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Page Cairns, Robert W., executive director, American Chemical Society --- 229 Prepared statement.

231 Cameron, Prof. Rondo, author.

467 Prepared statement.

473 Chapin, Edward W., counsel, Broadcast Music, Inc..

907 Ciancimino, Albert F., counsel, SESAC, Inc.-

398, 1738 Prepared statement.

397, 1738 Cohen, Edwin G., executive director of the Agency Instructional Television..

859 Prepared statement..

880 Cohen, John, member of the board of directors, National Association of Recording Merchandisers, Inc.-

1571 Prepared statement.

1571 Collins, Fred, Jr., president, Music Operators of America

410 Cooper, Edward, vice president, Motion Picture Association of America..

1731 Cooper, Robert, executive secretary, Community Antenna Television Association..

613 Prepared statement. Copland, Aaron, composer.

374 Prepared statement.

377 Coppedge, John O., chairman, National Collegiate Athletic Associa

tion, Cable Television Association, Cable Television Association

820 Prepared statement.

817 Cornils, Wayne, chairman, Small Market Radio Committee, National Association of Broadcasters..

1366 Cramer, Edward M., president, Broadcast Music, Inc.

907 Davis, Louis F. (Chip), composer.

396 Prepared statement..

395 Dew, Walter, Advertising Typographers Association.

1142 Prepared statement

1212 Ebenstein, Daniel, on behalf of Leonard Storch Enterprises, Inc.- 1142 Prepared statement.--.

1144 Evans, Robert V., vice president and general counsel, CBS, Inc --- 684, 765 Prepared statement

683, 764 Farmer, Ernest R., president, Shawnee Press, Inc., Delaware Water Gap, Pa--

344 Prepared statement..

342 Feist, Leonard, executive vice president, National Music Publishers Association.

1579 Fitzpatrick, James, general counsel, Recording Industry Association of America

1298, 1393 Ford, Frederick W., counsel, Ad Hoc Committee of Concerned Cable Television Operators for a Fair Copyright Law..

627 Prepared statement

636 Freitag, Bernard J., teacher, Council Rock High School, New Town, Pa---

276 Gastel, Joseph, copyright attorney

1014Prepared statement...

1019 Glover, John D., director, Cambridge Research Institute.

1401 Prepared statement.

1402 Goldbloom, Irwin, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division, Department of Justice

127 Prepared statement.

149 Golodner, Jack, executive secretary, Council of AFL-CIO Unions for Professional Employees--

1298 Gortikov, Stanley, president, Recording Industry Association of America, Inc.

1298, 1393 Prepared statement..

1304, 1394 Gramuglia, Thomas, Independent Record & Tape Association of American

1238 Prepared statement..

1279 Hamlisch, Marvin, American Guild of Authors and Composers.. 1646



Hardy, Ashton R., General Counsel, Federal Communioations Com- Page mission.

433 Prepared statement..

444 Heilman, David, EC Tape Service.

1238 Hightower, John, chairman, Advocates for the Arts.

1298 Prepared statement

1339 Hitchens, Howard B., executive director, Association for Educational Communications & Technology-

288 Prepared statement -

279 Hochberg, Philip R., on behalf of Don V. Ruck, vice president, National Hockey League

810 Prepared statement

812 Hogan, Robert F., executive secretary, National Council of Teachers of English.-

292 Prepared statement.. Holmes, Lee, president, Guam Cable TV Co..

1717 Prepared statement...

1719 Hoopes, Townsend, president, Association of American Publishers. 237 Prepared statement.-

238, 1702 Howard, William K., president, Hollywood Film Council

700 Prepared statement...

698 Kaminstein, Abraham L., former Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress

91 Kapp, Michael, president, Warner Special Products

1570 Karp, Irwin, counsel for the Authors League of America, Inc.


354, 907, 1704 Prepared statement..

220, 348, 910, 1705, 1764 Keller, Thomas J., Acting General Counsel, Office of Telecommunications Policy, Executive Office of the President

447 Prepared statement.

457 Kiser, David B., associate, Cambridge Research Institute...

1401 Korman, Bernard, general counsel, American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers..

374, 907 Krelstein, Harold, chairman, Radio Board of Directors, National Association of Broadcasters

1366 Kuhn, Bowie, Commissioner of Baseball.

794 Prepared statement

785 Latman, Alan, attorney, International Typographic Composition Association,

991 Prepared statement.

1004 Leeds, Henry, counsel, Mergenthaler Corp-

1014 Lieb, Charles H., counsel for the Association of American Publishers.. 225 Prepared statement..

226 Linden, Bella L., representing educational publishers.

313 Prepared statement.

311 Lorenz, John G., Acting Librarian of Congress, Library of Congress.. 91 Low, Edmon, representative of six library associations..

