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Tennessee Cotton Ginners Association, May 30, 1940.
Tri-States Cotton Oil Mill Superintendents' Association, June 6, 1940.
Texas Cottonseed Crushers Association, June 11, 1940.
Georgia Cotton Producers Association, June 12, 1940.
North and South Carolina Cottonseed Crushers' Association, June 18, 1940.
Mississippi Cottonseed Crushers' Association, June 20, 1940.
National Association of Retail Grocers, June 20, 1940.
Colorado Stock Growers and Feeders Association, June 20, 1940.
Haywood County Farm Bureau of Tennessee, June 21, 1940.
Cotton Research Congress, June 27, 1940.
Alabama-Florida Cottonseed Products Association, July 2, 1940.
North Carolina Ginners Association, July 31, 1940.
New York State Food Merchants Association, August 4, 1940.
American Soybean Association, August 20, 1940.
Idaho Retail Food Distributors, Inc., October 1940.
Memphis Chamber of Commerce, October 17, 1940.
Dallas Housewives Chamber of Commerce (Texas), October 28, 1940.
Oklahoma Retail Grocers Association, October 28, 1940.
Commodity Credit Corporation, 1941.
Texas Cotton Ginners Association, 1941.
American National Live Stock Association, January 7, 1941.
National Cotton Council of America, January 27, 1941.
Southern Governors' Conference, March 15, 1941.
Texas Cotton Association, March 21, 1941.
Southern Cotton Shippers Association, April 19, 1941.
National Cottonseed Products Association, May 21, 1941.
Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, November 14, 1941.
National Retail Grocers Secretaries Association, January 28, 1942.
Senate of the State of South Carolina, House of Representatives concurring,

February 19, 1942.
Atlantic Cotton Association, April 1942.
California-Arizona Cotton Association, April 10, 1942.
American Cotton Shoppers Association, April 15, 1942.
National Cotton Compress and Cotton Warehouse Association, April 17, 1942.
Valley Division, National Cottonseed Products Association, April 21, 1942.
Oklahoma Cotton Ginners' Association, April 24, 1942.
Arkansas-Missouri Ginners' Association, May 26, 1942.
Alabama Cotton Ginners' Association, May 27, 1942.
Texas Cottonseed Crushers' Association, June 1942.
Mississippi Cottonseed Crushers' Association, June 26, 1942.
Cottonseed and Product Crushers' Association, September 1, 1942.
Mississippi Federation of Women's Clubs, November 4, 1942.
Faler Society (Tennessee Division, Women's Economic Council), January 8, 1943.
South Carolina Nutrition Committee, February 17, 1943.
Cottonseed Crushers' Association (Oklahoma), June 1, 1943.
Consumer Conference of Greater Cincinnati, February 29, 1944.
National Association of Retail Grocers, June 7, 1944.
American Federation of Labor, November 27, 1944.
South Carolina Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs (execu-

tive board), May 19, 1945. Iowa Retail Grocers' and Meat Dealers' Association, 1945 (fall). California Retail Grocers & Merchants' Association, September 23, 1945. National Cotton Council of America, January 23, 1946. National Association of Retail Grocers (executive board) January 1946. Civic League of Business and Professional Women of St. Louis, March 1946. National Association of Retail Grocers, June 26, 1946. American Soybean Association, August 30, 1946. California Retail Grocers and Me ants Association, October 2, 1946. Missouri Retail Grocers Association, October 1946. Oklahoma Retail Grocers Association, October 8, 1946. Kentucky Retail Good Dealer's Association, Inc., November 11, 1946. National-American Wholesale Grocers' Association, January 1947. Davenport (Iowa) Retail Grocers and Meat Dealers Association, January 8, 1947. National Retail Grocers Secretaries Association, February 13, 1947. Inland Empire Food Retailers Association (Washington State), January 13, 1947. Independent Food and Grocers Association of New Hampshire, late 1946 or early


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Northern Kentucky Independent Food Dealers Association, late 1946 or early

1947. Georgia Retail Food Dealers Association, early 1947. Independent Retail Food Distributors of Maryland, May 3, 1947. Soroptimist Club of Harrisburg, Pa., May 13, 1947. United States Wholesale Grocers' Association, Inc., June 10-11, 1947. National Association of Retail Grocers, June 26, 1947. Association of Food and Drug Officials of the Southeastern States, July 15, 1947. American Soybean Association, September 4-6, 1947. Board of the Mississippi Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs,

September 7, 1947. Industrial Stores Association (consists of 4,200 industrial stores throughout

the Nation), September 7, 1947. Virginia Independent Food Dealers Association, September 7, 1947. California Retail Grocers and Merchants Association, Ltd., September 28-30,

October 1, 1947. Board of Directors of the West Virginia Association of Retail Grocers, October

1947. Kentucky Retail Food Dealers' Association, November 9-10, 1947. American Public Health Association, October 1947. Arlington (Va.) Civic Federation, January 6, 1948. National Retail Grocers Secretaries Association, January 14, 1948. American Wholesale Grocers' Association, January 19–22, 1948. Wisconsin Chapter American Association of University Women, January 24, 1948 Rhode Island House (State legislature, H. 633), January 30, 1948. Washington Restaurant Association, February 9, 1948. Woman's Club of Chevy Chase, Md., Inc., February 18, 1948. International Chemical Workers Union (AFL), Local No. 1, April 13, 1948. Kentucky Margarine Consumers Committee, May 12, 1948. New Jersey Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 11, May 14, 1948. Atlanta Retail Food Dealers Association, February 18, 1948. San Pedro and Wilmington Central Labor Council, April 7, 1948. South Carolina House of Representatives, March 4, 1948.




ary 16.

ary 18.

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ary 20.

uary 16.

ary 6.

uary 8.

ary 8.

ary 26.

ary 12.

ary 2.

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