Mutual Security Act of 1952: Hearings Before the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, Eighty-second Congress, Second Session, on a Bill to Amend the Mutual Security Act of 1951, and for Other Purposes

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1952 - 821 lappuses

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413. lappuse - Fourth, we must embark on a bold new program for making the benefits of our scientific advances and industrial progress available for the improvement and growth of under-developed areas.
766. lappuse - States with assurance that such equipment, materials, or services are required for and will be used solely to maintain its internal security, its legitimate self-defense, or to permit it to participate in the defense of the area of which it is a part, or in United Nations collective security arrangements and measures, and that it will not undertake any act of aggression against any other state : Provided further.
384. lappuse - Act of 1949, as amended) shall be supplied to any nation in order to further military effort unless the President finds that the supplying of such assistance will strengthen the security of the United States...
442. lappuse - technical cooperation programs" means programs for the international interchange of technical knowledge and skills designed to contribute to the balanced and integrated development of the economic resources and productive capacities of economically underdeveloped areas.
740. lappuse - ... achievement of the purposes set forth in this Act, to discourage the cartel and monopolistic business practices prevailing in certain countries receiving aid under this Act which result in restricting production and increasing prices, and to encourage where suitable competition and productivity, and (3) to encourage where suitable the development and strengthening of the free labor union movements as the collective bargaining agencies of labor within such countries.
743. lappuse - States is a party; (4) make, consistent with its political and economic stability, the full contribution permitted by its manpower, resources, facilities, and general economic condition to the development and maintenance of its own defensive strength and the defensive strength of the free world...
758. lappuse - Republics and all countries under its domination, in order to (1) increase the national strength of the United States and of the cooperating nations; (2) impede the ability of nations threatening the security of the United States to conduct military operations; and (3) to assist the people of the nations under the domination of foreign aggressors to reestablish their freedom.
539. lappuse - I appear here today on behalf of Americans for Democratic Action, of which I am national director.
183. lappuse - The Congress welcomes the recent progress in political federation, military integration, and economic unification in Europe and reaffirms its belief in the necessity of further vigorous efforts toward these ends as a means of building strength, establishing security, and preserving peace in the North Atlantic area. In order to provide further encouragement to such efforts, the Congress believes it essential that...
743. lappuse - ... (3) fulfill the military obligations which it has assumed under multilateral or bilateral agreements or treaties to which the United States is a party; (4) make consistent with its political and economic stability, the full contribution permitted by its manpower, resources, facilities, and general...

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