184 Prepared statement

199 Mawdsley, Russell, chairman, Legislative Committee, Music Operators of America..

421 Prepared statement.

418 Meell, Edward J., chairman, Educational Media Producers Council.. 330 Prepared statement.

316 Merry, Donald D., president, Sicom Electronics Corp.

474 Prepared statement.

479 Meyer, Gerald, counsel, Motion Picture Association

759 Mulliken, Charles, International Typographic Association

1142 Prepared statement..

1212 Nathan, Robert R., economist and attorney, president, Robert R. Nathan Associates..

1580 Oliver, Sy, composer.

390 Prepared statement

391 Parker, Michael, director, typographic development, Mergenthaler 391 Corp--

1014 Prepared statement.

1036 Patterson, Perry S., counsel, Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corp--

411 Prepared statement..




Peer, Ralph, vice president, Peer-Southern Organization; director, Page
National Music Publishers Association..

Quayle, Donald R., senior vice president for broadcasting, Corpora-
tion for Public Broadcasting--

859 Prepared statement..

863 Raskind, Leo J., representing the Association of American Law

Schools, the American Association of University Professors, and the
American Council on Education..

Prepared statement..

269 Ringer, Barbara, Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress

1779, 1807, 1865, 1901 Prepared statement..

95 Rockwell, Dr. Margaret, Washington Ear.

1757 Sandler, Jack B., chairman, Government Relations Committee of the Book Manufacturers Institute, Inc.

1695 Prepared statement.--

1697 Sheppard, Dr. Walter, representing the Association of Public Radio Stations.

1757 Simon, Gerald A., managing director, Cambridge Research Institute. 1401 Simpson, Paul C., Nashville, Tenn.-

693 Prepared statement..

690 Smith, Eric H., associate general cou

ounsel, Public Broadcasting Service

859 Prepared statement.

865 Steinbach, Sheldon E., staff counsel, American Council on Education.- 268 Strackbein, O. R., representing International Allied Printing Trades Association.

1663 Prepared statement.

1666 Summers, John B., general counsel, National Association of Broadcasters.

777 Prepared statement..

774 Tegtmeyer, Rene D., Assistant Commissioner for Patents, Department of Commerce. Prepared statement.

159 Valenti, Jack, president, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., and the Association of Motion Picture & Television Producers, Inc.

704 Prepared statement

705, 761, 1731 Van Arkel, Gerard, general counsel, International Typographical Union.

1694 Prepared statement..

1668 Wally, I. Alan, president, Record & Tape Association of America --- 1238 Prepared statement

1251 Wasilewski, Vincent T., president, National Association of Broad

1366 Prepared statement

1363 Wasserstrom, Alfred H., copyright attorney

1142 Prepared statement.

1217 Wicks, David O., Jr., Becker Communications Associates

598 Prepared statement

607 Wolff, I. Sanford, the American Federation of Musicians (AFL-CIO),

and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

Prepared statement-

1298 Won Pat, Hon. Antonio Borja, a Representative in Congress from the Territory of Guam..

1717 Zimmerman, Thomas F., first vice president, National Religious Broadcasters, Inc.--.

1743 Prepared statement..

1745 Zurkowski, Paul G., president, Information Industry Association. 340 Prepared statement.-




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Page 743

Additional material

Affidavits and letters concerning licensing of copyrighted products to

television stations and the sale of advertising time to advertisers.---
Allen, Joseph P., Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs,

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, letter dated
September 5, 1975, to Hon. Peter W. Rodino, Jr., chairman, House
Committee on the Judiciary--

178 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., prepared statement.

827 American Business Press, Inc., prepared statement

252 American Guild of Authors and Composers and the National Music Publishers Association, joint statement..

--- 1586, 1641 American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, prepared statement

925, 947 Biemiller, Andrew, director, Legislative Department, AFL-CIO, letter dated July 22, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier.-

1335 Bresnan, William J., president, Cable Division, Teleprompter Corp.. 849 Broadcast Music, Inc., prepared statement..

389, 962, 965 Burns, Aaron, president, International Typeface Corp., letter dated July 28, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier.

1020 "Cable Television Under the 1972 Rules and the Impact of Alternative Copyright Fee Proposals,” by Bridger M. Mitchell..

517 Cairns, Robert W., American Chemical Society, letter dated June 25, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier..

243 "Copyrightability of Typeface and Type Font Design,” statement of position, Castcraft Industries, Inc.

1228 Coyle, Maurice J., M.D., Department of Radiology, Providence Hos

pital, Anchorage, Alaska, letter dated July 9, 1975, to Hon. Peter W.
Rodino, Jr

215 Davis, Hal C., president, American Federation of Musicians, letter dated July 8, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier...

1658 Ebenstein, Daniel, Amster and Rothstein, counselors at law, letter dated July 18, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier.

1194 Evans, Robert V., vice president, CBS, letter dated July 3, 1975, to

Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier, chairman, Subcommittee on Courts,
Civil Liberties, and the Administration of Justice--

689 Feist, Leonard, National Music Publishers' Association, Inc., letter dated October 3, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier..

