 29 May.
3 Sivan

30 30 June. 10 4 Tammuz or Tamuz... 29 July.


Stale. 11 5 Ab).

30 30 August. 6 Elul

29 29 Sept.

* If you are a subscriber for “ The Literary Digest "

cancel this SIX by writing over it the word FIVE. (a). The additional Adar or intercalary month. (6). One day more if required. (C). One day less if re

Two dollars extra will be charged if wapted in two quired,


No. of

The Definition of Calendar. The natural division of time into night and day, lunar months, seasons, and years, hus, of course, been noted from the earliest times, and by all peoples, however primitive, but no nation or people not considerably advanced in civilization and knowledge has devised a systematic method of so naming and ordering the days and months that any given number of them shali form a definite period, corresponding to the observed annual recurrence of the seasons. Since the beginning of history, many and varied systems have been employed, and our own nearly perfect method of enumerating time is of coinparatively recent origin. The most noteworthy methods of recording time of interest to the general public are those mentioned in the following desinition of calendar, which we find in the M8. being made ready for the Standard Dictionary.. Bible students who wish to know about the time of year to which reference is made in numerous passages of Scripture will be much pleased with its table of the Hebrew months.

[NOTE.- Definitions which appear from time to time in these columns are covered by the copyright of the Standard Dictionary. These definitions have not passed their final revision.) calendar, n. 1. A system of fixing the or

der, length, and subdivisions of years and months so as to define the dates of events; as, the Gregorian calendar,


No. of month in
year (present
İleb. calendar).

No. of month at
oc a time of Baby.

lonian captivity.

Corresponding mic year. months in Gregorian Calendar (approximate).

year. 888888:8888 Ordinary

8 SS SS S | Embolis

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8. 9


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