Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

Eldon Martin

Nuel D. Belnap

Admission to Practice

.547 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago 6, Illinois

Appointment of Interstate Commerce Commissioners

James F. Pinkney

Robert B. Einhorn

Gerald L. Phelps

G. E. Lowe

..One North LaSalle Street, Chicago 2, Ill. Budget of the Interstate Commerce Commission

Edward H. De Groot, Jr.

Richard E. Spatz

Philip H. Porter

Starr Thomas

.1424 Sixteenth Street, N. W., Washington 6, D. C. Education for Practice

Philadelphia Savings Fund Building, Philadelphia 7, Pa.

Munsey Building, Washington 4, D. C.


Kaiser Building, Oakland 12, California


1309 Spring Road, N. W., Washington 10, D. C. Procedure

..850 Koppers Building, Pittsburgh 19, Pennsylvania Professional Ethics & Grievances

..707 First National Bank Building, Madison 3, Wisconsin
Administrative Law

80 East Jackson Blvd., Chicago 4, III.

Revision of Rules of Practice of I. C. C.-Ex Parte No. 55
....... Investment Building, Washington 5, D. C.
To Cooperate with I. C. C. on Examinations

Warren H. Wagner

Charles S. Baxter

.1100 State-Madison Building, Chicago 2, Illinois

To Cooperate with Regional Chapters

345 Merchandise Mart 53, Chicago, Ill.

Sam H. Flint

Fees for Services Before the I. C. C.

Warren Price, Jr.

......1116 Investment Building, Washington 5, D. C.

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