1651 Finn, James B., Ph. D., senior vice president, research and develop

ment, the C. V. Mosby Co., letter dated August 8, 1975, to Dr.
Ray Alan Woodriff.

265 General license agreement, restaurants, taverns, nightclubs, and similar establishments..

385 Harris, James A., president, National Education Association, prepared statement.

274 Hightower, John B., chairman, Advocate for the Arts/Association Councils for the Arts, prepared statement.

263 Ivy, Emma G., R.N., Wrangell General Hospital, Wrangell, Alaska, letter dated July 22, 1975, to Hon. Don Young-.

215 Keaney, Kevin J., general counsel, Federal Librarians Association, prepared statement..

262 King, Frank Peewee, composer, prepared statementKorman, Bernard, general counsel, American Society of Composers,

Authors, and Publishers, letter' dated August 6, 1975, to Hon.
Robert W. Kastenmeier.

383 Lindow, Lester W., executive director, Association of Maximum Service Telecasters, prepared statement..

845 Lorenz, John G., Acting Librarian of Congress, letter dated August

26, 1975, to Hon. Peter W. Rodino, Jr., chairman, House Com-
mittee on the Judiciary.

174 McCloskey, Robert J., Assistant Secretary for Congressional Rela

tions, Department of State, letter dated May 7, 1975, to Hon. Peter
W. Rodino, Jr., chairman, House Committee on the Judiciary:

172 McKenna, Frank, executive director, Special Libraries Association, prepared statement.-

209 Marke, Julius J., American Association of Law Libraries, prepared statement.




Additional material-Continued

Marshall, Nancy H., director, Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Service,

Madison, Wis., letter dated May 6, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Page

Mathews, Hon. David, Secretary, Department of Health, Education,
and Welfare, prepared statement..

261 Mercer, Johnny, composer, prepared statement

381 Mergenthaler Linotype Co., prepared statement

1054 Nathan, Robert R., president, Robert R. Nathan Associates, Inc.,

letter dated October 24, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier.--. 1640 National Broadcasting Co., Inc., prepared statement.

825, 1385 National Music Publishers Association and American Guild of Authors & Composers, prepared statement...

920 Nimmer, Prof. Melville B., professor of law, UCLA School of Law, prepared statement

1038 Norwood, Frank W., executive secretary, Joint Council on Educational

Telecommunications, letter dated July 10, 1975, to Hon. Robert W.

883 Parker, Michael, director, Typographical Development Mergenthaler

Linotype Co., letter dated July 28, 1975, to Hon. Robert W.

1041 Passano, William M., chairman of the board, Williams & Wilkins Co., prepared statement

260 Rayin, Mona (R.N.), instructor coordinator of R.N. Programs and Outreach, letter dated August 12, 1975, to Hon. Don Young-

214 “Registration of Original Typeface Designs: Extension of Comment Period,” vol., No. 223, Federal Register, November 18, 1975.-

1017 “Registration of Original Typeface Designs,” vol. 39, No. 176, Federal Register, September 10, 1974

1016 Ringer, Barbara, Register of Copyrights, letter dated June 6, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier..

1008 Ruck, Don V., vice president, National Hockey League, prepared

813 Schrader, Dorothy M., General Counsel, Copyright Office, prepared statement.

1015 Stevens, Hon. Ted, a U.S. Senator From the State of Alaska, letter dated October 8, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier.

1659 Steuermann, Clara, president, Music Library Association, prepared statement

207 "The Great American Rip-Off," by Mike Terranova, a pamphlet

published by the Independent Record and Tape Association of

1265 Times Mirror, prepared statement.

852 "Typeface Design Protection,” statement of position of the American Institute of Graphic Arts.-

1226 Valenti, Jack, president, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., letters to Hon. Robert W. KastenmeierSeptember 10, 1975.

1724 November 7, 1975..

1736 Vanantwerpen, F. J., president, Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives, prepared statement.

369 Wally, Alan I., president, Record and Tape Association of America, letter dated July 22, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier--

1263 Warren, Albert, chairman, Copyright Committee, Independent Newsletter Association, prepared statement

367 Wigron, Harold E., National Education Associations

276 Woodriff, Dr. Ray, Department of Chemistry, Montana State University, prepared statement

265 Young, Hon. Don, a Representative in Congress From the State of

Alaska, letter dated October 2, 1975, to Hon. Robert W.

214 Appendixes

Appendix 1.- Teleprompter Corp. memorandum on Constitutionality of Proposed Copyright Legislation (H.R. 2223)-

1917 Appendix 2.–18 briefing papers submitted by the Copyright Office 2051 Appendix 3.- Report of Working Group of Conference on Resolution of Copyright Issues (dealing with library photocopying)

2092 Appendix 4.-Miscellaneous communications.


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